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All the armies had encircled the entire kingdom, including the neighbouring kingdoms and the bushes searching for the chief and the man that came to release him including the dragon.

It was every houses that they were searching looking for any trace, checking the people that were entering the kingdom. Lifters and people that were inside it, some of the armies too were at the sea checking the people in the ships that were entering the kingdom and they had stopped migration between the kingdom.

Since that they didn't know the man that they were looking for or anything to identify him or her, they were just using their army's intensive memories and suspecting any strange moments by some people or someone.

Like five armies were at a small food canteen beside the roadside. Sitting there on different small chairs, drinking wine and charting with each other and also working. There was where they put their own spot.

Three of the stood up, put the wine cup down and walked closed to the road side as they saw a very beautiful big lifter coming from the sea side and entering into the kingdom. They stopped the man that was riding the horse attached to the lifter and he stopped.

A young woman rolled up the cloth in the lifter as she saw the horse stopped, two of the armies walked closed to her.

"Who are you young lady? And what are you doing here? We have announced that no migration to this kingdom for now so where are you coming from?" One of them asked as others were checking inside the lifter.

"We are coming from the neighbouring kingdom and I am the Queen of that land, we heard about it but also we must bring my son here for treatment!" The woman replied.

"What happened to him? And please, remove the cloth we will want to see his face?" Another man said and looking at each other. The woman removed the cloth and looking at them, the guy's body was cut at different part.

"What exactly happened to him and why are you bringing this person in this critical condition to this kingdom!" First chief said.

"Bleeding on very part! Do you came here to use him as bite so that you can use that to cause a war. What happened to him as he asked!" Second man said with loud voice.

"Dragon attacked! For past few months now, our kingdom has not be in peace anymore. Dragon attack here and there and it was after few days we will saw their body. Him was not able to take away because he was a fighter, so it just attacked him like this" the woman explained.

"Dragon attacks! Which kind of dragon is that. How did it look like, can you please describe them!"

"Those dragons that use to attack us are blank in colour!" Four of them were unable to say anything to it because the dragons were their king's dragons whom was the Demon.

None of them know exactly what he was using the dragon for or why they were attacking people. But since that it was beinging that the kings had been having dragons especially for fighting, so nobody could ask him or suspected.

"Is there any dragons apart from those dragons you mentioned that use to attack you?" First man asked

"No! All those dragons are blank in colour!" Woman said as he was looking at them.

"Let forget about that! Where are you taking him to now?"
"To the Luia! The traditional doctor!"

"Okay! But one of us will have to follow you to that place!" The woman shook her head just worried about his son, the army Climbed on the horse with the man and living the place.

Luia was the local name given to the man that was treating them in that kingdom. He was the only traditional medical doctor that they had in that kingdom and also know on different cure and medicines. He was the one that made a medicine for the chief to use for Liu Wei to reduce his memory and antidote as the cure with, so he was very good in medical line.

A old man called Luia was inside his big lap in the big house that he was using as his medical house. The man was checking the medicines that he made and looking at them one after the other, testing some with a testing equipment and also examining them.

The old man put the bottle in his hand down gently on the table as he heard the sound of the horse. He looked out through the window, saw the man and an army on the horse driving the lifter. Luia left the window side and going out to meet them, he was the only one in that house.

The man and the army stopped the horse as they got to the front of the house, two of them got down from the horse including the Queen in the lifter.

"Good morning old man!" The army and others greeted him.
"I greet you too and my lady, how can I help you please?" The old man asked as he was looking at the stained of blood on the woman's cloth.

"It's this people that came here from the neighbouring kingdom with a young man that had dragon attacked, so they brought him here for treatment!" The army explained.

"Please! It's my son that dragon attacked when fighting with it, please help me to treat him. I don't want him dead!" The woman said with tears dropping from her eye.

"Let me see the young man first!" The old man said and walked closed to the lifter with the man that came with the Queen, the young man opened the blank cloth on the guy.

"This is very serious! Bring him inside, he need quickly treatment if not it can lead to death!" The old man said and shifted back, the army walked closed to the other side of the lifter and carried the Prince out from the lifter.

Luia was going inside when the armies and man were walking behind him taking the young prince inside and the Queen too following them feeling consigned about her son watching them as they were taking him.

Luia cleaned a small bed, spread the bed sheet that was on it very well and told them to laid the boy on it. He went to the door closed it and walking closed to the bed.

"Be calm my lady! So please sit down like this" moved a chair closed to her as he got to where the boy was.

"Okay oh! Thank you!" The Queen said when the man quickly cleaned the chair properly and the Queen sat down.

"I will take my leave now!" The army said, talking to the old man and going out. Sound of the door opened and closed.

Luia poured a liquid medicine inside a small bottle on a pure white cloth, put the small bottle down and closed to the boy. Pressing the cloth on the wound and doing that to stop the small blood that was still coming out.

The man and Queen were just looking at the Prince and so consigned about his health. Luia dropped the cloth inside a bow, took another small bottle on the table closed to him. Opened it and dropped a drop of the medicine inside the mouth of the boy, covered it and returned it back.

