Wolf Born

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Chapter twenty

Josh took his time getting ready for school. He stood in front of the mirror and brushed his hands down his uniform. He felt the butterflies in his stomach and couldn’t remember the last time he had been this excited about school.

‘Josh, hurry up, will you?’ his twin sister Juliana waltzed into his room. ‘What’s taking you so long?’ She plopped onto his bed noticing it was already made. In fact, the entire room was neat and tidy. She narrowed her eyes and fixed her glare on him. ‘What’s going on Josh?’

‘Nothing,’ he frowned in confusion at her question.

‘Oh, don’t give me that. I know you better than you do, and I can tell you are up to something,’ she examined her nails as if she wasn’t really interested. Josh knew that wasn’t the case he knew how she operated.

‘I am not up to anything. Just glad to be back to school. It is the last half of term,’ he turned to his sister and gave her his brightest smile.

‘Hmm, maybe,’ pushing up she grabbed his arm and dragged him down the stairs. ’Come on mum said she would drive us. Entering the kitchen Josh grabbed his lunch following his sister out to the car. The drive was mostly silent. He half listened to his mother and sister chat about their next shopping trip making a mental note to avoid getting roped in at all cost.

Sliding out the car he tried to avoid another kiss from his mother as he stalked into school his sister running to catch up with him.

Leaning against his locker he glared at her. Huffing when her friend Lucy sidled up. Her gaze drank him in as a shy smile flickered before she lowered her gaze unable to stop the blush. Josh for his part glared at her in an unfriendly fashion before turning away and rummaging through his locker. The flow of students seemed to part as a boy sauntered toward them.

‘Josh, my man you ready,’ his voice having a slight lilt to it curtesy of his Irish parents.

‘Yeah, Sean just give me a minute,’ Josh grumbled still rummaging in his locker.

‘Hey luce still denying yourself this hot body,’ Sean ran his hands up and down his body.

‘Yeah, Sean it’s killing me every day the restraint,’ Lucy replied sarcasm dripping from every word.

‘Looking for this,’ Juliana held out a book to Josh trying to ignore the banter.

‘Ah thanks,’ taking it he shoved it in his bag.

‘Are you alright?’ Juliana nudged his shoulder. ‘You can talk to me,’ there gazes locked.

‘Yeah, I know… thanks Juliana,’

‘See you at lunch,’ Juliana wrapped her arm around Josh and gave him a hug. This elicited a frown from Josh at this unusual show of affection.

‘Oh, um, yeah,’ he mumbled as Sean dragged him away.

‘See you at lunch hotness,’ Sean winked at Lucy as she put two fingers in her mouth pretending to be sick.

‘What’s with him?’ Lucy asked as she watched the two boys melt into the crowd.

‘Oh, he has been weird ever since mum said Bastian was going to a different school to finish his education,’ Juliana shrugged. ‘Mums worried about him,’

‘Yeah, he isn’t like you and Bastian is he. I mean you all look alike but he is so much quieter. Doesn’t have the Montrose confidence,’ Lucy gave a giggle. ‘Still hot though. You know all that brooding silence,’

‘Urg, that’s my twin,’ Juliana grumbled as Lucy shrugged before taking Juliana’s arm. Launching into the mêlée of students. ‘He is hiding something,’ Juliana turned to her best friend.

‘Oh! What makes you say that?’

‘Well apart from his weird behaviour he has been shifty lately. Hiding in his room asking questions about dad that sort of stuff,’ Juliana said in a quiet voice Turning a corner she pulled Lucy into the girls toilet. ‘If I tell you something, do you promise to keep it a secret,’ Juliana had Lucy pinned against the wall.

‘Well yeah, we have always kept each other’s secrets,’ Lucy crossed her chest with her finger. Looking at Juliana her expression earnest.

‘Well, the thing is Josh and I we aren’t twins in fact we aren’t related at all,’ Juliana waited for Lucy to process that statement.

‘Um yeah you are?’ Lucy frowned.

