The Deaxtopia Empire

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The Shed In The Backyard

A few days later, another drone reached the backyard of 173 Bloomsbury Court. By then, the Earthling’s rumor about Maia was proved wrong, so she could actually go to her friend’s houses.

“I can’t believe my mom believed Freya,” Maia’s friend Luna McMarren-Soversky exclaimed. “But whatever. Freya’s a kid. Everyone has to believe kids, or pretend to. You’re not ‘cursed’, Maia. Nobody’s cursed.”

Freya might be right, Maia thought to herself as she was laughing with her friend. Maybe I am cursed. The drone. The star. And her necklace. Maia came to the conclusion that she might’ve been cursed. She stripped the necklace off herself.

“Maia, there’s no curse.”

Maia chuckled nervously and said, “It’s not that. It was just choking me. And I think my parents might come and pick me up soon.” Maia took her skateboard and skated up and down the rail, as Luna followed.

“Great. But we’re always right across each other. Only a bike ride away. I’m glad you moved here a year ago. If you didn’t, I’d have to hang with the Johnsons down the street. And they’re.....well….competitive.”

Soon, Maia saw her sister Freya waving her over with Mrs. Hanoveen. Maia and Luna did their handshake, and Maia ran over to her.

“Hi, Maia!” Freya exclaimed. “Remember to keep a good distance. We don’t want other people getting cursed. If you mess up the solar system and how it works, we can all DIE!”

“We’re not going to die, and Maia is not cursed,” Mrs. Hanoveen replied. “Now, we need to get back. Oakley’s waiting in the car because the park doesn’t allow dogs.”

“Bye, Maia! We’ll talk later!” Luna and her family waved bye to Maia, as they left the park and hopped in their van.

“Maia and Freya, you two will have to walk Oakley this evening. He didn’t get his walk in the morning. So when we get home, don’t take off your shoes,” Mrs. Hanoveen said, as she drove the car onto Raineway Road. Mrs. Hanoveen drove super fast; she didn’t even bother to stop and grab some coffee. She needed to be back in office. Mrs. Hanoveen raced past the other neighborhoods on Raineway Road, until she got to Bloomsbury Road and to her house.

Once they got back home, Maia and Freya kept their shoes on. Oakley was carried to the backyard, in a shed where the and harness home.

“Can you go get it today, Maia?” Freya asked. “I want to play with Oakley for a bit.” As Freya and Oakley started to run around the backyard, Maia went to go grab the harness and leash.

They were gone. Maia had normally seen the harness and leash where they usually were. Then, she remembered she let Freya walk Oakley by herself the day before. In front of Maia was another drone. This time, it had a new letter. Maia tried to read the abundance of letters of words, like it was a difficult puzzle, and it was hard for her to put together all the pieces when none of them made sense together. The next thing she saw was her glasses, in the shed. Maia curiously put them on as she thought, How did that even get there?

Let’s ignore that, Maia thought. We’re here for the harness and the leash. Only the harness and the leash. Nothing else. Maia looked at the piles of books and dust. She threw book by book. Were these books made six hundred years ago? Maia thought. Sure smells like it. Who writes about English Queens and The Renaissance these days? Then, Maia looked at the next book in surprise. She couldn’t believe it. She found an actually interesting book! Now, Maia remembered her glasses, and could read.

The Dimensional War by Chris DaLore. It sounded like an interesting book to Maia, so she started to read. However, the book was hollowed out, with a letter inside it. The letter said:

To Whoever is reading this,

You are the new Keeper of the Otherwhere Key. You must defend it with your life, and not let anyone get it. Earth won the Dimensional War and now gets to keep the key, and we’d like to keep it that way.


Chris DaLore

Maia wanted to read more. This is the most interesting fifteenth century book ever! She thought. Her mind was now completely off the harness and the leash. Maia just wanted to read and figure out more. But there wasn’t more. Then, Maia suddenly remembered, THE HARNESS AND THE LEASH! As Maia shut the book, an object fell beside Maia’s sneakers. She picked it up, and recognized it from the book cover. It was none other than the famous and infamous Otherwhere Key.

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