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It was the light of the candles hanged around in a big and very well decorated bedroom that brought out it beaut and the lovely designed. There were two full grow woman and a man there, making love and rolling each other to different angles in the room.

Two of them were completely naked. The woman was wearing a masquerade mask on her face, have a long hair and long nails which was beyond normal human beings nails and have hairs all over the hands. The man's eye were red in colour, have an unsmooth face and long nails like the woman own and four long tooth down and up, the same thing with the woman's own.

The man grabbed the woman two breast, rubbing them gently and using his tongue to link her on her neck and also kissing it. The woman too was rubbing the man's head with his neck gently with her two hands, kissing his chest downward and moaning in a very romantic tone. As they were kissing their bodies, they were using their tooth to tear their bodies and linking the blood. Part of the body there were tore was healing back immediately on their both bodies and the part would become fresh back and clean as it was before.


Three brown and blank clothed men which were palace guards got the prison in the palace and with their swords in their hands. Two of them pulled an iron door up when the third guard took a lighting stick on the floor, put it inside the fire hanged outside and all of them entered.

Lighting the candles put inside a very small pot and hanged on the wall at different angles along as they were walking inside. Two of them opened another big door from the both left and right and entered again, the man with the lighting stick brought out a key and opening a small iron door of a small room.

There was a middle age man inside the small prison, looking at them like a robot with his hands, legs tied with ropes. The white cloth that he was wearing on had been so dirty, his hair had scattered and his face had ricked like a person that haven't bath for a month.

"Get out!!" The man with the lighting stick and whom was the head of the guards in the palace shouted at the man. The two guards held the man on his first and right side and ragging him out of the cell, the head of the guard closed the door and following them at the back.

He was closing the doors along with them and offing the candles as they were leaving the prison. The middle age man was one of an isingle-nt person in the Kingdom and in the same Kingdom with Li Jun and co, he was planned for by his other chiefs and made him a traitor. He had been kept the prison for a month now, so today was his judgement day.

The kingdom was full of wicked act especially now that he had been took over by a demon. The chiefs are the enemy of themselves, the first chief of the Kingdom was the most evil people among them and also powerful.

Sound of a door opened widely and the three guards entered with the chief, the two guard at the entrance door outside closed the door. The two guards dropped the man on the floor like a bag of rice at the front of the other chiefs and elders of council.

"Today is your judgement day! Your family had been judged by burnt them alive, so now today is your own day to go and meet your ancestors. You are a traitor among us and judgement for a traitor is to be killed including his family because it's same blood that is flowing in you, that will be flowing in them as well!" A middle age man said and whom was the first chief.

"We own the Kingdom, we own the power and we own the order. So we have right to be ruling it the way we like, anybody that want to go against it will end up like you including his family!" Another middle age man which was wearing a blue cloth said.

All the elders were twenty in number, grouped into two and wearing blue and red clothes, also sitting opposite to each other. Order was in the hand of the blue chiefs than the red and the blue were the most dangerous ones among them.

The red clothed elders were just looking at the blues as they were collecting the talks from each others. The blue elders were the oldest elder among them.

"It pay me to die than to be among you these evil people that have manipulated by a demon's power. Don't think you are free, judgement is still coming on you too and the two King of demon fighters will be here soon to end you and your demon king in there!" The man said.

The first chief stood up, hit him with his shoe and poured the wine in his hand on the man's head. It was all of them that know about the KING OF THE DEMON FIGHTERS but they didn't know where they were or any ideas of whom they were.

The king whom was the demon know the both King of the demon fighters, one was under him which was his POWER CONTROLLER and which his name was Liu Wei and whom was the father Zhang Min's biological father but didnt know where the second King of demon fighter was or whom he was and he had been searching for him. Because he wanted to kill two of them and continue ruling the word as he like and forever as an immortal that he was.

"No more words to be having with you idiot! Guard take him out, go and hang him at where traitors like him to hang. Let people should be watching him and gathering before the king will come out and said his final judgement"

"As you said First Chief!" Head of the guards said, the two guards held the man's two hands and taking him out.

"Guard! Go and call the king, tell him it's time for judgement!" Another chief from the blue said and talking to one of the guard that were opening the door inside.
He bow with honor and left the living room, the chiefs and elders too looked at each other and leaving the living room.

The full grow man and the woman were still there in romantic position and moaning. The man was holding the woman's left leg, pulling in and out his du××k in the woman's Virginia and fu×××king her seriously. The woman was just moaning in different sweet romantic tone and linking the man's neck with her long tongue.

Suddenly! They heard a knock at the door, their eyes changed to red and two of them looked at each other, the guard knocked at the door again with a gentle hand and calling my King!.

