Wolf Born

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Chapter Twenty Four

‘Josh wake up,’ her urgent voice had him open his eyes. It took him a moment to remember where he was. His eyes settled on her, and a frown of confusion marred his brow.

‘What are you doing in my room?’

‘You invited me,’

‘I did,’ his eyes wide in surprise.

‘Yeah, budge up,’ she commanded as she slipped into his bed. Josh raised a brow at her audacious behaviour. Snuggling down she grinned at him. ‘So, your brother shifted,’

‘Yeah, if that is what you call it,’

‘Benjamin is here?’

‘Yeah, he is my dad, isn’t he?’

‘Yeah, no mistaking that one. You look just like him,’

’He said my wolf was repressed. Why would he do that?”

‘Because no one is sure what your wolf is like. I think most think it will be feral,’


‘Because you shouldn’t exist. I told you that,’

‘No, you said that but not why?’

‘Well, you see your dad is a royal Lycos wolf and very powerful. So, his destined is human to balance out the wolf. Follow me so far,’ Josh nodded his head. ‘Well as the story goes your dad fell in love with his childhood best friend Mary, your mum,’ Beth wriggled about getting comfortable. ‘The thing is your mum she was wolf and technically they shouldn’t have been able to make a baby together, but they did … you,’ Beth gazed into his eyes. Shrinking back when they changed to gold. ‘Um Josh when did your wolf awaken that shouldn’t happen,’ her voice squeaked in alarm. Gingerly she climbed out of the bed and backed away.


Juliana pushed her way through the crowded room. Finding Lucy playing tonsil tennis with Sean.

‘Oh, you pick now to get it on,’ she huffed annoyed. Pulling Lucy from Sean’s lap they both blink at her with lust dazed eyes. ‘The boys have left, and I know something is going on,’ she explained while tapping her foot in annoyance as Lucy and Sean still looked at her in a dazed fashion.

‘What boys,’ Sean frowned in utter confusion as he gazed at Juliana trying to work out how he had annoyed her.

‘My brothers,’

‘Oh, those boys,’ Lucy giggled.

‘Yes, those boys,’ Juliana rolled her eyes. ‘So come on let’s go,’ tugging on Lucy’s arm.

‘You coming,’

Sean shrugged. ‘Might as well,’ sauntering after the two girls.

Juliana entered the house to noise. She could hear shouting from upstairs and growling. This made her frown. Taking the stairs two at a time she reached the landing not caring if Sean and Lucy were following. Growling had them stop in their tracks.

‘Where is that noise coming from?’ Sean whispered.

‘Joshes room I think,’ Juliana took a couple more steps along the hallway only to stop again at the sound of raised voices.

‘What’s going on?’ Lucy quivered with fright as more growling could be heard followed by a female scream.

‘Nothing good,’ Sean muttered now regretting his decision.

‘Come on.’ Juliana took off at a jog. Lucy glanced at Sean who just shrugged before following Juliana. The sight that was before them had them all stop.

Josh was on all fours under him was a girl as he snarled at anyone who tried to get near.

‘Josh sweetheart you need to let her go,’ Elizer knelt talking softly to Josh.

‘Mine, she is mine,’ Josh snarled.

‘Your majesty, you need to let Josh back so we can talk to him,’ Ben bowed his head as Alpha power pushed down on him. Elizer turned wide eyes to Ben. ‘Elizer get up very slowly and back out the room,’ Ben instructed. As he walked backwards his head bowed as Elizer did the same.

‘What’s happening to him. I thought Mark supressed his wolf?’ Elizer questioned her voice still wobbled with fear.

Beth watched as they backed out the room. She turned her attention to Josh. He now had his face in her neck she could feel the scratch of his teeth.

‘Josh please don’t bite me,’ she whispered as her hands ran over his skin under his shirt. She could feel him growl the vibrations sending tingles over her body.

‘You are mine,’

‘Yes, I am yours,’

‘This place is not safe for mate we must leave,’ Josh looked down at Beth. ‘Shift he commanded,’

‘No Josh, please,’ Beth cried out as her body morphed into her wolf. She could hear Ben do the same and the anguished cry of Sebastian as he too was forced to shift. The alpha power almost suffocating.

