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The Otherwhere Key

MAIA, YOU’RE TAKING SO LONG!” Maia immediately remembered; she and Freya needed to take Oakley for a walk. Maia looked forward and adjusted her glasses to see that the harness and leash were right in front of her!

Maia grabbed the leash and harness and hastily ran out. Freya looked tired, since she was playing with Oakley for almost ten minutes. “SO?” Freya panted. “Let’s go so we can get some water!” Freya grabbed the harness and leash and attached them to Oakley, and got a headstart. Maia followed.

“Remember, Maia, keep your distance!” Freya exclaimed. “I’m keeping the neighborhood safe from the epidemic!” For only a eight-year-old, Freya did know a little too much. She sometimes got the wrong ideas from being so smart.

Maia, Freya, and Oakley continued their walk, as Freya and Oakley started running and a tired Maia followed.

“Please….stop….” While Maia ran towards Freya, she was really thinking about The Otherwhere Key. Maia wanted to read more, but the rest of the pages seemed to be ripped out of the hollowed book. Little did Maia know that this was never a fantasy.

On their walk, Maia saw her friends, and was finally happy nobody believed in Freya’s silly imagination. She saw the Johnsons, the Carroll’s, and the McMarrens. Unluckily, Freya had kept Maia from going nearby any of them. The epidemic is going to happen, Freya thought.

Making their way back, Maia ran ahead. She had forgotten one thing- the Otherwhere Key fell out of the actual book. Was this a message, or a silly fantasy? There’s nothing wrong, Maia thought. Magic is real. I’m not cursed. Nobody can ever get cursed. I should listen to Luna more often.

Once Maia, Freya, and Oakley got back home, Maia took off her shoes and regained her energy to go back outside to the shed. She stormed in the shed, grabbed the key by hand, and immediately started to investigate some more. Once Maia finished, she looked to go to the door, but it didn’t open. Mia looked at the key, and used it. The door opened, but to four other tinier doors. This wasn’t the regular door. This was the Door of Dimensions.

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