Wolf Born

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Chapter Fifteen

Ben watched as Eliza paced back and forth, the phone clutched to her ear. Next to him Josh and Harriet lay on a blanket in the sunshine, kicking their legs and trying to grab each other’s feet, their giggles soothing his soul. This was right. He had made the right decision. He had been stupid when he had run. At least now he knew Mark hadn’t been bluffing.

‘No, I told you I wanted some time off. It’s always one more, no you said you understood. I am hanging up.’ with a sigh Eliza slipped the phone in her pocket before flopping down next to Ben. Her hand reaching out, she scratched behind his ears.

‘Ben, I need you to change back. I need to talk to you please,’ she looked at him, her eyes begging. She knew he didn’t enjoy being human, but she needed to talk to human Ben. Not dog Ben. Damn, that sounded so mixed up sometimes she thought she was going mad. The cracking of bones indicated he was human once more, not that he was human. She knew that. Turning as he pulled a shirt over his head. His beauty still staggered her as a smile made its way to his face.

‘Thank you,’ she leaned up and kissed him. He pulled her close and kissed her back. Pulling away he gazed into her eyes.

‘Make him yours, change the birth certificate and then do the interviews post pictures online,’ he sank to the ground, crossing his legs. Picking up Josh and holding him near inhaled his scent. Soothing his wolf. ‘Introduce me as your partner, the person who helped you through this difficult time.’

‘How, you don’t understand my world? The papers they will dig into your past. It would take them no time to unearth what and who you are. And then what? They will come and take you away,’ a sob caught in her throat. ‘I can’t cope with losing you, not after Robert.’ her eyes met his, the fear clear, for him to see. Juliana gave a whimper. Immediately Elizer picked her up offering her breast.

‘Not if I am with you,’ pulling her into his arms inhaling the flowery scent of her hair. She was his, he knew that. His Destined the one he was supposed to wait for. She wouldn’t replace Mary, but his wolf accepted her as his in a way he had never accepted Mary.

‘I am Benjamin Lycos of Lycos industries that is all they will find there is nothing out there that says otherwise no wife and certainly no baby,’ Ben swallowed it killed him to denounce Mary in such a way but honestly anyone who knew about her was most probably dead. This was the only solution to keep Josh safe. To keep them all safe. They swapped babies. Ben winding Juliana while Elizer fed Josh.

‘Oh Ben, do you understand what it is you are saying? You could never acknowledge him, ever.’ Her voice quiet the sadness on her features as she gazed down at the baby. His big caramel eyes trained on her face.

‘He will be human, my race it is gone, if he never encounters another of our kind then the gene will remain dormant and he will always be human, he won’t change like I can,’ Ben climbed to his feet. Juliana drowsy in his arms. He made his way into the house.

‘Your wealth will protect him, he will live a happy life,’ she passed him his son as they changed them together and then put them down for a nap.

‘What about you, what do you want?’ she gazed at him, feeling her stomach tighten. Did she love him, or was this just physical two lost souls finding comfort in each other? She watched him tense, his eyes dark, aware of her attraction.

‘I enjoy being with you, being here,’ he looked at her, his lip caught between his teeth the first time she had seen him anything other than sure. ‘Eventually, I will have to go back. I have a corporation to run and that will protect him as well. It’s too big to pull down, employs too many people,’ his shrug is dismissive to reassure her.

‘I like you being here with me,’ startling when his hand touched hers other than at night. They never had physical contact. She knew that was as close as he would get to displaying his feelings toward her.

‘If I am with you, I am not giving him up. I am giving him to you.’ His voice soft. Her lips crashed against his, pushing him against the sofa a soft chuckle from him.

‘I will contact Dominic and we will tell him everything. Show him everything you can trust him,’ she watched as he nodded slowly, knowing how hard this will be for him. Pulling her sweater over her head as his lips found hers and they found another way to spend the afternoon while the babies slept.

Elizer sat with her laptop, a fire in the hearth keeping the damp evening air at bay. She could hear Ben in the kitchen. The smell was divine as Elizer tried to concentrate on the email. Her stomach grumbled.

‘Here you can bottle feed them tonight and enjoy a glass of wine this evening,’ Ben placed the glass by her side on one of the occasion tables.

‘Ben, I have invited Dominic,’

‘Has he replied?’ Ben sank down next to her a glass in his hand. He sipped it as he read the incoming email.

‘I have to go to London for the premiere of my film. I have used that as the reason for the invite,’ her gaze found his.

‘Will you attend?’

‘No, but I think it would be perfect for implementing your plan.’

‘Our plan,’ hearing the timer go off he climbed to his feet. ‘Dinner,’

‘Great I am starving,’

‘I will accompany you,’ his voice quiet, modulated careful just like him, she concluded as she looked up to see him stood in the doorway.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, it is time to stop hiding,’ he returned to the kitchen reappearing with two plates.

