Wolf Born

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Chapter Sixteen

‘Ben, I have been invited to the vicarage,’ Elizer ran her fingers through his hair. His head on her stomach while his legs tangled with hers. It had been the perfect evening. Her dinner had been divine and then he had run her a bath feeding the twins while she got a couple of hours sleep. Now they were snuggled up together in her bed. In the grate a fire warmed the room, sometimes Elizer loved this old house with its original features in every room. It made her forget that the heating was cranky and the hot water unreliable.

‘Hmm do you want me to accompany you,’ his muffled voice as he kissed his way across her stomach.

‘If you want,’ Elizer managed as he moved caressing her thighs pushing her legs apart as he settled between them. Enjoying the sound of his name as she moaned it out. These moments of closeness were precious to Ben because he didn’t know how long they would last.

‘If that young policeman is going to be there so will I,’ he kissed her mouth as he surged forward. Forgetting the conversation for a while.

‘Are you jealous?’ Elizer turned to look at him. His ruffled hair and sweaty face had her wanting him again. She felt her belly clench.

‘Elizer,’ he pulled her to him, ‘Again really? No, I am not jealous. You are mine,’ he leant over and nuzzled her neck. Hearing her gasp.

‘I have seen the way he looks at you,’ Anger clouded his thoughts as his mouth found hers her gasp muffled by his kiss. His teeth grazed her neck. She was his. A baby’s hungry cry had them stumbling from the bed.

Humming to herself Elizer took care in getting ready. She had forgotten how much she enjoyed this, picking out an outfit applying subtle makeup. She thought about last night Ben had been different, dominating making her plead with him, taking her more than once as if he was claiming her.

She ran her fingers over her neck the red mark visible where his teeth had grazed the skin, covering it with makeup and her hair. He isn’t human you are playing with fire the voice in her head reminding her while all she wanted was to forget. Rummaging through the babies’ bag making sure she had everything they would need for a day out.

Ben was back as a Huskie following her around the house bumping his nose against her leg. His eyes following her every move and if Elizer had to analyse it, it was freaking her out, this possessiveness. She was annoyed that he was a bloody dog. They should be talking like grown-ups. But no, he was a damn dog.

Ben had changed back as soon as Elizer had fallen asleep in the early hours. He knew he had been out of order last night and she hadn’t spoken to him when she got up to the twins giving them a bottle rather than feed them herself, she hadn’t even asked for his help.

Lying on the bed he watched her get ready taking her time dressing and applying makeup he hadn’t seen her with makeup, and it annoyed him that she was going to all this effort just for a silly village garden party. She even took her time dressing the twins.

She was annoyed with him, but she hadn’t tried to talk to him even when he was in this form, she still talked to him but right now, nothing complete silence. Should he apologise, maybe if he knew what he was apologising for. After all she was the one going out and that boy would be there the policeman Ben had watched him seen how he behaved around her. Dragging himself off the bed he followed her downstairs.

‘Oh, what have you done,’ Connie gazed at him and he growled at her getting him a stern look from Elizer.

‘Nothing okay,’ Ben glared at Connie damn spaniel he thought.

‘I heard that.’

‘Get out of my head then,’ he retaliated.

‘I can’t when you are practically shouting,’ sticking her nose in the air Connie flounced out the room after Elizer leaving Ben to slouch along behind them.

Finally locking the door, she pushed the pram along the lane and into the village Karen lived by the church in the vicarage. She made the perfect wife for the vicar. Behind her the two dogs trailed along sniffing as they went guarding the pram when Elizer was stopped as the elderly villagers cooed over the babies and talked about her aunt.

Knocking on Karen’s door it was opened by Geoff the vicar and Karen’s husband. With blonde hair in need of a haircut, dressed in shorts and a band t-shirt he looked more like a surfer than the vicar of a small parish. A large smile lighting up his face as his eyes took her in. Elizer didn’t mind she was used to the reaction she caused putting a hand on Ben’s head as he let out a low growl.

‘Elizer so glad you could make it Karen has been talking about you all week she even made me watch one of your films, I mean it was great just not my thing, but you were great in it,’ Elizer placed her hand on his arm stopping his tumbled words.

‘Thank you for inviting me, I know how awkward it can be for people,’ Elizer smiled again as Karen drifted over an indulgent look on her face as her gaze fell on her husband.

‘What did he say,’ she laughed at the blush on his cheeks.

‘Nothing and everything,’ he laughed. ‘Let me get you a drink,’ turning he hurried toward a door.

‘Sorry about him,’ Karen smiled as she took control of the pram. ‘Everyone’s in the garden,’ Elizer followed Karen out into the large vicarage garden.

‘Oh, aren’t they adorable may I,’ Sarah a smiling plump lady passed Elizer a cup of tea as she picked up the twins cooing at them to be rewarded with a toothless smile from them. ‘Such a blessing after so much tragedy dear,’ rocking the babies as some other ladies gathered around passing the twins around. All the while Bens eyes watched as he lay at her feet. Letting out a growl when a young man approached.

‘PC Summer,’ Elizer smiled as the young policeman sat next to her placing her hand on Bens head as he continued to growl.

‘Please call me Gavin after all I am off duty now,’ he smiled taking the tiny baby girl smiling down at her. ‘She has your eyes,’ he smiled. ‘When did you get the Huskie,’ gazing down at the dog that hadn’t left Elizer’s side.

‘Oh, I didn’t he just showed up one day and hasn’t left,’ she explained running her fingers through his fur.

‘Unusual to have one with yellow eyes normally they are blue in this breed.’

‘Well he is quite an unusual dog not typical of the breed at all,’ Elizer laughed while sipping her drink and nursing Josh who always seemed to be hungry and was already larger than Juliana. He was a content baby so Elizer didn’t mind that he seemed to be almost permanently attached to her. His eyes were changing colour and she could almost see they would be the same golden brown as his fathers, and she couldn’t help wondering what else he would inherit from his father.

Ben nudged her leg as he noticed the worried look on her face her lip between her teeth. Smiling she noticed Josh was asleep, putting him against her shoulder she looked for her daughter seeing Karen holding her Elizer readjusted her dress and placed Josh in the pram. Climbing to her feet she made her way to Karen.

‘Thank you for holding her while I fed her brother,’ Elizer held her hands out to take the baby.

‘Pleasure you look exhausted are you still feeding them both yourself?’ Karen asked with a small smile taking in the bags under Elizer’s eyes.

‘No, last thing I give them a bottle they sleep better that way you know,’ Elizer explained.

‘You feed her while I get you some food okay,’ Karen shooed Elizer toward a comfy seat. Settling she gazed at Juliana, blinking as Robert surfaced in her daughters’ features.

‘You will watch over him won’t you sweetie,’ Elizer murmured stroking the baby’s cheek. As Gavin sat next to her passing her a plate and taking the baby.

‘I checked in with the station no one’s reported a missing Huskie,’ scratching Bens ears eliciting a low growl.

‘Well if anyone comes looking for him let me know,’ Elizer smiled. ‘he must be missed by someone,’ Elizer scratched behind Bens ears.

‘Yes, someone must be missing him,’ Gavin mused passing the baby back as Geoff called him toward the BBQ where the lamb was cooking.

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