Wolf Born

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Chapter Eighteen

The Wolf Industries building stood, all glass and steel its contemporary style blending into the London skyline. Charles walked up the steps to the reception smiling at the two receptionists as he made his way to the lifts. Smiling and answering greetings from the staff if they were surprised to see him, they were too professional to show it.

Standing in the lift he checked his appearance straightening his tie stepping out onto the executive floor he made his way to the office his beta would be in.

Knocking he waited until he heard Callum’s voice. Pushing the door open he stepped in to be enveloped in spine crushing hug.

‘Charles thank god, I have been so worried,’ Callum held Charlie at arm’s length checking him over.

‘I am fine they asked a bunch of question. I think I can work with the man in charge,’ Charlie pulled out a chair and sank onto it. ‘Stephanie turned up. Threatened me the usual wanted to know where Ben was,’

‘What’s going on?’

‘They have turned on us,’ Charlie ran his hand through his hair. ‘They want to remove me and put Ben in charge and to do that they want me gone,’ he sighed.

‘What do you mean gone?’

‘Well, they can’t kill me I am just too powerful and well known and they don’t have anything on me so they can’t accuse me of anything, but they can break me by hurting Ben.’

‘Do we know where Ben is?’

‘The Lancers have him,’

’No, why? Can we trust them? Charlie surged to his feet pacing the office. ‘And the packs what of them,’ Charlie stopped pacing and turned to Callum.

‘They want them carefully controlled so they don’t get too big and no wolf can breed with a human or without permission. It is to be tightly controlled,’ Charlie sat in his chair again.

‘Well, since we don’t seem to be able too anymore that is hardly an issue,’

‘A law is currently being pushed through parliament that will stop wolves living together in large groups in effect banning packs,’ Callum sank into his chair. ‘If they remove you altogether then there is no Alpha and it sends a strong message as to who is in charge now.’

‘What do I do,’ looking at Callum defeat in his eyes. ‘Do we know what happened to the baby?’

‘No, nothing even Alpha Mark didn’t mention that. I suspect Mary and the baby didn’t make it,’ Callums voice betrayed the gravity of the situation as it cracked.

‘It will be alright,’

‘How, how can it ever be alright again,’ The phone on the desk broke the silence with its shrill ring. Callum picked it up.

‘Hello,’ He listened and then put it on speaker so Charlie could here.

‘Alpha Charlie, Alpha Mark here I am afraid there has been an incident involving the Alpha prince.’

‘What sort of Incident?’ Charlie barked at the phone.

‘He took an overdose,’

‘Where is my son,’ Charlie whispered

‘I will email an address,’ Mark answered. ‘We need to talk on how we move forward from this,’

‘He was with a girl, a pregnant girl. What of them?’

‘Sorry I only have the Alpha prince,’ Mark replied calmly.

‘Thank you, Alpha Mark,’ The line went dead as Charlie and Callum sat in bewildered silence.

‘I have lost him my precious boy,’

‘We don’t know that, can a wolf overdose?’ Callum raised a brow. Picking up the phone he made the necessary arrangements.


‘Mark?’ the question hung in the air. Eliezer’s voice quivered as the blue flashing lights faded from the lane.

‘Come on,’ placing his arm around her waist he guided her back into the house. ‘I am so sorry Elizer I never thought he would do something like that,’

‘I was only gone an hour,’ her whispered voice betraying her shock. Mark swiftly made the tea.

‘Thank you,’ Elizer caught her hair and pulled it away from her face.

‘What is that’ Mark glared at her neck. Elizer ran her fingers over the mark Ben had left the other night. Tears welled in her eyes as she remembered how gentle he had been.

‘B… Ben did it the other night. He had a nightmare he had them a lot and I was so tired from feeding the twins I just let him sleep in my bed. A… And well you know,’ Elizer muttered embarrassed to be telling her uncle this.

‘It’s okay sweetheart,’ Mark wrapped his arms around her. He took a long sniff of her scent and a smile twitched at his mouth. ‘Will you be, okay?’

‘Yes, Karen is coming over later, so I am not on my own and of course I have the twins,’ Elizer managed a wane smile and sipped her tea.

Stepping outside he was met by Gavin. Pacing impatiently. He glanced up as Mark closed the door.


‘He overdosed,’

‘Did he?’

