The Deaxtopia Empire

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The Fourth Door

As the door swung open, Maia stepped in. The other doors didn’t have any way out. The door back to the shed closed. Maia looked back to the door, and struggled to open it. Looks like I’m here for a while. I need a way out. But how? These thoughts and more squiggled through Maia’s head.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” Unfortunately, nobody could hear Maia. Nobody was there. She was alone. “Freya? Dad? Mami? ANYONE?” Maia dug through her purse. She found her wallet, her snacks, photo booth pictures with Luna, and her phone. Maia then took her phone and immediately started unlocking it. Finally, something useful, Maia thought. First, she went to call her Mami, who answered after three calls.

“Maia, my dear, how are you? Did you have fun at the roller skating park? Did you walk Oakley with Freya as I said?”

“Hi, Mami. I had fun,and Freya and I walked Oakley. I got myself locked in the shed after walking Oakley.”

“Call Freya or your father. I’m a little busy at the office. Estaré en casa pronto. Adiós.”

“Adiós, Mami,” Maia muttered while hanging up the phone. Maia rarely understood Spanish, but her mother couldn’t speak English very well.

As Maia explored her contacts, she knew she couldn’t call Freya. Freya was probably too busy making her disgusting strawberry mushroom soup, or her cherry-flavored cheese. Even though Freya was smart when it came to science and space, she didn’t know how to bake or cook. So, she found it better to call her dad. But with what seemed like hundreds of tries, Maia couldn’t reach her dad.

Ugh, Maia thought. How am I supposed to get out of here? Dad’s probably on his way to his meet in New York. Maia then looked at the four doors next to her. Maybe these doors will lead to a way out, Maia thought, as she went through the fourth door. But there was no way back home.

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