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It was a voice of a woman in labor that surrounded an entire place of a very big mansion. Four man came out from a corner carrying a woman with a very flat plank which had four very tick hands and taking her to a room which was using for delivery room.
The men were wearing purely blank clothes and covered their eye with transparent masks. It was only these men that know where the delivery room was in that mansion and a way to get there.

There were many ladies in this mansion whom were working for a young beautiful woman and used to call them MEN ENTERTIANTS (prostitutes) and always got pregnant but after the labor, none of them know what uses to happen to the baby or were they were. Except from this ladies, there were many other men whom do all the domestic works.

The door of the delivery apartment opened automatically and four undescribed lady collected the woman, the men left at the entrance and the door closed. These ladies were faceless and they were wearing purely blank gown and they were not wearing shoes or shocks. Except from these four blank clothed men, nobody in that entire mansion knew if all these ladies exist or even not talk of where they were living.

As they collected the woman, she slept off and noise went down. The four faceless ladies carried the lady entered a small lovely room, put the plank on a big table closed to the bed and rolled her on it. One of them off the ladys clothes and remained only the underwear, the second faceless lady moved all the instruments to them and started carrying out an operation.

None of the lady called Men entertains had ever went through normal delivery when they wanted to give birth, just know that they went on labour pain for few minutes and later they slept off. None of them could say or understand anything, just met themselves at their apartment next day taking care of by their co. However, the ages of these ladies uses to start from eighteen and stopped at thirty.

One of the ladies carried the baby out as they finished operating the mother. Put the baby with the blood inside a baby coat and supported others to clean the mother. Some minutes later, they carried the mother carefully and put her on the plank and four of them carried her and leaving the small home. As they got the entrance, the door opened automatically and the blank clothed men collected her taking back outside and the ladies went back to the room. One of them rolled the baby coat out from that room with the baby inside and going to her right direction.

As she got to the front of a room at a very dark corner in that same apartment and in that same mansion, she opened the door and pushed the baby coat with the baby in there, closed the door and left.

The entire room was so dark, there was just only light of a small candle hanged at a very far corner in the room. Two hands of a female with a very long nail carried the baby from the coat and threw her long hair to the back. She had very scaring eyeballs which were red and described look. With the way of her looks she is a DEMON.

She pinned her long nails on the babys body and the baby crying bitterly. She opened her mouth, poked out the babys two eyes and ate it. Biting the baby from different parts and eating it, blood was rushing out and the floor had shocked with bloods.

The DEMON, s cloth too had shocked with blood but she didnt care just continued eating the baby. As she had been about to finish eating the baby, her two hands changed to a very beautiful and soft womans hand and the light off-----.

A short middle age man was coming from the market in the kingdom and with two tote bags in his hand, wearing their local traditional cloth and very dirt because of the work he was coming from. From the far distance behind this middle age man, there were two young guys following him and talking to each other in chineses language.

As the middle age man wanted to entered into the big compound of his house. One of the guy did signed to the second guy and ran to the man in high speed when the first guy hind and watching him.

Good day Sir! I am here to see your son! walking slowly to the middle man shadow at his left.

Who are you? If I may ask and now I cant say may be he is around! The guy looked at the man and said.

Am his friend!, and Sir! Dont worry again. Thanks! Said with low voice, face back and going out. The man looked at him like something was going on and just ignore him.

The first guy walked closed to the second guy as he saw him coming out and standing opposite of the house.
Go in now! What again are you waiting for! The first guy said.

Calm down! When you know you can do it, why did you came and hired me to steal from your father!

It okay now! Go now! The second guy said with low voice. The first guy robbed it two hands together and turned to the middle age man whom was the first guys father. He laughed and going inside.

As he entered, he stopped and closed his eye saw that the man was at the backyard and want he was doing would took him some minutes. So he entered boldly and entering straight to the living room.

You have done with what you are doing outside! His wife asked, thought that it was her husband.

Not yet! I came to take the money I kept here! replied with the mans voice and checking the place.

What do you want to use money for not that you are going out again or are you?

No! a man is waiting for me outside; he is the one that I want to give! Said and quickly left the room. As he got to the compound, he turned back to himself and went to meet the guy that sent him.

Done! Give me my five thousand yen! Said as he handover all the money to the guy.

This is ten thousand yen! Thank you very much and next time okay! the Guy said.

Ten thousand yen! Oh! Thank you very much! Said with smile and leaving the place, going back to the market.

The name of this young guy was WANG LEI and known as (Chameleon). Wang lei was tall, normal in stratus and very handsome also had long brown hair and a lovely cat eye ball. Expect from Li Qiang and Wang Wei whom had the power of dreaming and Predicting, Wang Lei was the third person now that had the power of a CHAMELEON that he could take anyones body through their shadows.

Except from the KINGS OF THE DEMON FIGHTER AND THE YOUNG DEMON FIGHTER, it was this four people that had other different power in china. And among all these four people, it was only Chameleon that had discovered himself and known how to use the power very well but now it was only CRIMAL WORKS he was using for. Like to help someone to steal, incriminated someone with his or her body and other things.

The fourth person was a lady and her nick name is MOTHER COMMANDER which she too has not known that she was bearing it or have any power. She could command any types of DRAGON, none living things and living things.

As Wang lei got to the main market. He turned to his left and entered into a small restaurant house, he shifted a chair out as he entered and sat down on it. A young lady walked closed to him, greeted him with smile and put wine on the table for him. He was their regular customer there.

Wang Lei poured the wine inside a small cup, drinking and looking straightly with unsmiling looks and like a hard guy. The lady got there after few minutes with his favorite food, told him the bill and left. As the lady left, two guys which were the same ages with him got there. Sat on two the chairs and facing him.

We need you urgently for a mission, even we are here some hours ago but you are not here! first guy said.

And the bill is two thousand yen! Wang Lei looked at them and continued eating.

You continue eating! Let go now and be explaining everything to you on the way!

I am not executing any plan tonight. I just finished doing a job for someone and our agreement before I carried it out is five thousand yen but after the job, he paid me Ten thousand yen! took a cup of wine.

If you know that you are going to pay me beyond Ten thousand yen, come to my house! He said and stood up, left them sitting and going to meet the lady that served him.

As he got to where the lady uses to be, he met a young beautiful lady there begging the restaurants lady for aim. The young beautiful lady was tall, tin, had a brown eye balls and a blank long hair. Her name was Xiu Ying know as MOTHER COMMANDER, she was wearing a very dirt gown and without a shoe.

Let me just clean this place and please give me food, am hungry! Wang Lei looked at the lady and called her a little closed to him.

This is three thousand yen, deduct my money and give the lady all type of foods that you have here! With juice or wine said and turned back.

Thank you very much! Mother commander said loudly and wanted to see his face. Looking at him still he gone far and faced the restaurants lady to collect the food.

All these four powerful people were just living like ordinary commoners, just followed their destiny as it was directing them.
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