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REVENGE has been a way by which people pay back those who hurt them. Three thousand years back, Li Jun and Liu Wei were the both Kings of the demon fighters then and whom were destined to protect and guard the world. This was the time when demons and other evils creatures were living among the human beings then. There was a powerful demon and his wife whom was always inform of human beings. Two of them were the King and Queen and determined to be controlling the world, but they were not allowed to do so by the two KINGS of the demon fighter. Li jun and Liu Wei killed him and his wife, and the demon decided to come back in existence for him take revenge on them and took his world back. So what happened three thousand years ago must take place again but the demon had pay smarter and he had make Liu Wei his power controller as the result of the mission that he carried out UNWILLING. And anybody whom had been the demon power controller always died at end. And without the two KINGS and others supporters the demon cannot be killed. So can the world be peaceful if it's controlling by demons? UNWISE. REVENGE. BETRAYAL. LOVE.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was darkness that surrounded the entire room of a small abandon house, there was not even a traces of light in that room and with the cause of this, the room could never be described by any creature exactly how it be.

Two hands of a man were stretched longly to the front and holding a DRAGON EGG which was ash in colour, ovoid in shape and very shining. Despite that there was a darkness in the entire room the shinning of the egg showed.

The face of the man was unable to show because of the darkness and he was the only person in that abandon house. Everywhere was so silent, even there was no sound of birds flying around or sound of rats that may be running around the room.

The dragon egg had been in existence and in that room for like three hundred years, the house particularly was among the ages house in China and it had some specific people whom had the right to go to that house or knew it. The dragon egg was there for this man and it was only him that had the power to harsh the egg.

He was at the age of twenty years when the place and voice of a stranger man telling him everything about the egg and whom him too was had been showing to him in his dream. The dragon egg didnt just only used to belong or giving to people, it was only special people and they used to call them KING OF A DEMONS FIGHITER.

The dragon egg in this generation were two and the KING OF DEMONS FIGHTER were two. But now nobody knows where the second egg was, may be it was in that same room or somewhere else nobody knows or maybe there was a second King of demons fighter.

The unknown man with the dragon egg too didn't had any ideas if the eggs were two or there was another person with another egg.

The man did not say anything or a word just looking at the egg and taking his time for it to harsh. Suddenly the egg cracked from different part, the two hands of the dragon came out and after few seconds the long head of the dragon came out. The two legs of the dragon came out and the shells fell on the floor.

The dragon was standing on the man's two hands, the dragon had shining golden colour and pure white eyeballs. The man was looking at the dragon for few seconds and speak out.

"Welcome to my world! Am your master, so always listen to my words and don't ever betray me!" saying with loud voice and looking at the dragon in darkness.

"I don't need you for now, so this is your house. If you go out to find food return back to this place, don't go anywhere and don't always go against my orders" he put the dragon on the floor with his two hands, took neck chain on the floor and put it on the small neck of the dragon by kneeling down with him on the floor.

"I will come for you when the time comes!"
Everywhere was so clumsy in one of the big kingdom in China. There were many people outside doing different activities and going to different directions.

There were many men at the sea in that same Kingdom helping them to offload all the import goods send to that kingdom, the fishermen too were there and the letter Parkers which made the entire sea to be so noisy.

Two handsome, cute, tall and normal in stature guys got to the sea. They had long brown hairs, packed up with their local hairband and left the hand. Two of them were like twins because of their same height and status.

Two of them were from the same small village which was a neighborhood to the big kingdom and two of them had been friends from there and had family there. Two of them were graduate of China martial art.

Two of them didn't had a tangible job that they were doing, just doing any jobs that caused their ways. Two of them were just managing to live and that was why they didn't go home after finished study martial art, wanted to struggle to be living by themselves.

The name of the two handsome guys were Li Qiang and Wang Wei. It was two of them that had different two natural power but none of them had knew how to use it or discovered themselves.

Li Qiang had the gift of dreams, there were many things that uses to show up in his dream but all those things didn't clear to him just uses to think they were normal dreams. Wang Wei had the gift of predicting of time, what would happen next in a human life and how future would be.

Li Qiang and Wang Wei walked closed to a muscle, tall and fat man. Sitting on a iron chair and supervising all the activities going on in the sea, he was like the supervisor there.

"You are just coming to work when everything has been done, what else again are you here for. Don't you know the time you came here yesterday!" the man said and stood up.

"Who said that we are for any work, we are here to collect our money for the job that we did yesterday and that is why we come here by this time!" Wang Wei said.

"You don't come today now and it's today that the money was paid to others!"

"What is the correlation between yesterday and today, divide the money by two and give us our own money for the job that we did yesterday, half through all you said it's today you will be giving the money and you have been given. So pay us!" Li Qiang said with loud voice, they really came there to fight for their money and also they were hungry so they need the money.

"You should have come today to complete your work that you left behind yesterday, now you just let all your efforts yesterday wasted---" Two of them stopped him and looking at him with angry faces for few seconds.

"Which efforts wasted! don't we work throughout yesterday. Sir, divide the money and give us our money!" Li Qiang said with anger.

"He is expecting us to come again today, after working like horses yesterday and nothing was giving as a compensation, even if it's just a small food he didn't. He is the only one that is eating it and sat down there like an elephant!" Wang Wei said.

"Don't you see how big he is! And I know that it's because he wants to cut out of the money that is why he joined it together and paying it today!" Two of them were talking to each other, abusing him and didn't care that he was hearing.

"Yes now! what concern him if it's we that came yesterday that should come today. Just a greed man!"

"Is it me that you are talking to, I have known that you this little rats will be stupid and arrogant!"