"The bleeding has stopped, I have done that and I have gave him a medicine that will reduce the pain. So release my lady, he will be fine and thank God you brought him on time!" The man said as he was mixing some leaves together inside a bowl and pouring a liquid medicine into it.

"Thank you very much! I really appreciate, the King has know that it's only you that can take care of him that was why he ordered us to come and meet you that yesterday has the incident happened!" The Queen said.

Luia cleaned his hand with a rag, dropped it on the table there and took the bowl. Walked more closer to the boy and putting the mixed leaves on the wounds, spreading it on them and pressing it so that it could enter very well.

"You will have to spend like two days here my lady because I will have to be making this leaf every day for him for the wounds to close!" The boy couldn't say anything just looking and feeling like sleeping already.

"No problem at all! We will be here, what am I doing in the palace self!" The woman said with loud voice.

"You can sleep! Even that is what will help you more!" Talking to the boy as he was treating him. The boy closed his eye that had been closing automatically ready and sleeping.

"When he recovered, warn him that dragons are not just an animal that he could be fighting it when he is not a heaven fighter or King of the Demon Fighter!"

"Those dragons have been the problem that we are facing. Just use to come from nowhere, carried people and found their bodies after a day or two days, even this dragons use to attack people's animals and eat them. We are fed up, it was one of them that wanted to attack him too when he started fighting it and luckily he won over him, he killed it but him too injured!" The old man kept silent for few seconds because he had know that it was the king's dragon.

"Okay! He will be fine just have to be careful next time!"
"We are have been planning to write a letter to your king here to support us to fight over those dragons because we don't know who own them and release them to just be killing people around and destroying farms!"

"You can go and ahead with it, he can help!" Took the bowl that the white cloth was inside it and going out. Sound of the door opened and closed.

He put the cloth on the floor and set fire on it. Washed the bowl with water and went back inside, door closed. Standing at the front of the Queen.

"Let me get you something to eat and the boy too so that he could eat anytime he wake up!"

"Thank you very much Sir!" Showed her appreciation, the man turned back and going to the backyard and the man that came with the Queen too followed him.

Zhang Min was washing a vegetable inside a small bowl and at the backyard of the house, she poured the water in the vegetable on the floor and going inside.

She opened the food that she was cooking as she entered and poured the vegetables inside it, roasting it together with the food. She was the only one at home so she was cooking for her and her father.

Li Jun whom was the man that Zhang Min was living with got to his shop, put the tote bag in his hand on the floor. Packed the martial art equipments that he was selling inside and closed the door of the shop. He took the tote bag back and going inside.

Zhang Min had been serving the food inside the plates closing it very well for it not to be cold when his father entered. She dropped the spoon in her hand and ran to his father with smile, she loves her father so much.

"How are you doing my daughter!" Sat down on the floor with the tote bag beside him.

"Am good father! Where did you now go since morning!" Said as she moved the food closed to him and her too sat down.

"I went to somewhere very important! It's other kingdom that was why it took me too long!"

"How did the armies allowed you to leave the kingdom and entered again? Because I heard that they had stop movement!" Li Jun smiled and didn't replied.

"For you too to be able to earn money and be using that to take care of yourself because you know that I don't have much, so I took from the money that I have been serving to buy this drugs for you to be selling at the market side. It's for stomach pain!" Shifted the bag to her.

"It's REVENGE I am planning for now so why this suddenly drug selling, it's how I want to do it that I am planning and want you too to know!"

"Hmm REVENGE! Let me tell you something you don't know. It's two different creatures that are in the palace and seeing as the king. One is a Demon and second person is your father whom people are seeing but not know that he is just a power CONTROLLER for the demon-----" Zhang Min stopped her father with loud voice.

"Two different creatures! Demon and my father, how?"
"Since your father is not in his normal senses again he had been taking over by a demon. My question now is whom are you facing with? And don't forget you can't ever have power on the Demon, that side didn't consigned you!"

"So it's Demon that has been ruling this kingdom since! Who can we kill him, mean that Demon?"

"It's only the King of the demon fighters that can kill him!" Said with low voice,Zhang min breathe in.

"Zhang Min! Focus on only your father that you want to take REVENGE on, and on that only you can't do that you have to get some people close to you and they are four in number"

"That will join me before I can do anything right! So how will I get them?" Asked with edgar voice.

"Take this drugs, start selling it at the market side and through that you will be seeing them and know how to take them close to you. All of you have to work together!"

"What are their names? How will I know them?"
"I don't know! When it's time you will see them one by one!" Said and started eating, Zhang Min looked at her father.

"How do you know all this father that their are four people I will have to take close before I can take REVENGE for my mother by killing that man called King!"

"Don't bother yourself about that my daughter!" Said with smile and drank a cup of wine.

"You have started hiding something from me father! I asked you that how do you left the kingdom and able to come out, you don't say anything!" Said with angry voice.

"Am not hiding anything my daughter! I entered freely, do you think all those armies are really working!" Said with smile and continued eating.

"It's true Father!" She took the two sticks and started eating. Two of them finished eating after some minutes, Zhang Min packed the plates together and left the living room. Li Jun stood up and went to his bedroom to shower.

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