Wolf Born

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Twenty Three

Josh leaned against the wall in his hand his drink he sipped slowly while watching the activity around him. He hadn’t seen the girl again and it annoyed him that he didn’t even know her name.

‘Josh, you alright,’ Turning he smiled at Brian.

‘Yeah, great party,’ he managed to say that in a sincere voice as he held up his drink in salute. He congratulated himself as Brian sauntered away with a pleased smile on his face. Seeing Juliana talking to Bastian he pushed upright a sauntered over.

‘What’s up Bastian?’ Josh enquired while assessing his brother. Noting he looked pale and sweaty.

‘Not feeling so good Joshy,’ Sebastian muttered.

‘Do you want me to take you?’ Josh ignored that he had used his baby name.

‘No, you stay. Juliana has already called the car,’ Sebastian reassured.

‘Oh right. Well, I can walk you out and wait with you, yeah,’

‘Thanks Josh,’

Josh watched the taillights of the car he had put Sebastian in disappear at the end of the road. Turning he started putting his hand on his chest.

‘Will you stop doing that,’ he spluttered out as the girl sniggered.

‘You are so unobservant. I have been watching you for the last ten minutes.’

‘Wow using your super wolfy powers were you,’ Josh smirked as he walked back into the party.

‘Oh, little Lycos got a sense of humour,’

‘Stop calling me that,’ Josh turned so quickly he had her caged against the wall before he knew what he was doing. His eyes locked with hers and he felt a zing of connection. His head started to ache as if something was trying to get out. ‘I – sorry,’ he took a step back releasing her. ‘I think I will go home as well,’ he took a lungful of air in.

‘Josh,’ he glanced down at her hand on his arm. ‘Give me your phone,’ Without thinking he handed the device over. He watched as she tapped in some numbers pressing the last number he heard the ding of a message. Pulling hers from her pocket she grinned. ’There I have your number now.

‘You know I don’t usually give strange girls my number,’ he remarked one brow raised.

‘I am not a stranger,’ she smirked.

‘I didn’t say stranger,’ he shoved his phone back in his pocket.

‘Oh, you are so rude. Calling me sneaky and now strange,’ she stood back her hand on her chest a mock look of indignation on her face. ‘Stay safe little wolf,’

‘Thanks,’ Pushing through the crowd he soon found his sister. ‘Juliana I am heading home,’

‘Oh, erm okay,’ Juliana looked him over.

‘You, okay?’

‘Yeah,’ he gave a little half smile. ‘See you later,’

‘Sure, tell mum I am sleeping at Lucy’s,’


Joshed pushed his key into the lock. The house was quiet and dark. Slipping his shoes off he crept up the stairs. He could hear voices now. Stopping he listened for a bit. He could hear his mum and Sebastian along with the deep baritone of a male voice. Frowning he climbed the last few steps. Stopping when he heard his name mentioned.

Sidling up to the door he peeked inside. He could see his brother hunched over shivering and his mother hovering with concern. Next to Sebastian was Uncle Ben squatting down talking quietly to Sebastian. Ben stood up and in a blink of an eye changed into a wolf it nudged Sebastian as he dropped to the floor on his hands and knees only his weren’t hands any more. Sebastian seemed to shake and then there was a young puppy in his place. The wolf nudged the pup. Josh stepped back.

Somehow, he staggered to his room. How could this be? Was he going to turn into a giant dog? And that man was their dad. That man that was also a dog. Dragging back his duvet he slipped under the cover. Taking his phone from his pocket he text Beth.

Josh: 11.10

I need to see you now, urgent

Beth: 11.11


Josh: 11.12

I just watched my dad and brother turn into giant dogs!!!

‘Josh are you awake?’ Elizer slipped into the room she had seen her son. As Ben helped Sebastian shift back. Moving into the room she sat on the bed and pulled the duvet down. ‘What did you see?’ her eyes took in her son’s pale face and large eyes.

‘Sebastian is a dog,’ he quirked up a brow.

‘Wolf,’ Ben corrected as he lounged against the door frame. Josh pushed up and pulled his legs up. ‘So much for keeping it from Josh,’ he muttered. Joshes eyes flicked to the Ben.

‘You are my dad? My biological father?’ he held Ben’s gaze. Dropping his gaze when he felt the pressure in his head. ‘My head hurts,’ he muttered his attention on his mum. ’I.. I don’t feel so good. Jumping from the bed he rushed to the bathroom and emptied the contents of his stomach. Feeling his mum rub his back. Guiding him back to bed. Ben moved to the bed and placed his hand on Joshes head closing his eyes. Opening he looked at Elizer.

‘His wolf is awake,’

‘How?’ Elizer’s eyes wide with fear.

‘I don’t know,’ Ben looked at Josh. ‘Josh did anything unusual happen tonight,’

‘Well yeah,’ Josh muttered.

‘No not that. To you, did anything unusual happen to you,’

‘No, Beth gave me her number. She def likes me. I like her. Touched her and felt a tingle. Really weird,’ Josh mumbled. ‘After had this pain in my head. Not really a pain more like an intense pressure – got it now,’

‘Who is Beth?’ Elizer asked her attention on Ben who had gone pale.

‘His wolf watcher,’

‘His what?’

‘Callum got some intel and felt Josh needed extra protection. The boy we picked had an accident at the last minute, so we sent Beth,’ Ben sighed. ‘She wasn’t meant to interact with him just watch for danger,’

‘When you say danger you mean the Synod,’


‘I need to inform Mark,’ Elizer gazed at her sleeping son. ‘Is Beth his destined?’

‘I don’t know she is wolf,’

‘So is he, all wolf,’ Elizer pushed to her feet. ‘Let’s get some sleep and in the morning, I will call Mark,’ taking Ben’s hand she pulled him from the room. Closing the door her eyes rested on Josh.

‘He will be alright I promise,’ Ben wrapped his arm around her waist.

‘I hope so,’

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