The Deaxtopia Empire

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Princess Cleo

As Maia walked through the golden door, she saw a beautiful world in front of her. It resembled Cairo, a place she had gone before. But even better. As the golden door closed, Maia realized she needed to get back. The door had faded away by the time she had looked to go back. Instead of worrying, she sighed and smiled. The looks of the place was beautiful.

Maia didn’t get to admire the world around her for so long, since people had shouted, “THAT’S IT! THE OTHERWHERE KEY!” Soon, the guards who were guarding the giant castle in front of her had left to grab Maia by the hands, as gossip spread around the streets.

“We’ve finally found it,” a guard sighed, “now the Deaxtopia Empire will finally be free! The wicked human who has been keeping it has arrived in the Deaxtopia Empire.”

“Stop. Let her down.” The guards obeyed promptly and let Maia down, who was fidgeting with the Otherwhere Key hanging down her neck. Maia had looked at the girl who ordered the guards. She was a pretty girl with black wavy hair and brown eyes, with a beige dress and tons of jewels. Judging from the guards knowing her and her jewels, Maia knew: this girl was royalty.

“We come at your service, Princess Cleo. We just wanted to grab the key from this human and arrest it.” Maia didn’t appreciate the guards calling her “it”, as she gave the biggest one a death stare.

“No, no. Give the key to me,” Princess Cleo ordered.

“We’ll give it to the Empress,” another guard chimed in.

“I’ll give it to my own mother,” Princess Cleo replied. The guard ripped the key off of Maia’s neck and gave it to Cleo. Then, she grabbed Maia by the ear, and whispered, “Don’t you try to get it back.” Then, she walked away, with the key, trying to figure out how it worked. Maia ran after her.

“Please, don’t have me arrested,” Maia pleaded. “I swear I did nothing wrong. I just need a way home, so if you could give that key thing back to me, I’d-”

You don’t get to talk unless I tell you to,” Cleo stated. Maia obeyed promptly, and shut up. She would be in more trouble if she didn’t listen to Princess Cleo. “Now, tell me about you.”

“My name is Maia Luciana Hanoveen-Reeves, I live on 173 Bloomsbury Court in Pennsylvania, I was born on August 3rd at 8:13 PM, I’m a Leo, my family is Spanish, my biggest secret is-”

“Relax,” Cleo said, while laughing. “You’re kinda funny. Maybe I’ll spare you.” Maia did a giant breath of relief. She is somewhat safe with Cleo, as long as she was nice and funny. “You’re a human. Nice. We Deaxtopians are Nymphs. Why are your ears like that? They’re so round.” Cleo started to play with Maia’s ears, which she found weird, but Cleo’s ears were big and pointy. “I like your jewelry around your ear.”

“Thanks,” Maia muttered.

“I have got to show you to Emerson. They’ll love this! Just keep the key in your pocket.” Cleo gave Maia the Otherwhere Key back, and skipped to the castle. Cleo seems nice, Maia thought. So, she followed Cleo all the way to the castle.

“If I’m going to spare you, you need to keep away from seven people,” Cleo explained. “You need to keep away from my parents, but my dad’s traveling, so my mom, and then Francis, Steve, David, Oliver, and James. They’re the guards you saw earlier. Wait, there’s more! Stay away from Darla and Fallon, too. They’ve been sending drones to your backyard, and sending so-called shooting stars to spy on you. They know how you look like. People did see you and now recognize you too on the streets. Simply stay away from the Deaxtopia Empire.”

As Cleo went on, Maia became more scared. Everyone on the empire recognized her now. She was going to go to prison. For who knows how long? “How long exactly would I be in prison?” Maia nervously asked.

“Only five-hundred-seventy-three years. If humans are immortal, you’ll survive.”

“We’re not immortal!” Maia exclaimed. “I’ll probably die!”

“I can keep you undercover,” Cleo said. Cleo grabbed Maia by the arms and dragged her into a ginormous, wonderful room. Cleo grabbed fake nymph ears and stuck them on Maia’s ears. Then, she looked at Maia’s quite normal periwinkle blue T-Shirt and her shorts with blue stars on them. Not to mention her white bucket hat! This is not good, Cleo thought.

Cleo immediately explored her ginormous closet to grab some Deaxtopian robes, and handed them to Maia. Then, Cleo grabbed a stick of some kind, and in seconds, Maia was wearing the Deaxtopian robes. “Great. Now they won’t recognize you. You’re free to go.” Cleo waved as Maia made her way out. Except someone was watching from Empress Blaze’s office.

“Empress, who is exiting the castle?” Darla asked.

Empress Blaze looked at the window. It was Maia, and Empress Blaze recognized from the hair and the shoes she saw from the drone camera. “It’s her,” Empress Blaze said. “The girl has arrived to the Deaxtopian Empire.”

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