Wolf Born

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Chapter Fourteen

Charles looked up as the cell door opened. She was slim; her grey suit hugging every curve. The smirk on what could be a beautiful face pulled at her features as eyes like chips of ice pierced him.

‘Where is he, Charles?’ she stepped closer, his bindings making her brave. He gave a mirthless laugh.

‘Why would I tell you?’ his sneer made her angry and with a nod of her head one of the men that had trailed in after her hit him. The breath leaving his lungs in a whoosh.

‘Because Charlie, I am his mother. Now where is he?’ her arms crossed over her chest as impatience seeped out of her.

‘You were no mother. The minute you expelled him from your womb, he was just another pawn,’ Charles spat a glob of bloody phlegm from his mouth in front of her shoe.

‘What and you the loving father what a crock you used him just like you intended. Marring that trophy wife producing that half-blood. I want that pup, Charlie boy.’

‘He is gone far from here. He knows what’s at stake. He will stay off the radar and away from you. The Synod won’t have him,’

‘He is weak, fawning over that mut of a mate. Did you encourage him not to wait for his Destined? Did you want him denied of the power his true mate would give him? Frightened he could overthrow you, take your place,’ she sneered again. ‘Maybe Charlie you have played into my hands sending him away,’ she leant forward, her breath against his cheek. Moving his shirt collar, her teeth brushed his mark, her tongue wet against his skin. He let out a groan, unable to stop his humiliation from her.

‘That makes you mine, Charles,’ standing up, a triumphant smile on her face. ‘I will find him and when he turns twenty-five, I will have them both.’


Black-clad figures ghosted through the trees. Silent hand gestures as they blended into the vegetation. Watching, waiting.

As soon as the door closed, Ben stretched. He climbed to his feet and walked over to the window. Opening it, he swung his legs over the sill, getting ready to jump.

‘What are you doing?’ Connie hissed at him as she circled him.

‘Not safe here. Have to leave,’ Ben answered, his eyes almost completely gold as he tried to shift. He wasn’t there. Pushing for dominance, just nothing. Hanging his head, he fought the pull of tears. He was pathetic. Maybe that was why he was gone.

‘Yes, you are. You can’t leave, these people they are different. They will protect you and your baby,’ Connie lay down and sighed, her head on her front paws. ‘Ben, the packs have gone, no one will look for you here, your best bet is to be human, stay with Elizer resume your life with your baby,’ Connie watched as Ben stayed his legs over the sill, his eyes slowly turning back to brown his posture unsure, conflicted.

‘Where have they gone? How do you know that?’

‘I hear talk. I asked around okay.’ Connie lay down her head on her front paws as she watched him. This strange dog boy. Since the change, she hadn’t been able to talk to the pragmatic dog. This boy was annoying, always scared.

‘What if they come looking for me? They will you know that.’ Ben stopped, his legs swinging and now they shook with nervous energy.

‘Who are you so frightened of? The humans can’t hurt you. You are pure I can smell it,’ she cocked her ears, studying him.

‘The Synod,’ he whispered. ‘They want to remove my dad and me,’ he drew in a deep breath, savouring the salty air.

‘Well, if that is the case, you are safest with Elizer.’


‘Elizer will protect you. She is already claiming your son as her own. She didn’t have to do that. Her life is the perfect cover for you. Have you considered that?’ Connie finished, rising to her feet. She nudged him with her nose, pushing him. Trying to coax him back into the room.

‘You are here helping a friend through the grieving process. Easy and convenient cover story. The media would lap it up. Actress and darling being helped by the shy and reclusive Lycos heir…’ If Connie could shrug, she probably would have instead she just got comfy on the bed.

‘I don’t want her hurt, caught up in this mess.’ Ben cast his eyes down. ‘It is my fault, all of it. Mary’s blood is on my hands. I should have protected her better been more careful not got her pregnant. I was naïve and stupid; I knew what the humans were doing, what the consequences would be. Now I have Elizer to consider,’ glancing up, unable to hide his anguish. ‘If my only option is to leave Josh with Elizer, I will. Her fame will protect him, something I cannot do.’ Ben gazed at Connie, his features set in determination. With a speed, the dog found surprising the boy was out the window and running toward the woods.

‘Humph, silly human, where is your dog?’ Connie huffed with annoyance. Closing her eyes in a gesture of dismissal, she napped.

‘You stop!’ the shout came almost immediately. They had been watching the house, Ben realised. He darted into the trees where he was going. He had no idea. Just the overwhelming instinct to run.

The apparition materialised, pulling Ben to the ground he struggled to get free.

‘Let me go,’ pushing as hard as he could as a voice crackled through the microphone hidden somewhere.

‘Stray dog is leashed.’ Ben would have rolled his eyes if this entire situation wasn’t so dire. Low growling alerted him they weren’t alone. Feeling the arms holding him loosen, he scrambled away, only to be dragged into the undergrowth as the growling got louder and three enormous wolves materialised through the dark.

‘You were told not to run,’ a voice grated in his ear, their irritation clear. Dragging Ben away from the fight. Back toward the cottage.

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