Wolf Born

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Chapter Thirteen

‘Why, why are they doing this?’ a small sob escaped her lips making Ben stop turning he pulled her into his. Arms, did she know? He had shielded her from most of the pack and its workings.

‘I don’t know,’ he lied. He knew exactly why, and it didn’t make it better knowing. Cupping her face with his hands, he kissed her. ‘I love you,’ glad when a quivery smile pulled at her lips. ‘Now let’s go on this adventure. I thought you wanted to go to England.’

‘Yes, yes I do,’ her quivery smile buoyed him up.

Ben pulled the car into the mall car park. The drive had been uneventful. What had he expected this wasn’t? a movie. It was real life. He shook his head and then gently shook Mary’s shoulder, waking her up. Smiling at her sleep mussed features, feeling his chest tighten. Mary rubbed her face, blinking her eyes a few times, her gaze falling on him, making a slow smile pull at her lips before looking around and then back at Ben.

‘Why are we here?’

‘To buy a wedding dress and rings,’ he answered as he climbed out of the car, surveying his surroundings. They had got away smoothly and now they were in the city. He was still nervous. He had come up with this plan while driving.

‘What are you, mad?’ Mary looked at him, her eyes revealing her confusion. ‘We are on the run and you want to get married, yes,’ Mary glared at him, holding his gaze, trying not to be distracted by his eyes, their golden tone darkening with amusement. ‘Ben, don’t look at me like I am not stupid. I know who you are what you are. How important this baby is.’ climbing out of the car, she stood and glared at him, seeing the slump to his shoulders. ‘I love you Ben but if we are going to do this, you must trust me okay.’ placing her arms around his neck, she kissed him gently at first until he pulled her close, his hands in her hair.

‘Sorry,’ he muttered.

‘Right,’ pulling away, Mary grinned. ‘Spill Lycos, let’s hear your plan. I know you have one.’

‘Look, what better disguise than two newlyweds going on honeymoon?’ he couldn’t help the grin as he got down on one knee. ‘Mary, marry me,’ he took her hand, still grinning.

‘Get up, you idiot people are looking,’ Mary hissed, batting his hand away as he climbed to his feet and pulled her to him. Kissing her soundly on the mouth, he then grabbed her hand and ran through the carpark into the mall, laughing as he went. Mary couldn’t help laughing with him as the weight of their situation lifted, and they were just two kids enjoying life and being in love. Ben only stopped to walk when a security guard glared at them. Still laughing, he swung Mary around before wrapping her in his arms.

‘I love you,’ his eyes shining with happiness before pressing a bundle of notes into her hand. ‘Go buy a wedding dress and I will meet you at that little diner. We passed by the exit to the car park, okay?’

‘You aren’t coming with me,’ her voice quiver as her eyes gazed into his, all the uncertainty rushing back.

‘No, silly that would be awful bad luck and I need to get a suit and the rings okay,’ he felt relief at her nod. Giving her another kiss, they parted to fulfil their tasks.

Sipping his coffee, Ben watched the people going about their business, oblivious to the genocide that was happening on their doorstep. Brushing away the depressing thoughts, he smiled as Mary came into view, weighed down by bags. He knew his father would come through and this thought buoyed him up emotionally as he rose to his feet and wrapped her in a hug. After all, they were Wolf Industries. Surely that gave him some protection. People would ask questions if he just disappeared, wouldn’t they? Occultis aperta, hide in plain sight. That had always been the family motto.

Stopping in a layby, they changed into the clothes and Ben pulled out a box and slipped a plain gold band on Mary’s finger before putting his matching one on.

‘You look beautiful,’ he took her hand and led her into a small copse, walking along the dirt track he kicked dirt at her dress and then crumpled it. Mary opened her mouth to stop him until realisation clicked in. He then scattered confetti on them, making sure it was in their hair and inside their clothes. Once they looked as if they had attended a wedding, they got back in the car and made their way to the airport.

Ben made his way to the ticket desk and smiled at the young woman sat behind it. She looked up, and Ben knew the minute he had her full attention. He knew his face would always have a certain effect on women of all ages; he reflected with amusement. It used to annoy him, but now it was advantageous.

‘Two first-class tickets to London, please,’ he smiled and watched the blush climb her neck.

‘Of course, sir, and what is the reason for your visit?’ she asked while typing on her computer.

‘Pleasure, honeymoon. Actually, only she doesn’t know thinks we are flying to Boston to see her family,’ Ben embellishes as he glances to where Mary is waiting, knowing her eyes would follow.

‘Congratulations, lucky girl,’ the clerk smiles as the tickets print. She hands them to Ben.

‘Thank you, but I am the lucky one,’ Ben smiles as he takes the tickets. Passing through security without incident, Ben finally relaxed as he felt the plane take off.

Standing on the doorstep of the London town house in Paddington, Ben finally felt safe, well, safer than he had in America. It would be hard for the authorities to snatch him here without causing an incident.

‘Master Benjamin, we were not expecting you.’ Travis, the butler, ushered them inside.

‘Sorry Travis, I have some unexpected business.’ Ben smiled.

‘I will arrange a light supper. Would you like it in your suite, miss Mary looks exhausted,’ Travis observed while taking their meagre belongings up the stairs.

‘Thankyou Travis, that would be lovely,’ Ben answered, taking Mary’s hand and leading her up the stairs to the master suite.

‘Will you be staying long?’

‘No, only a week,’ Ben answered.

Benjamin laid back, closing his eyes. ‘I thought she would be safe here,’ he looked at Mark. ‘We were so close, but they knew we would come here.’

‘Did you see Callum? Did you go into the building?’ Mark asked.

‘Yes, I saw him,’

‘Well, you need to sleep,’ Elizer interrupted, seeing how distressed Benjamin was getting.

‘There is more,’

‘It can wait.’ Mark climbed to his feet.

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