Joshes wolf stood tall his golden and white coat seemed to glow in the half light. He nudged Beth as he turned and leapt from the window. Beth had no choice but to follow.

Ben shifted back and ran to Sebastian’s room in time for him to shift back and then collapse on the carpet.

‘Ben, you have to go after him,’ Elizer pleaded.

‘I can’t, two wolves roaming the countryside is bad enough without three. I need to contact Mark and the pack,’ Running into the bedroom to retrieve his phone.

‘Why?’ Elizer hated to ask.

‘Because he could hurt them if he feels threatened,’

‘Bloody hell Juliana your family just turned into giant dogs,’ Sean stuttered his eyes wide with shock a bewildered look plastered to his face.

‘Elizer, we have to go,’ Ben pulled a shirt on as he ran down the stairs followed by Elizer.

‘Come on you two,’ Elizer grabbed Lucy by the hand and dashed after her parents.

‘I knew hanging with you girls would be fun,’ Sean beamed having go over his shock and fear.


Josh lay in a crumpled heap. Every bone in his body felt like it was on fire. His body shivered as the sea mist shrouded everything in damp cold. He could smell the musty air of the cave and her. She was curled around him still as a wolf attempting to keep him warm. Pushing up he realised he was naked. Beyond being embarrassed he staggered to his feet. He could feel her eyes on him, watching.

Edging to the entrance of the cave he gazed out at the sea. His wolf wasn’t wrong this was safe. With the tide in no one was going to reach them any time soon. If indeed anyone knew where they were?

Juliana, might he mused. They used to play here as children pretending they were pirates hiding their treasure. Turning he noticed Beth was now human. She edged cautiously toward him.

‘Well, he isn’t feral,’ he tried to joke.

‘No, He is very powerful though,’ she looked around. ‘Where is this?’

‘A sea cave Juliana and I used to hide here when we were kids,’ he explained as he wrapped his arms around her. If asked he would say to keep warm. In reality he was compelled to touch her, be close to her. He bent his head and inhaled the scent of her hair. What the hell. Feeling excitement curling in his stomach. Embarrassment bloomed at his body’s reaction. Horrified he stepped back.

‘Sorry …,’ he gazed at the rock floor dusted with sand the wind had blown in. ‘I am so sorry,’ his shoulders started to shake as he burst into tears.

‘It’s the mate pull,’ Beth stood immobile as Josh broke down not sure what to do. Her statement made no sense to him and somehow didn’t make him feel better.

‘Don’t fight it,’ she stepped into his space again and wrapped her arms around him. He instantly relaxed against her. Placing her hands either side of his face as tears spilled from his eyes.

‘I have never wanted to touch a girl before and now I want to do things to you that horrify me,’ he hiccupped out.

‘Wow thanks,’ Beth chuckled.

‘Please don’t laugh. If … if you are my mate, they might kill you like they did my mum and it would be my entire fault because all I can think about is throwing you on the ground and doing …,’ Josh sobbed.

‘No … no one will hurt me. Or you for that matter. If it helps, I want to touch you inappropriately as well,’

‘You do?’

‘Absolutely I do. You are beautiful and I am honoured to be your mate,’ her lips pressed against his. Soft and warm. He tightened his hold on her and kissed her back.

‘What do we do now?’ She smirked at him seeing him blush.

‘Wait for the tide to turn,’ he shrugged his face in her hair again.


Ben walked up to the land rover. ‘Any sign of them?’

‘No nothing,’ Mark rubbed a tired hand over his face. ‘I have my best trackers on it,’

‘The boys that found me all those years ago?’ Ben raised brow.

‘Yep, even then they were the best,’

‘Back then they had no idea what they were doing,’ Ben chuckled. ‘What do we do when we find him?’

‘Well, we won’t be able to supress his wolf not now. We will have to be very careful and respectful of our new king.’

‘He will be frightened,’ Ben answered his voice tired. ‘I have failed my son like I failed his mother,’

‘Ben you didn’t fail her she was murdered and you and him would have gone the same way if it weren’t for her sacrifice,’ Mark reassured Ben.

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