Wolf Born

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Twenty Two

‘Ben,’ her voice a whisper as his lips brushed the mark on her neck. This somehow always happened when they were together. He pushed her against the wall her legs around his waist. As his mouth covered hers swallowing her groan as he surged forward. Both still fully dressed, just.

‘Mine,’ his only word.

‘Yours,’ her fevered reply. He had grown and filled out since those early days when he had landed on her doorstep. The broken, distressed boy. She let out a final cry collapsing against him as he lowered her down. Her feet now firmly on the floor.

‘Being away from you makes me feel half alive,’ his fingers brushed the dress off her shoulders.

‘Ben,’ she groaned out as his mouth settled on her breast. Now the frenzy of separation had been addressed he would take his time. Until he had to give her up again.

‘Where are the children?’ he questioned.


‘Good,’ his mouth claiming hers again. ‘I hate how we live. You are my Destined you should be with me always,’ Easing her onto the bed as he settled over her. She hadn’t noticed when her clothes had gone never mind his.

‘We have to you know this. If they find him…’

‘I know. I gave him to you fully understanding I could never acknowledge him,’

She lay in his arms the soft glow of the lamp the only light. Her gaze on his face relaxed in sleep. Reminding her of that awful day she thought she had lost him.

‘Mum, I don’t feel good,’ Sebastian her youngest child crashed into the room. Startling Ben awake he sat up.

‘Damn,’ Ben muttered. As Sebastian stopped in his tracks and stared at the man in his mother’s bed. A man who looked very familiar.

‘Dad when did you get back?’ Sebastian stuttered out as a blush crept up his face. ‘Actually, please don’t answer that,’ sinking down on the vacant chair he closed his eyes. Pulling her negligée on she climbed off the bed. Reaching over Elizer felt his forehead. Feeling the elevated warmth of his skin.

‘Where are the twins?’ She asked. Her eyes noticing the quiver of her sons’ shoulders.

‘Erm still at the party, why?’ Sebastian enquired as he wrapped his arms around his middle and hunched over. Elizer guided him to the bed, easing him down.

‘Josh thinks I am dead?’ Ben smirked at his son.

‘Yeah, that worked so well,’ Sebastian muttered. Elizer watched as Sebastian’s eyes flickered from brown to gold. She knew exactly what was happening to her son and was glad Ben was here.

‘Good don’t need Josh witnessing this,’

‘Yeah, sure mum,’ Sebastian leant over and gave a groan as his body quivered again.

‘Ben, you need to shift,’ she glanced across at Ben who for reasons she couldn’t fathom had a huge grin on his face.

‘I don’t know how,’ Sebastian groaned out.

Sebastian’s eyes grew large in his face as his dad changed into a large golden wolf. The wolf seemed to shimmer and then his dad stood before him. He watched amazed as his mother calmly kissed his dad.

That is so hot,’ she giggled.

‘Mum, do you mind,’ Sebastian groaned.

‘Sebastian, you don’t have to call me dad, you can just call me Ben okay,’

‘Wh… what, my dad is a dog,’ Sebastian spluttered out not really listening still stunned from watching a man change into a dog. Before doubling up in pain.

‘Wolf,’ Ben corrected.

‘Wolf, dog what’s the difference and what’s wrong with me,’ Sebastian groaned again.

‘You are a werewolf,’ Elizer explained as she rubbed her sons back.

‘Yeah of course,’ Sebastian muttered through clenched teeth. ‘Although that does explain why we have had the same dog for years,’ Sebastian watched his parents exchange a look. ‘Ben, weird calling you that by the way. I know you are mine and Joshes dad okay. So please just get over that and tell me what’s happening to me,’

‘Okay Sebastian, you are experiencing your first shift,’ Ben said calmly as his son groaned again. Getting over Sebastian’s revelation.

‘My … my what,’

‘Your first shift sweetie. You need to listen to your dad,’ Elizer stepped away from Sebastian as his hands turned to paws. Paws with sharp claws. ‘Who told you about Ben?’

‘We know, we have always known. Well that you are my dad and Joshes but not Juliana’s,’ Sebastian groaned out. ‘No one told us, secret safe,’ he groaned out.

‘What? How?’ Elizer spluttered out aghast that her children hadn’t said anything.

‘Aunt Patty, she gave Juliana one of those DNA kits one Christmas,’ Ben couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped him. Managing to look contrite at Elizer’s glare.

‘Sebastian, you need to listen to your body. You need to relax and let your wolf take over,’ Ben explained calmly.

‘My what?’

‘Your wolf sweetheart he has awoken, and you need to let him out,’

‘AAAH,’ Sebastian cried out as his body shimmered, he dropped to the ground.

‘That’s It, clear your mind. let the wolf move forward,’ Ben encouraged.

‘Mum… it hurts…’ Sebastian groaned as in his place stood a wobbly young wolf.

Ben removed his sweatpants, and, in a blink, he changed into his wolf. Moving next to his pup he nudged him gently.

‘Can you hear me pup,’

‘Ye… yes,’ Sebastian stuttered out. ’How, I mean why, I mean I don’t know what I mean. ‘You have been here this whole time and never revealed yourself,’ Sebastian narrowed his eyes at the other wolf. ‘Why?’

‘I couldn’t take the risk of someone finding out. Now you are older you won’t tell. But a little child. The risk was too great,’

‘The twins why aren’t they… werewolves?’

‘Josh is but we have repressed his wolf. If people found out about him. He would be in a lot of danger,’ Sebastian trotted around in a circle. Part of him found this so cool while another was completely freaked out.

‘Why haven’t you repressed mine? What is Josh?’

‘Josh is my son. His mother wasn’t my Destined. She was a wolf. They came after us when the extermination was happening. His mother Mary. They killed her and would have him if your mother hadn’t saved his life,’

‘Why would they do that?’ Sebastian asked frightened for his brother.

‘He should not exist. As far as the world is concerned, he doesn’t,’

‘I don’t understand,’

‘I know, so you are going to start your training,’

‘Training, why?’

‘Because you are a royal Lycos wolf and my heir,’ Ben nudged him again.

‘Why me when Josh is the oldest?’

‘Josh cannot be my heir because his mother was not my destined,’

‘What will happen to me now,’

‘Now you will shift back,’

‘What will happen to Josh?’

‘We will continue to protect him. Now shift back,’

‘I don’t know how,’

‘Just think about how you look like as a human,’ Ben shimmered and changed back into a man. Sebastian blinked and then looked away as his parents kissed. Picturing himself he groaned as he changed back. Still on all fours he panted from the exertion.

‘It will ger easier,’ Ben stepped forward and gathered Sebastian into his arms. Helping him up as his legs quivered. Elizer wrapped a blanket around him.

‘You are going to feel really tired,’

‘Yeah,’ Sebastian breathed out as he sagged against Ben. Finding it hard to keep his eyes open. ‘I want more answers when I wake up,’ he muttered into Ben’s chest. Not even having the energy to notice when they entered his room.

‘You sleep and I will answer all your questions when you wake up.’

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