‘Eat up before the monsters wake up,’ he joked passing her a plate.

‘Yum this is amazing,’ Elizer tucked into her spaghetti.

‘Elizer, honey wake up you need to go back to bed,’ Bens lips brushed her forehead as he gently shook her.

‘Hmm so tired though, can’t I just sleep here,’ she murmured snuggling into the sofa.

‘No, you need proper sleep, come on I have already sorted the twins,’ Ben pulled her up smiling as she sagged against him. Picking her up after sorting out the babies, he carried her to bed, noting how light she was. The dark circles under her eyes betraying her exhaustion. Curling around her as she mumbled in her sleep, he pulled her closer.

‘Sorry, I am so sorry you deserve so much more than me,’ he brushed his lips against her lips as he pulled her closer.


Dominic couldn’t lie. He had not expected the invitation here. He had thought she would put up much more of a fight. In fact, he had been ready with a statement when she refused to attend. Turning the car onto the narrow lane, he had to admit he liked Dorset with its hidden valleys and hills to its rugged coastline.

The cottage coming into view made him smile even more as his gaze drank in the picture-perfect thatched cottage with its surrounding garden, bright with flowers and humming with insects. Parking the car, he climbed out and inhaled the fresh clean air filling his lungs as a smile pulled at his lips.

Walking to the gate, he pushed it open and walked up to the front door, knocking twice before Elizer threw it open and wrapped him in a hug. He pushed her away and took in her tidy figure, already recovered from childbirth. Her complexion glowing with a vitality he hadn’t seen since before Robert died.

‘Dominic, please come in,’ stepping aside, she ushered him in, calling out to someone as she did so.

‘Ben, can you come downstairs? He is here.’ she took Dominic’s hand and led him into the homely living room.

‘Tea, coffee?’ she asked, poised to do his bidding.

‘Oh, ah coffee please,’ he answered, feeling a little overwhelmed. Turning as footsteps could be heard on the stone floor. A young man entered the room. Dominic recognised him instantly.

Dominic had seen his share of beautiful people in his time working with films elite, but the boy that had just walked in the room carrying not one, but two babies almost took his breath away. The boy was stunning. From his golden streaked hair to his strange golden-brown eyes that were all complemented by a clear complexion, straight nose and perfect pink plumped lips. Hiding the surprise, he knew who the boy was, but the question was, what was he doing here when half the world’s media was looking for him?

Ben surveyed the man sat on the sofa as he placed the twins in there travel cot that served as there sleeping quarters in the day. He knew who he was he had met him with his father. To say the man was huge was an understatement. From his dark brown hair expertly styled to his custom made fitted suit he screamed wealth. His hands seemed to swallow the mug that contained his coffee.

‘Oh, Ben, there you are.’ Elizer bustled into the room sitting next to Ben taking his hand in hers. Dominic didn’t miss the squeeze of reassurance.

‘Okay Elizer, explain,’ Dominic demanded in his usual straightforward way, the very attitude that had drawn Elizer to him. Elizer glanced at Ben and then launched in. Ten minutes later, Dominic had finished his coffee and was trying to formulate an answer to Elizer’s request.

‘Some of what you are asking is illegal.’ He looked at her, trying to gauge what she was thinking.

‘But will you do it?’ she asked, determination on her face.

‘Yes, but in return I want you to read this,’ he pulled out a manuscript and handed it to her. ‘Both of you,’ he looked pointedly at Ben.

‘I have met a few of your kind over the years I don’t have issue with you,’ he watched as Ben nodded, still not speaking. ‘I have met your father. They have him in custody. Did you know that?’

‘Yes, that was how we… I got away.’ Dominic noticed how no emotion showed on the Bens face and his voice stayed even, controlled. Dominic admired him, and in that moment, he made his decision.

Changing the birth certificate that was easy, but the boy now that was going to be harder. If he knew who he was and, more importantly, who his father was, how many others would know? He would need to get his team cleaning the boy from the internet immediately. In his favour, he knew they shunned social media so it would not be that hard, but what story could he invent that was close enough to the truth that it was believable?

‘Who is the local Alpha?’ he noticed a flicker of something possibly fear pull at the boys features before they settled into neutrality again.

‘My uncle Mark,’ Elizer answered not fazed by the question.

‘So, what is your agenda I know you have one?’

‘To keep Ben safe from the Synod,’

‘Is that who is looking for him?’ He wasn’t stupid, and he knew the government’s agenda concerning his kind. The boy represented hope to those who knew what and who he was, and hope could be dangerous. His next thought as he sipped his coffee was, why now?

‘Why tell me? You could have kept him hidden here. Mark certainly wouldn’t have betrayed him,’ Dominic raised a brow.

‘What and condemn him to live here like a prisoner. No that is not ideal,’

‘Elizer is my Destined,’ Ben said quietly as if that was all the explanation needed.

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