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All the elders of council were still in the palace and it was night already, sitting down and looking at each other. None of them really got what happened the morning clearly or picture it out, still unbelievable to them. None of them could go home because they must know the next step of action to be taken.

Sound of the door opened and closed back automatically, the king whom was the demon entered the living room with Liu Wei's body. Sat down on his chair made with iron, rolled his cloth touching the ground up and looking at all of them. None of them could say anything just looking.

"Whom have the right to stop me! Who is that person that arrived with a dragon and took the man that I want to kill away. Even who have the gut to have a dragon in this kingdom except from me!" Said with loud voice and asked loudly again.

"Am asking who is that person that interrupted my work and took the man that I want to kill away! Where did he or she came from!" Sound of the door opened and one of the maids entered with wines and small cups inside a big tray, came to serve the chiefs.

"My chiefs! The wine is-------" The demon King stopped her with loud voice and with red eye.

"How dare you bringing a stupid wines to the place that I am talking on something very important! Even who are you bringing the wine for? Is it for all these unless people that couldn't do anything when the attack happened. How dare you!" Said with loud voice.

A red light came out from his eye as he was angry and sparked on the maid, she fell on the floor and all the wine and cups broken into pieces on her legs and started bleeding seriously.

"Guards! Guards!!" Sound of the door opened and two guards entered and knelt down on the floor.

"Take this idiot out of here! Go and lock her up still the day I will tell you to release her and if I forget her there that is her end on this earth. Bagged inside with a stupid wine!"

"As you said my King!" One of the guard said and two of them carried the maid with blood dropping on the floor, the door opened and took the maid out.

The demon brought out his tough and linked all the blood on the floor, none of them see him but just noticed that the floor had cleaned and no even a stain of blood on the floor again. None of them could say anything just looking.

The demon couldn't do without blood, always use to be attracted to blood. It was a whole human that him uses to eat and it's only blood he drinks. Nobody knows anything because they didn't know that this Demon was exiting.

It was only Lie Wie that they used to see and him always use to eat when the demon was not in his body.

"So sorry for that my King! But on this issue, it's still baffle me because I don't know who could have the audacity to appear to the judgement ground and took that terror away!" First chief said.

"For this to happen that mean someone or some people have been some where to want to been stopping the King's order or not want to be putting this kingdom in peace any more. If care is not taking they will want to over throne our king----" One of the blue chiefs said.

"Don't ever say that! I own this Kingdom and it belongs to me for ever! I own the kingdom and the world nobody can look down on me!" Said with loud voice.

"Call the head of the army! Tell him to send all the armies to the entire Kingdom and to the other kingdoms in China and fish the person out and with his dragon. I want him alive or dead!" Said with loud voice.

"As you said my king!" Two chiefs from the red said, stood up and leaving the living room.

"In my kingdom! Who else have the power or gut to have dragon! And released the man that I wanted to kill today!" Said with anger and stood up, leaving the living room. Other chiefs were just looking at him leaving.


The armies were at the front of their house sitting on different long chairs and tables three- three and round a big candle, eating, drinking wines and having funs.
A middle age man whom was the same age with Li Jun stood up from where he was having fun and walking closed to the chiefs as he saw them entering their chamber.

The man was the head of the armies in the entire kingdom and very good in fighting. Him and Li Jun were enemies during their training school time at Martial art school in the school and always used to fight, because from their set it was both of them that were good in fighting and be the two good students then.

That always used to competing with each other in all training apart from that Li Jun was a prince. So it was Liu Wei that was always used to settle fight for them as their senior then.

This man always used to envy Li Jun because he was a prince because he knows that Li Jun had an opportunity than him. He knows that when they got to senior level, Li Jun would be the one that we be the senior master as his brother was. Also after graduating he was the one that would be the Head of the Army which he was now, it was every time that he always uses to be happy that Li Jun had dead but still uses to be disturbed sometimes because they didn't found his body so it was not really true that he had dead.

"This is an order from the King! Take all the armies to the Kingdom now and other Kingdoms and fish out the person had the gut to take that terror away. He want him or her dead or alive and with his dragon or any dragons in the kingdom except from the King's owns!"

"Few of the armies have been in the kingdom already as the incident happened, there looking for the chief and this unknown human-----" second chief cut him off.

"This time not few armies! It's all of you that should leave the palace and fish that unknown human out!" The second chief said with loud voice.

"Okay my chiefs! I will go and do as you said right now!"
"Check everywhere! Search anybody's house and make sure you find that person!" First chief said.

"As you said my chief!" The chiefs turned back and living the army's chamber. The head of the army face others.

"All of you stand up! We are going to the kingdom now to join others. The king want us to fish out the unknown human that appears on the judgement ground not just only the man that he released!"

"So I give you few minutes to go in there! Dress up and meet me here!" All of them left as he finished talking and going to their rooms.

All of them arrived back after few minutes wearing their army's uniforms and with their swords in their hands. The man did sign to them and all of them leaving their chamber. They were like thousands in number.

The chief that was released opened his eye, looking at ground gone far that he didn't saw it end. He moved his legs closer and struggled to stand up, sitting on the moist floor in an unknown cave.

Suddenly! He coughed out loudly and held his head feeling pain, rubbing it with his face. Didn't had any ideas of where he was or how he got there.

"Where is this moist place? Where I am?" Asking himself with loud voice when he heard an unknown voice.

"You are in another judgement ground!" A man said. The chief looked at everywhere and wanted to stand up but he couldn't, he was very weak.

"Are you the one that rescued me? I didn't unknown you for now but thank you very-----" the unknown voice stopped him with loud voice.

"I didn't safe your life just that I too want to judge you also!" The chief looking at everywhere finding where the strange voice of the unknown man was coming from.

"I know by now you have realized that WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. The same thing you did in the past and name that you called someone had happen to you too now!" Hearing the voice moving closer to him.

"You are pretending to be looking at like a good one! You should have come out like First chief and co, instead of you pretending and deceiving other good chiefs!"

A man came out to where the chief was, wearing pure blank cloth and with a blank boot. Covered his face with blank transparent scarf, so with this he couldn't be identified and holding a long, shining and beautiful sword.

"Who are you? Who are you!? Asking with fear. And starring at the man, looking at him from head to toe. He spoke out as he saw the type of the sword in his hand.

"Sword of the King of the demon-------" The unknown man stabbed him on his heart with anger and didn't allowed him to complete the statement.

He removed it and stabbed him again with anger showed all over him. Blood spite out to the unknown man's cloth, floor and even including the wall. The chief fell flat inside the pool of blood and dead.

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