Wolf Born

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Chapter Three


He was cold.

How long had he been here?

Where was here. Wake up, he must wake up.

Shivers wracked his body the damp from the earth permeating his bones. How long he had been laid here he couldn’t guess. Velvet dark still caressed the countryside as silence wrapped around him. After all the drama and noise, it was almost suffocating. How long had he been unconscious? The baby he had to find him. The crash of waves and the tang of salt. Had they made it to have it all snatched away.

Staggering to his feet. He concentrated on the state of his body, a dull ache came from his side. The sticky wet of blood matted his fur. The nights events crashing through his brain a whimper escaping his lips. Panting as pain reminded him of his injuries and the gush of blood.

Crawling on his belly he made it to the stream. Clear water rushed past his nose as he bent his head. Lapping up the cool water he would have groaned if he had been in his human form. Crawling further he let it bathe his injuries. Staining the water with his blood but the cold felt so good. His ears pricking up at the sound of voices.

‘Oli don’t push,’ James grabbed onto a sapling to regain his balance.

‘I’m not it’s just so steep,’

‘Hurry up you two, stop being wusses,’ Steven moaned from his position at the bottom.

‘Hold your hand out,’ James instructed. Grabbing Stevens hand. Jumping the last bit. Turning he held out his hand to Oliver. Pulling him down the muddy bank. They looked around for signs of the wolf.

‘Look that way,’ James pointed to broken twigs and splashes of blood on leaves.

‘You go first then,’ Steven pushed James forward. Watching him stumble while parting the foliage of young trees racing toward the light.

‘What why me? You are the biggest,’ James grumbled.

‘It was your idea,’ Steven grunted from behind James as Oli hesitated not keen on this fool hardy plan.

James raised his hand silencing his companions. His every step a cautious one.

Creeping slowly forward to where the wolf lay. Swallowing his nerves as his eyes caught the first glimpse of the wolf. It occurred to James that Steven may have been right this was a stupid idea.

‘Can you see it?’ Oli called from behind him.

‘Yes, keep your voice down,’ James snarled back annoyed. After all it was him that would get mauled first.

‘Is it dead? It looks dead?’ Oli and Steven stood next to James as they peered down at the wolf.

‘It isn’t very big are you sure it isn’t just a dog?’ Steven squatted down next to it.

‘It isn’t just anything you saw it change same as me,’ James admired its golden paws and an intricate swirl of golden fur on its head that if he were a fanciful boy looked a little like a crown.

‘We should check to see if it is alive?’ Steven stood up.

‘Go on then,’ Oliver nudged James forward.

‘Why me,’

‘It was your idea,’ both boys said together while stepping back out of biting distance.

James took a step closer and then knelt. He slowly reached his hand forward and felt the wolf’s neck. He then ran his hand along its side. It gave a low growl making all three boys jump back.

‘Bloody hell,’ Steven breathed out. ‘James look at your hand,’

‘Is that blood?’ Oliver frowned. As James looked at his hand and then wiped it on his jeans.

‘Oh yuk,’

‘We should call Mark,’

‘What the vet, why?’

‘So, he can take care of it we can’t just leave it can we,’ Oliver reasoned as he cowered behind Steven.

‘Um guys I think we are past that point,’ James whispered unable to stop the quiver of fear in his voice.

‘Let’s go,’ the small blond boy pleaded as he hugged himself while peering through the gloom into the dense undergrowth. Ben watched the three boys back away as he pushed up onto his paws letting out a low growl, his hackles rising adding to his gruesome silhouette.

‘Nice wolfy,’ James said holding out his hands as he backed away. Ben would have laughed if he had the energy. He let out another growl as the boys stumbled back toward the bank. Ben stood a moment growling low in his throat.

The effort to stand was just too much and with a whine he collapsed down again.

James crept forward again. ‘Hey, come on let me help you,’ kneeling he presented the back of his hand to the wolf. Ben gave it a sniff and whined again.

‘James lets just call Mark, yeah,’ Steven called from the safety of the bank.

‘No, look it won’t hurt us. Mrs crumps is just that way,’ he indicated a small path through the undergrowth across the stream.

‘Isn’t it empty?’ Oli answered moving forward with caution.

‘No mum said some girl moved in,’ Steven answered.

‘Right let’s do this,’ James stood up and gently slipped his hands under the wolf. ‘Now don’t bite me this may hurt a little,’ James gently scooped the wolf into his arms. It gave a weak whine but lay limp. The three boys trudged out the wood to the lane.

‘You knock,’ Oliver nudged Steven as they stood in front of the door. Tentatively Steven reached out his hand and knocked. Relief as a light flickered on in an upstairs window.

The door opening had the three boys blink.

‘Can I help you?’ James gathered his wits about him and held out the wolf.

‘We found it in the wood,’ he nodded his head indicating the way they had come.

‘Oh,’ Elizer gazed at the animal and then the three boys. Their mud smeared faces turned to her. The boy holding the creature gazed at her in expectation.

‘Please miss, I would take it home but my mum she would have a fit,’ James gazed at the vision before him.

‘Okay let’s get it up to the spare room and then I can call Uncle Mark.’ Elizer smiled and all three boys blushed.

‘You are just as pretty in real life as you are on the telly miss,’ Steven blurted deepening the blush that had crept up his cheeks.

‘Well thank you,’ Elizer chuckled as she led the way through the house and up the stairs.

‘You muppet,’ Oli whispered nudging Steven with his elbow.

‘Oh, miss I can’t put him on that it will be ruined. My mum is always telling me how hard it is to get blood out she is,’ James eyed the bedspread with all its flowers on a white background. To him it was hideous and if he had been asked blood splatters would have improved it.

‘Oh, right yes,’ Elizer stepped out the room.

‘Wow, she is so hot,’ Steven turned to the other two.

‘Dad said she was here it was the topic in the pub he said,’ Oli nodded sagely.

‘Here you go,’ Elizer moved to the bed and spread some towels on it. As James lowered the wolf onto the bed.

‘He won’t give you any trouble miss,’ James nodded the others agreeing with nods.

‘Well Mark will be here later,’ Elizer reassured as she closed the door and they all trooped back downstairs. ‘Now get home to bed before your mothers come looking,’ Elizer ushered them out the door. ‘What were you doing out this late?’

‘Shooting rabbits miss,’ Oliver paused. ‘We could get some for you if you like,’ he blurted a blush stained his skin.

‘Oh um thank you that’s a … very kind offer,’ Elizer managed.

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