‘You doubt?’

‘I am a policeman and good judge of character. Why now? He was settled. Plans had been made. He was contemplating marking her. That isn’t the behaviour of a man about to end his life. I hope you have him somewhere secure,’ Gavin raised his brow.

‘I have,’ Mark smiled.

‘The child?’

‘No one knows of its existence. Elizer will raise it and that is that’

‘How can you say that?’

‘She will raise him as human, he will not encounter wolves so he will never awaken. It is the child in her womb we will have to monitor if we are to prevent a repeat of this debacle,’

‘Child in what womb?’ Gavin stuttered out as he frowned with confusion.

‘They mated,’

‘Good grief’ Gavin ran his hands over his head. ‘What do we do?’

‘We wait,’ Mark opened the land rover’s door and climbed in. ‘It will be fine Gavin and this time we will control the heir not the Synod,’


Phelps gazed at the photos and newspapers and magazines. The boy had after four months surfaced. He held admiration for the boy as he hadn’t been caught on some picture hiding in the background no he had orchestrated an amazing act of defiance.

Phelps felt a smile pull at his lips no one could touch the boy now and he knew without doubt the boy knew this. How though, how had this boy come into contact with one of the worlds most loved film stars.

Elizabeth Montrose was as far as he could tell entirely human. Every test carried out had confirmed this. Her DNA was one hundred percent human so what was she doing with Benjamin Lycos, and did she know what he was.

Of course, she did, every picture showed her adoration for the boy, she loved him it was easy to see and now the world loved him. As she sat by his hospital bed her twin babies close by.

Phelps could almost hear the teenage girls of the world swooning at this beautiful man. Already he was a media darling, pictured holding the twins, feeding the twins and just being the perfect father. Phelps knew they were not twins, the autopsy had confirmed the girl had recently given birth before she died, proving which one was the boys, would, he knew, be next to impossible.

Phelps needed a plan if he was to protect this boy. Had the Synod made their move a drug overdose, an attempted suicide. What Phelps needed was to lure them out force their hand regarding the boy. That was the only way he could expose them and stop the madness they were hurtling toward. The general population they didn’t need to know wolves walked among them. With that thought he picked up his phone and an hour later he was on a plane heading to England.

Walking into the private hospital Phelps didn’t bother with the reception desk. As he had already seen Elizer Montrose. He followed her along the corridor. Well, this was easier than he anticipated. Until a low growl sounded behind him. Turning slowly, he was confronted by tall well-built man.

‘Agent Phelps from the department of Minorities,’ without any sudden movements he pulled his identification from his pocket.

‘I know who you are. Why are you here?’ Phelps noticed the accent. His brain making the connections.

‘You are the Lancer’s alpha I presume,’ Phelps shoved his wallet back in his pocket. ‘I am here to retrieve the young Lycos heir,’ Phelps kept his voice light and his demeanour relaxed.

‘What makes you think he is here?’ Mark assessed the plump balding man before him. Despite his appearance Mark could see the intelligent calculation in his eyes and knew not to underestimate him.

‘I have eyes and I can read,’ Phelps smiled.

‘Come with me,’ Mark turned and walked back along the corridor. Stopping at a door he held it open for Phelps. On entering he smiled at the other occupant as the pieces dropped into place. There before him stood Dominic Mathews. Agent to the stars.

‘You understand,’ Mark raised a brow. Phelps held out his hand and Dominic the other man in the room and Elizer Montrose’s agent shook it.

‘I must admit I was impressed when the boy surfaced. It is a clever plan and I assumed it would keep him safe,’

‘So did we. We didn’t take into consideration the delicate state the boy was in,’ Mark sighed and for the first time since meeting Phelps could see the exhaustion on the man’s face.

‘Did he survive?’

‘Yes, he survived, and I have suggested Elizer moves to Dorset permanently. Not only to protect young Benjamin but the heir as well.’

‘Making it easier for us to protect the children,’

‘So, what do you want me to do?’

‘Close the case. The boy lives here under our protection.’

‘The new husband of the most famous woman in the world. They can’t touch him,’ Dominic smiled. ‘I leak how she meets this boy and how they slowly fall in love. The media will lap it up. Two damaged people helping each other to heal,’

‘The boy’s father what of him?’

‘You leave Charles Lycos to me,’ Mark smirked.

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