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It was in the evening that the day had been becoming dark. Xiu ying know as the (Mother commander) walked inside a compound of a house with a gown that had tore downstairs and be like a rag and very dirty. Her hair was rough and scattered, be like a hair that had not been treating for the past three year.

There was a big, beautiful and large house at the front of the compound and a light hanged around the house. Xiu ying looked at the house with stressful face and going to the backyard of the house, with a nylon in her hand and walking slowly. She was just coming from the kingdom where she went to beg for aim.

She removed a small wood at the entrance of a very small house, entered and used the wood to cover it back. The wood was the thing that served as the door for the house, the house didn't have a roof and window. It was a rag that she used to cover the small window that was there.

Put a small mattress at corner of the house, bucket of water that she was drinking and a very small table that she put a candle on and that she used to light at night. The small house was worst than a dog house even in that kingdom many dog's houses were beautiful than the house.

Xin Ying was brought up by her mother's elder brother whom was her uncle and it was his house that she was living still now. It was a month that her mother gave birth to her that she gave her to her elder brother's to be taking care of her and before her too later killed by Liu Wei.

Liu Wei met Xin Ying's mother a day that he was in his right senses and asked her out, as they had know him in the Kingdom Xin Ying's mother couldn't say NO so she got married to him as Zhang Min's mother too did. Just only used to show up to him on the day that he was on his right senses, still she was able to get pregnant. She was killed after six months of giving birth, she mistakenly showed up to him on the normal day and telling him that he was his wife, and with what had been on Liu Wei's head that he had been told by the chiefs during the UNWILLING MISSION that he did, that he had NONE so he killed her thought that she was one of the enemy.

Xiu ying's uncle really took care of her like his daughter and love her so much and Xiu Ying too love him and seen him as her father, there was even a paint of her and her uncle that they painted on Xiu Ying's sixteen years birthday. Her uncle dead a month after her birthday, and that was when she had been treating like an half caste by his wife.

Her uncle's wife hate her so much and always uses to jealous of her since when her husband had been alive, thought that he loves Xiu Ying (Mother commander) than her own children because of all the care that he used to show her.

She sent Xiu ying out of the big house to the small house at the backyard a week after the death of her husband and didn't allowed her to take anything, claiming that they belonged to her children.

Xiu ying was older than Zhang Min with two years because it was her mother that Liu Wei know as the (Demon power CONTROLLER) first marriage to.

It was only three clothes that Xiu ying had and it because she dried them outside that time, that was why she had them now and able to be wearing a cloth.

Xiu ying put the food inside the nylon on the floor, moved the small table that the candle was on it closed and wanted to light it. Her body was shaking, she hadn't ate anything since morning. It was the little money she earned from begging that she use to buy the food.

As she was light the candle, it was off because of the air blowing and her hand that was shaking, Xiu ying had felt of lighting the candle and just keeps trying.

"Light!" Said with loud voice and a command tone as she sat on the floor looking, suddenly she saw light on the candle. Looking at it like magic and thought may be it had light before that she didn't notice. Without know that she was the one that command fire on it.

She opened the leather, prayed and started eating, she just took one hand when her Uncle's wife entered.

"You this daughter of the witch! You have now stupid to a level that you will just left the house in the morning without greeting anybody or do any house work and came back in the night like a ghost!" Looking at her like a sheet.

"Good evening ma!" Xiu ying greeted.
"Hold your greeting! This is how your mother too was doing that time still she landed herself in the hand of the demon, thought that she had marriage to the king but it's death that end it. You will have the gut to leave the house and came back, who are you respecting to be cleaning the house for you!"

"I use to clean my house and the surrounding before------" She stopped Xiu ying with a dirty slap on her face.

"Still have gut to be tell me that she cleaned her house and the surrounding, what about in there? You are expecting me to be doing that!" Mother commander looked at her with tears dropping from her eye.

