Wolf Born

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Chapter twenty one

Why isn’t she here? Is all that is in his head as he tries to concentrate. One more lesson before lunch. Shouldering his bag, he ambles along the corridor not paying attention to Lucy and Sean bickering as always. Why they can’t just date and be done with it he can’t fathom. A bump to his shoulder brings him from his daydream and inner thoughts. Looking up he is looking at her. Time seems to stop. She shoves something in his hand. He blinks and she is gone swept away from him in the tide of students.

Frantic he looks for her. His hand. Lifting the paper up he opens it his finger jitter. He reads it several times before he comprehends the words.

1pm in the library. Don’t be late and come alone.

Folding it he pushes it into his pocket. Entering the classroom, he doesn’t remember arriving at. Finding his seat, he slumps into the chair placing his book and pen in front of him trying to act normal as his belly squirms with excitement. He thinks he might throw up. Breathing deeply, he calms down. Sean settles beside him.

‘You okay,’


‘You look very pale,’

‘I am fine,’ he snaps as Sean chuckles with his hands up in mock surrender.

If asked later, he couldn’t tell you what the lesson was about as he counted down the minutes willing time to speed up.

First out of his seat when the bell rang, he was first out the class. Leaving Sean stood in bewilderment.

Josh pushed the doors to the library open with a minute to spare. He saunters in acting casual. Where should he sit. Indecision has him biting his lip. He eventually walks to a dark corner and sits getting his lunch out he waits.

‘Sean, where is Josh?’ Juliana gives Sean’s arm a shake capturing his attention.

‘I don’t know… he has been weird all morning and he snapped at me in class. When the bell went, he practically ran out,’

‘Interesting,’ Lucy paced, her fingers wrapped around her chin.

‘Knock it off,’ Juliana growled with annoyance.

‘Well, I am starving,’ Sean declared and strolled off toward the cafeteria not caring if the girls were following.

Josh ate his sandwich and washed it down with his water. Tidying up putting it all back in his bag. Disappointment tugs at him. She isn’t coming. Closing his bag he sits up. With a startled yelp she is sat smirking at him.

‘How are you so sneaky and quiet,’ he grumbles letting his bag drop.

‘Not sure I like being described as sneaky,’ She leans back crossing her arms.

‘I… sorry,’

‘You are just too cute,’ she chuckles, Josh can feel the heat of a blush. The evidence of his embarrassment.

‘So, my family, my biological one?’ He reminds her not enjoying that she finds him cute.

‘Well for a start your name is Lycos not Montrose,’

‘Lycos,’ Josh tested it out. ‘As in Wolf Industries?’

‘Yep, that’s the one,’

‘But how and why change my name and … and hide me,’ he gazed up at her.

‘Because you should not exist at all,’

‘What do you mean and why haven’t they claimed me?’

‘Well for a long time most people who knew of your existence thought you were dead,’

‘Why would they think that?’

‘Because your mum is and your dad, he dropped off the radar for a while. With the extermination it wasn’t a hard leap to make,’ Josh mulled all that over. Ah yes. The extermination that revealed a new race that was promptly wiped out. Maybe it wasn’t. The thought popped into his head. Does that mean they aren’t human? He isn’t human? She was watching him with that annoying smirk on her face.

‘So, my brother what is he? He is my brother,’ Josh said firmly with an air of assurance. Is that why mum is sending Bastian away. He is a wolf. But that make him a wolf?

‘How do you know that?’ She cocks her head to one side while studying him.

‘Juliana, she got one of those DNA kits and we all did it in secret,’ Josh explained. He remembered how Juliana had cried all night when the result came back. She slept in his bed all week and he had to make up some lie to their mum. While assuring Juliana that she would always be his sister no matter what some stupid test said.

‘Sebastian is the true Lycos heir. He is royalty to our kind,’ Why had she said kind. Wasn’t she human was that why she could sneak up on him?

‘If he is my brother what does that make me?’

‘You shouldn’t be,’

‘Why? Explain,’ Because in all honesty that was not an answer his primary thought. She glanced around and then leaned closer to him.

‘Because a royal Lycos wolf can only mate with there destined. Until you.’

‘Why are you telling me this?’

‘Your grandfather wants you trained to lead. A new breed in this modern world,’

‘What about my brother. Is he being trained?’

‘Yes, his training has begun. While they search for his Destined,’

‘Will I have a Destined?’ Josh wasn’t sure what that was, but he did like the idea of it.

‘That we don’t know,’

‘My mum, Elizer. Was she my dad’s Destined?’


‘Is that why she is my mother now?’

‘Yes,’ Josh closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose trying to make sense of all she had said. When she said wolf was that a euphemism, or did she mean what she was saying? When he opened them she was gone.

Gathering up his bag he left the library and made his way to his next class. Deciding to do some research once he got home. If he was going to see her again then he needed to know what to ask.

‘Where have you been?’ Sean raised a brow as he enquired.

‘The library,’

‘Er, why?’ Sean chuckled. ‘You have to be the smartest person I know,’

‘I still have to study,’ Josh opened his book while sucking on his pencil.

‘You are still coming to Brian’s party, aren’t you?’

‘Yes, of course,’ Josh mumbled around his pencil. Not sure how true that statement was.

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