The Deaxtopia Empire

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Discovering The Drone

Maia looked around. Where did the drone come from? All she saw was the note that went with it. It said:

Dear Anonymous Human who lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,

You are hereby arrested by the Deaxtopia Empire for keeping the Otherwhere Key and unfairly stealing it from the Deaxtopia Empire. Use the key to come here to accept your fate and stay in the dungeon for the number of years the Deaxtopians had to stay locked in their world. The exact number is 573 years. Please come when you can.


Empress Blaze, ruler of The Deaxtopia Empire

“What does it say?” Maia wondered to herself. She didn’t understand what it said, or the amount of danger she was in. Maia shrugged. With her dyslexia, she knew it would be hard to read it.

Miles away, the Deaxtopians were waiting for the arrival. They had set up Maia’s own dungeon cell. They had even brought a bucket for Maia to put the key in.

“Don’t you think this is a good enough punishment?” A small guard asked. “Five-hundred seventy-three years. I think the girl would be dead like them.”

“Earthlings are immortal, like us,” Empress Blaze replied. “She will still be fine after five-hundred seventy-three years.”

“Studies show they aren’t, and humans can die.”

“Whatever. It’s what the little girl deserves after keeping that key for so long.” Empress Blaze shut the prison cell door she had set up for Maia. “Now, we should be talking about what dimension to visit first! Maybe Mucioxar. I’ve heard they’ve got the prettiest pegasi. Or let’s go to Earth. Maybe we can see why it’s called the World of Wonder.” Soon, Empress Blaze was writing another letter for Maia.

“She’s definitely nervous,” Empress Blaze said. “Darla, Fallon, any luck on the drone?”

“We haven’t been able to find it,” Fallon replied. “The last thing we saw was of some type, moving around and chewing on the camera.”

“I should’ve known,” Empress Blaze groaned. “Earthlings sure do like their stinky partners. I’m trying to write a note to the girl about the Otherwhere Key. She has to return it sometime. And I’m hoping it’s soon.”

“It was a girl!” Darla exclaimed. “She was probably staying back on purpose! Of course she’s terrified. Nobody would like to spend the next five-hundred-seventy-three years in dungeon?” After she was done speaking, Empress Blaze and Fallon glared at Darla, knowing that she probably shouldn’t have said that.

“Anyways, I’m finished!” Empress Blaze exclaimed. “What do you think? She was a little girl. Now I need to make it sound somewhat nice.” Empress Blaze showed Darla and Fallon her note. It said:

Dear Anonymous Otherwhere Key Keeper,

We notice you haven’t arrived to the Deaxtopia Empire yet. You might be frightened by the amount of years you’ll be in prison, so we’ll bring it down to seventy-five. I hope you’ll be able to make it by the end of the week. I hope to see you in prison!


Empress Blaze, ruler of the Deaxtopia Empire

Darla and Fallon knew Empress Blaze was trying a bit too hard, but they knew their jobs were on the line if they said no. So, the duo immediately said, “Yes.”

“I think it’s good. She lived in Harrisburg, right?”

“That’s great, your majesty!”

Soon, Empress Blaze felt confident. She sent the letter with another drone, and it soon arrived in the morning on 173 Bloomsbury Court.

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