‘No, we are not. Mum found him as a tiny newborn baby and then she met this boy and they fell in love and the boy well he was Josh’s father, and my mum told the world we were twins. The boy he died or something and then mum found out she was pregnant with Sebastian, so it was easy to make the world think we were all her children. Well, we are,’ Juliana breathed out as she waited for Lucy to react.

‘So, you and Josh aren’t related at all. Wow you could so date him,’

‘Lucy after all that. This is what you come out with!’

‘What just saying. Although it would be totally weird,’ Lucy blinked at her friend. ‘So, who was there dad then. OMG was he some sort of mafia boss. You know like in the books!’

‘No Lucy, its better than that he was the heir to the Lycos empire,’

‘OMG that is so romantic. He was so tragic and so hot I read about it last year. Proper Romeo and Juliette. His wife died and then he took his own life. So romantic,’ Lucy gushed.

‘How is that romantic they died?’ Juliana shook her head in disgust.

‘Is Josh the product of that doomed love?’ Lucy eyes widen with awe. ‘Is it bad that I find your brother even hotter now?’

‘Well yeah totally,’ Juliana scoffed.

‘So are you going to help me find out what he is up to,’

‘Oh gosh yes count me in,’ Lucy linked her arm with Juliana’s as they waltzed to class.


Elizer picked up the menu and studied it. A distraction she needed. Seeing him was always difficult and this time she was determined it wouldn’t end with them having sex. Just thinking about him had her heart skip. She knew the minute he entered the room the chatter seemed to quieten as his beauty distracted the diners. Taking a minute for conversations to resume. Gazing up her eyes found his. He had come from the office his dark suit tailored to fit him perfectly. The dark highlighting his pale complexion a perfect complement to his golden hair. He screamed of wealth.

Pulling out the chair he sat as the waiter hovered nearby. His hand reached for hers and wrapped around her fingers.

‘I have missed you,’ his quiet voice seemed to wash over her. Gone was the shy boy replaced by this beautiful man.

‘I know, I have missed you as well,’

‘I hear Sebastian is going to train with the Lancers. Has he shifted yet?’ he placed the menu down as the waiter came over. ‘Two steaks medium rare and side salad,’

‘To drink?’

‘A bottle of Malbec,’

‘Thank you, sir,’ taking the menus the waiter melted away.

‘No not yet,’ Elizer looked up at him as she sipped her water. ‘Who is after Josh?’ she just blurted it out.

‘I don’t know,’ Ben looked up startled. ‘What makes you think someone is after him?’

‘ Callum sent someone. I assumed from your orders?’

‘I know nothing about that,’ Ben held her gaze.

‘Well, I suggest you find out because I haven’t raised your son all these years for some faction to jeopardise his well-being,’ Elizer raised a brow and was pleased to see he had the good grace to blush.

‘I know Elizer, and I owe you such a huge debt of gratitude,’ his golden eyes met hers. Reflected in him she could see the son she had raised. It was more than a physical resemblance. She could detect similarities in their personalities. The delicate mental balance that had to be maintained. A wrong step that could lead to a break down. She had witnessed this firsthand with the man opposite her and was determined to protect her son from such a devastating mental occurrence.

‘He is just like you, and it worries me,’

‘I sent the girl didn’t I,’ Elizer let out a sigh.

’Ah that was you. Is she wolf? Will she trigger him?

‘Yes, she is wolf and as for triggering I don’t know he is young,’

‘Sebastian has his?’

‘Sebastian is a royal Lycos wolf. My heir. Josh is something new. An anomaly that should not have occurred and it cost his mother her life,’

‘It almost cost yours,’ Elizer whispered holding his gaze. He blinked slowly and her heart jolted.

‘I want you,’ he murmured back. ‘Always I want you,’

‘You don’t love me it’s just the pull,’ she dropped her gaze. Grateful when their food arrived a needed distraction. ‘You need to enter his life with care,’ She warned.

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