"Please! Pay us our money or else we will scatter all this place and put you in big trouble!" Li Qiang said and two of used their legs to raise the chair and the table up and broken them.

"Stop!! Don't destroy anything again here, let me count your money for you this little rats and leave this place!" The man brought out some money from his pocket and counting it. Two of them were looking at him with anger showed all over them.

A wood ship stopped at the sea, facing Li Qiang and Wang Wei and the passengers inside it were coming out.
A young very beautiful young lady came out from the ship, she was normal in stature and tall. She was wearing pure white Kong-ful Wushu uniform, left her hair not band and a sword in her hand.

Attentions of Li Qiang and Wang Wei had been catches by the young lady, looking at her coming out from the water and the breezes blowing her long black hair to the left and right. She was just walking passing them without care if their eyes were on her.

"Take your money you this spoiled brat or you want to follow her!" The man said and two of them faced him.

"Give us money!" Wang Wei collected it and still looking at the back of the lady going to the kingdom. Wang Wei counted the money and two of them leaving the sea.

Two of them stopped walking as they got to the market side, standing at a corner and faced each other.

"That lady is so beautiful!!" Two of them said at the same time as they faced each other.

"Why did we said the same thing at the same time, she is beautiful in my eye but she is ugly in your own eye!" Wang Wei said.

"You are not serious! is it only you that can see a beautiful lady. When I don't blind!" said with smile.

"This money will sustain us still tomorrow before we will start thinking of other job to do. It's all this forty thousand yen that this man wants to keep with him!"

"He thought we are a gentle guys and wanted to be saying rubbish. Let keep twenty thousand yen and use twenty thousand yen to go and buy food for today and tomorrow morning!" Li Qiang said and two of them continued walking.

The young beautiful lady that Li Qiang and Wang Wei met at the sea arrived to an old house, where different martial art instruments were sold and they were all display outside of that house.

The young lady just arrived back to the Kingdom for the past two years that she had went to another kingdom within the China to learn martial art and she was sent there by a middle age man that she was living with.

The name of the beautiful lady was Zhang Min, Zhang Min was brought up by the poor man whom was a very close friend to her mother and love her so much, it was two of them that loves each and wanted to be together but Zhang Min's mother was forced to marry to by a middle age man whom be a very powerful man in that Kingdom.

Zhang Min couldn't figure out how her mother was because she didn't know her, she died two years after giving birth to her. So she grew up in the hand of that poor man and as the only person she had.

Zhang Min was sent and wished to learn martial art so that she could take revenge for her mother, whom they thought that she was killed by her father which was a powerful and scaring man in that Kingdom as the poor man told her. With the love she had for her mother and for the sake of that man whom really love to marry her mother, Zhang Min didn't care and really wanted to kill her own father by taking revenge for her mother.

The poor middle age man ran to Zhang Min as he saw her coming closer and hug each other, she was really happy to see him for the past two years that she had set her eye on him last. She didn't use to come home at all, just be with the man that the middle age man sent her to and learning.

"Welcome back home my daughter!" The man said with happy voice. Nobody in that neighborhood really knew whom the poor man was, never saw any of his relatives before except him and the lady. Also Zhang Min too didn't knew much about him, just thought he was a poor man selling martial art instruments to survive because that was what Zhang Min grew up with and met him selling.

"I have miss you Father! you don't even come there to check on me at all!" Said with low voice. The man always uses to go to that kingdom twice in a month to check on Zhang Min secretly but she didn't know, it was only the man training her that knew and he didn't used to tell Zhang Min.

Even he uses to buy gifts for Zhang Min but she thought it was the man buying them for her or his friend that uses to visit him. She knew that someone uses to come to visit the man but she didn't know that it was her father because he always covered his face with different masks when he comes.

"Am very sorry for not checking on you, I want you to really serious with it and am happy you have arrived now!"

"Even if it's just once, am very angry at you Father!"

"I Said am sorry, let go inside before people start knowing that it's you because I don't want them to!" Holding her right her and holding her sword on his left hand.

"Okay Father!" And two of them going inside. Sounds of the door opened and closed, two of them entered the living room and Zhang Min sat down on the floor.

"How was the training and that place, I hope no problem or any frustration by anybody?" put food down for her on a small table and shift it to her front.

"Nothing like that Father, that man really took care of me and taught me well. Even his friend gave me some fighting weapons!" put her hand inside the pocket in the inner clothe that was wearing on and brought out a medium pouch bag, used the two side ropes to loss the bag and bringing out the weapons one after the others.

"He gave me needle ring and Master had taught me how to use it!" she pressed the green button on top of the ring and the needle came out, it was 3cm long.

"He also gave me blade hand chain!" she wore the chain on her right hand, threw her hand to the front and a long thick blade came out. She threw her hand back and the blade entered, if the BLADE HAND CHAIN was just in her hand and she didn't operate it, people would think it was just ordinary hand chain.

"He also gave me FIGHTING FAN, that man must be a very good Martian art fighter for him to have all this kind and uncommon weapons" The Fighting fan was black and blue in colour and very fancy, it looks like fan but all it body were made of blades and it was very sharp. She could never have thought that it was the same man whom gave her all these was her father.

"I hope you show your appreciation to that man for all these things he gave you!"

"That man didn't use to talk to me, even I don't know him. He always uses to wear masks every time that he came to greet Master, don't know why he is doing that but I sent Master to him on my behalf!"

"It great like that then. Pack the weapons, go to the bathroom and shower. Okay!!"

"Okay Father, I missed you!" She said with happy voice and putting the weapons back inside the pouch bag. After finished packing she stood up and went to her bedroom.
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