Wolf Born

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Chapter Ten

Pulling the white stick into the light, sapphire blue eyes narrow as they study it. A gasp echoes around the room, followed by the clatter as nerveless fingers release the white stick.

‘Baby, please open the door,’ his pleading voice muffled by the door. Glancing up, her eyes gazed at the locked door before dropping to the white stick in her hand. Her bottom lip caught between her teeth. Finally reaching up, sliding the bolt across, and opening the door enough to thrust the stick out into his hands, before shutting and locking the door.

She couldn’t stop the smile that pulled at her lips at the sound of his gasp and then the delighted chuckle. Rising gingerly to her feet, she unlocked the door and peered out. His arms wrapping around her waist, his mouth at her ear, inhaling the scent of her hair, his warm breath caressing her ear.

‘I love you so much,’ his hold tightening a fraction.

‘I love you too; this will be a new start for us,’ her smile encapsulating her face, the months of uncertainty and loneliness evaporating as a future stretched out before her.

‘Meet me for lunch?’ he kissed her again.

‘Will your father be there?’ Her eyes worried as she gazed at him. He was so beautiful she couldn’t believe he was hers.

‘Yes, Mary, of course he will,’ his smile was infectious. ‘He will be thrilled,’ pulling on his jacket, he kissed her once more.

‘Ben, he doesn’t like me, he doesn’t like that I am….’ He stopped her with a kiss.

‘No, he loves you as I do.’ with one last kiss he rushed from the room a spring in his step. Climbing into the awaiting car unable to hide his grin getting a frown from his father.

‘Your very chipper this morning,’ his father remarked.

‘Mary is pregnant,’ Ben blurted out, unable to keep it in. His happiness spilling around the interior of the car.

‘Well, that is marvellous,’ his father managed keeping his unease and dismay hidden from his son.

‘I know how you feel. She isn’t my mate, but I love her. I chose her. I don’t want to wait for some strange mystical bond that will force me to love a stranger. These feelings I have for Mary are real not manipulated by some mystical bond,’ Ben leant forward, his expression one of earnest desperation. He needed his father to understand.

‘I understand, son, I do. It’s just these are difficult times. The world is changing, and our way of life may be under threat. You, as my heir, make you a target, and now Mary. She isn’t used to our way of life. I don’t want you hurt because she can’t cope with the restraints that will be put on her.’

‘She understands, dad. I have explained,’

‘She knows what you are. Who you are?’

‘Yes dad, that is why I choose her. She has been my friend almost my whole life. She thinks it’s because of our wealth.’ Ben’s voice saddened that he couldn’t share all of himself with the person he loved. His earlier happiness shattered as he hung his head, feeling like a child in front of his father again. She doesn’t know I am a royal wolf. That Lycos isn’t just my name. She hasn’t seen my wolf,’

‘Ben, sorry, you are all I have. I worry that’s all I am happy for you,’ reaching for his son’s hand in a rare demonstration of affection.

‘I know dad,’ the car stopped in front of the imposing Wolf Industries building. Climbing out of the car, he stood a moment on the pavement. ‘Meet you for lunch?’ He glanced at the imposing figure that was his father.

‘Of course, Ben will Mary be joining us.’ he watched the dip of his son’s head. ‘I will get Thelma to make the reservations,’ he stood a moment as he watched his son walk into the building.

‘Good morning, Mr Lycos,’ the doorman greeted as he held the door.


‘I was so naive to think I could escape my destiny. Ignore who and what I was. I loved her so much and I had in that one selfish act signed her death warrant,’ Benjamin placed the mug on the nightstand.

‘You sleep and tomorrow we can talk some more,’ Mark climbed to his feet and left the room making his way downstairs.

‘It will be okay Benjamin,’ Elizer leant over and kissed his cheek. Pulling the curtains closed. Leaving the room she pulled the door closed. Finding Mark in the Kitchen.

‘Would they really kill someone for that?’

‘It is a complication especially when he reached twenty-five and would be paired with his destined. But murder his chosen that is a bit extreme,’ Mark thought for a moment. ‘No, I think the packs are the real reason and what was going on there.’

‘Do you think he knows?’

‘Maybe, if we are careful, we might get more information out of him,’ Mark pulled her into a hug. ‘You might be able too,’ he raised a brow as a cheeky smile danced over his lips.

‘Uncle,’ Elizer chastised.

‘I will pop round in a couple of days to see how he is. Phone if you run into trouble,’

‘I will be fine,’ Elizer stood at the door watching Mark drive away she gave a wave before retreating inside to cook some dinner for her and her house guest.

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