The Deaxtopia Empire

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Sage's Pottery Place

Hey!” Maia was tapped on the shoulder by some girl. The girl had dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and a logo saying “Sage’s Pottery Place” on a bright yellow teacup. Maia freaked out as the girl said, “Would you like to buy a pot?” Maia stood confused. “This is Sage’s Pottery Place. I’m trying to save up so I can go to Deaxtopian Academia. So, every pot can help! I will also donate for the Empire if I have some money left over. My name’s Sage Radcliffe. Would you like to join the Membership?”

“I guess,” Maia muttered.

“What’s your name?”

“Maia Hanoveen,” Maia replied, as she shook Sage’s hand.

“Just fill out the rest of your information here.” Maia took a clipboard and filled out some information. She had to lie a little; Maia couldn’t possibly say she’s a human.

As Sage read the form Maia had given back to her, she said, “We’ve, well, I’ve, got lots of pots! I’ve got pretty pots, ugly pots, rainbow pots, cooking pots, flower pots, small pots, ginormous pots, teapots, themed pots, all kinds of pots!” Sage said this quickly while showing Maia some samples. “I’ve also got some teacups, some regular cups, some bowls, some plates, I’m basically the queen of pottery! Wait! Is that a Cleo Blaze robe?”

“I’ve got my connections,” Maia muttered.

“I might be able to meet her if I can donate. There’s a donating center. My friend got to meet Cleo, and they got to go to the Deaxtopian Academia! Wait! Since you’ve got connections, maybe you can take me to go meet Cleo! Please? I’ll give you a free teacup. I’ll customize it to look like you.”

Maia thought about it, and looked at Sage’s teacups, with amazing art. It would be pretty cool to have herself on a teacup. “Sure.” Sage squealed, and put the “sorry, we’re closed” teacup on the stand. Then, the two set off into the castle.

Once they got there, Maia tried to climb inside the window instead of passing the guards. “Don’t you have connections? Can’t you get in through the guards?” Sage asked.

Maia started to stammer and then replied, “Oh, I do. It’s just that I thought today was a day to try something new and go through the window.” Sage shrugged, and followed Maia on her way in. They were in the diner, with fancy plates and even fancier pots, which made Sage squeal.

“So, Maia, how did you connect with the Empire’s royalty?”

“I come from a faraway town, and came here. Empress Blaze was happy to have me in the town….that’s when I met Cleo, a great friend of mine.”

“Look! I think it’s Cleo’s room!”

Maia then recognized Cleo’s bedroom as well, and knocked the door. As soon as Cleo could open the door, Sage busted open and hugged her.

“CLEO!” Sage jumped and squealed around. “It’s so great to meet you! I have something for you!” Sage gave Cleo a teacup with her face on it, with perfect detail and the best painting.

“Thank you,” Cleo groaned. “I appreciate it. Go to the dining room. I’ll have a maid mix up some dinner for you.”

“Thank you! You’re so kind! Is there anyway you can-” Sage was interrupted by Cleo, who pushed her out of the door and shut it.

“Great. Now that I’ve gotten rid of your friend, we need to talk,” Cleo said. “First of all, I can’t have you being in the castle running around. If the guards saw you, you might’ve gone to prison, or they might’ve called the army to demolish you. Second, tell your friend I like her work. I think my mother would like one, and I bet she’d be eager to make one. Third, I got new robes today that I’d like to give to you. These are regular Deaxtopian robes. The ones I gave you were personalized for me.” Cleo gave Maia ten packages of robes. Maia changed into her new robes and gave the loaned ones back to Cleo. “Thanks. You’re welcome to come. If you do, just use this rope to my room.” Cleo passed Maia a rope. Maia waved goodbye and used the rope to climb down the tower.

In the other tower, Empress Blaze was doing duties when she heard a notification from her robot saying: “Motion in Cleo’s bedroom two minutes ago.” Empress Blaze turned to her computer and watched the footage of Maia, Cleo, and Sage’s conversation. Empress Blaze saw the Otherwhere Key in the pocket of Maia’s borrowed robes. The girl with the Otherwhere Key, Empress Blaze thought, talking to my daughter? And some girl from the street?

Then, the robot said, “Motion in the dining room.” Empress Blaze changed the footage to the Dining Room, where she saw Sage, painting a teacup for Maia. That’s the girl from the other footage, Enpress Blaze thought. She might know something. Then, Empress Blaze ran all the way across the castle. Being so big, it took a half hour to get it the dining room. Once she got there, Sage was finished with her teacup and eating some Deaxtopian fruffets.

“Your majesty!” Sage immediately started bowing, and looked at her teacup. “I’m sorry for not bringing yours. I’ll go get it…..oh, I’m Sage, from Sage’s Pottery Place, and I-“

“Tell me everything you know about her,” Empress Blaze said, pointing to the teacup. Then she dropped it, and Sage’s guilt grew as it hit the floor.

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