"Stand up now! Go to the kitchen, boil the chicken there. Cut it, roast it and prepare meal for us!"

"As you said ma!" Said with low voice and stood up with her food, she had know that she wouldn't give her food even if she was the one that cooked it.

"Give me that! What to eat when my own children haven't eaten!" Dragged the nylon from her hand and Xiu ying left with bitter cry coming from her eye.

She entered the living room of the big house, met her uncle's children there playing and eating her food. She didn't said anything just going straight to the kitchen. The children were two in number and they were a Male and female, the male was two years older than Xiu ying when she had the female were age mate.

She entered the kitchen met everywhere dirty and scattered, so she had to clean it well before she started cooking. First packed the plates out to wash. Went to the well with a pail, fetched water inside it and washing the plates. As she finished washing the plates, she packed them inside and swept the floor.

She removed the feathers in the chicken, put it inside a big bot with water full it and added all the ingredients that it needed and waiting for it to cook. As she was standing, her body started shaking and be like she wanted to faint. She saw a left over vegetable inside a bowl at corner, draw it closed and eating like a mad woman.

Suddenly! She heard a slapped at her back, faced back and saw her uncle's wife. She slapped Xiu ying on her face again that she busted into a loud tear.

"How dare you eating my vegetables! Is this what I asked you to come here and do, you this stupid girl!"

"I haven't eat anything since morning and I am hungry, so I see that it's leftover that is why I am eating it Ma!"

"What is own if it's leftover! Right I want to throw it away so did I asked you to eat it!" She took the vegetables, poured it inside the water and ordered Xiu ying to go and threw it away, standing and waiting for her. She entered the kitchen and put the bowl on the floor.

"Let me see you eating or just taste my food!" Said with wicked voice and left the kitchen.

Mother commander sat down on the floor and crying bitterly. Brought out the paint that her and her uncle painted from her cloth, looking at it and remembering him. Flashback.

"My Xiu! I bought new bag for you because I want you to be the best in your school!" Kneeling down on the floor with her and looking at each other.

"Thank you father!" She was twelve years ago then.
"You are Welcome my baby! It's best high school you will go to or is it Martial art school you want to go to?"

"Martial art Father! Because I want to be a powerful lady!" Said with her little voice. Her education stopped immediately after the death of her uncle.

"You are ready be my girl! Give me few second to go inside and come out and we will go and look at the star!" The man ran inside and came out.

"Am back!" Shouted and carried Xiu ying on his neck and going out. Claimed the roof and sat down on it.

"That is your own Father! Very bright!" Said with smile and pointing at a star.

"That is your own too the one that is very bright! Mean that your future will be very bright and always be seen by people. My daughter! Your future will be bright!" Said with smile and looking at the star. Came back from flashback.

"I love you Father!" Said with low voice and continue cooking. Cutting the chicken into pieces and roasting it and mixing some food together along.

After some minutes. She had finished cooking, put the foods inside different food serving dishes and the chicken soup inside a big bowl and taking it to the living room.

All of them were there as she came out from the kitchen and looking at her. She put the food on the table and served them water and wine. Asked if they needed another thing and left the house going back to the backyard.

She entered her house, closed the wood very well and laid down on the bed. Used a long cloth to cover her body and rolling on the bed feeling of hunger.

A hour later. She heard the sound of the wood shifted and the Male child entered her room without even knocking. Mother commander looked at him.

"I was unable to finish my food and since that we don't have dog that you are the one living at the dog house, I decided to bring it for you!" Said with low voice.

"Thank you!" Quickly collected it from his hand before he would poured it on the floor and it wouldn't be able to eat it again. The guy was the one that was a little nice among them and not that nice.

Xiu ying sat down on the floor and started eating with her two hands, linking the figures and moaning. She felt relieved as she finished eating the food, washed the plates outside and slink inside the kitchen and returned the plate.

She came back to her house, drank two cups of water and laid down back on the bed, wrapped the cloth all over her body and slept off.

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