The woman command the black gown on bed to her hand with her eye, wore it within a few seconds and vanished from the room to an unknown place.

"Who is there? What happened?" Asked with loud and scaring voice with the red eye.

"It's the first chief that said that I should tell you that it's time for judgement!" Said with low voice.

"Go! I am coming!" Said with loud voice, the guard didn't said anything just left. The man took his cloth on the bed wearing it and put the cap attached to the cloth to the back.

"My power CONTROLLER!" Called with command tone. Door opened automatically and a young, handsome and cute middle age man entered standing and looking dully.

The man walked closed to him and penetrated into him. He turn his head to the right and left, use the cap in the cloth to cover his head and leaving the room.

It was the face of this handsome middle age man that people uses to see and known as their king even the Chiefs and elders of council. Didn't know it was the Demon just using this handsome man to control his power.

This Handsome man was used for a MISSION by the first chief and co, that he was given a drug and unfortunately it antidote couldn't be find. So he didn't have any knowledge of who he was and he had been told that he didn't have any family or relatives from when he had started the MISSION, so it was only the order by the chiefs that he use to do and listen to during that MISSION.

Because of the evil deeds of the chiefs and to be able to be controlling him since he was not in his right senses again, they decided to make him the king as a prince that he was and the formal king to be son. Without know that he had been penetrated on by the demon, now it's the demon that was controlling them but because of their evil deeds didn't gave them chance to be spurious. Their behaviours self were the same like the demon's own.

The people at the centre where the palace was had gathered outside, looking at the man that they hanged. Some were crying bitterly and looking at man on top of the palace and the chiefs sitting on the chair.

Li Qiang and Wang wei came out from a corner, wearing clothes that be like rag and eating from the nylon in their hands when they saw many people gathered and the man hanged on top of the palace.

"Today is this man judgement! After all his family has been killed, what can him did and deserve this!" Wang Wei said when a young guy beside him replied.

"He is a traitor! So he will be killed and including his family!"

"traitor! That is not what they told you, I am sure this man is an innocent man and the faithful one among them that was why they planned for him. This kingdom is too full of evil and we have to be stopping this by saving all this innocent people from all those demons!" Wang Wei said.

"Watch your mouth young guy!" A middle age man said.
"Li Qiang! It's you I am talking to, what happened?"

"Yes! I have saw this in my dream before just thought it was a normal dream!" Said louder.

"Really! Same scene like this?" Wang Wei asked.

"Something strange happened that I can't explain as they wanted to kill him. But no blood was shed!" All the people beside Li Qiang looked at him and looked up as they saw the King coming out.

All the chiefs greeted him as he came out and the Demon replied through the mouth of the handsome man. The name of the handsome man was Liu Wei and sat down.

"I am the king and my order, wish and command must hold! Anybody that refused to obey me will end up like all this heads that were hanged here!" It was the demon that was speaking inside Liu Wei.

"I have the right to control this kingdom as I want and be ruling this kingdom forever as I wish. You will die, born, grown up again and I will still be here controlling the world. Nobody can stop me or try to kill me!" Said with loud voice and looked at everybody around including those that were downstairs. Li Qiang looked at Wang Wei.

"This man is a traitor and today he will be send to his ancestors, they too have been expecting him!" He stood up and closed to where the man was.

"I command fire on------" As he was talking. Suddenly fires came from a high level and created smokes everywhere. The fire was like a flying dragon's fire but nobody saw it.

Few minutes later. The smoke went down and everybody stood up on the floor including the villagers. The man was not there again, it was only a rope that they used to tie him that was on the floor.

"This is exactly how I saw it! What is happening to me? Am I seeing vision or I am a dreamer?" Li Qiang asking himself.

No of them really understood what just happened, may be it was someone that released him or a dragon. Even if it was a dragon it was someone that would send it.

Sound of the door opened and closed. The king entered his bedroom with an angry face, removed out from his power CONTROLLER and face him.

"What just happened outside there, why don't you do something to it? Why don't you control my power!"

"I tried but it doesn't work out! I saw a image of a man in the smoke and on a dragon!"

"Who again have dragons except from me. Is the second King of demon fighter alive because who else can have a dragon and have got to destroy my work!"

"I don't know! I don't--------"
"Shut up!! If was three thousand years ago that I am controlling my power by myself, no one can dare me. I have to be able to control my power by myself back!" Said with loud and screamed that it was everybody at that apartment that heard.

"Leave! Leave!!" Door opened automatically and Liu wie left the room, sound of the door closed back.

"I need back my power into me! Want to take REVENGE and able to control the world as I like by own without any support of any power CONTROLLER!"
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