Wolf Born

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Chapter Four

Banging on the door pulled her from sleep. Elizer peered at the little clock on the side table. Sunshine slithered through the gap in the curtain. Swinging her legs out of the bed and pulling on her dressing gown she peered into the cot before making her way downstairs as the banging on the door resumed. With feeding the babies and the disturbances in the night Elizer had allowed herself a extra few hours of sleep. Which was being interrupted by the banging.

‘What,’ pulling the door open with an angry growl.

‘Sorry to disturb you miss,’ the young policeman blushed as recognition washed over his features. He had known she was here in the village, its most famous resident. Damn thought Eliza he must be here for the baby or the wolf. Pushing down her panic she plastered a smile on her face.

‘Sorry, would you like to come in I was just about to make coffee,’ her media training and good manners pushing to the fore as she forced a smile. ‘Now tell me what brings you out here so early,’ she smiles knowing that smile would loosen his tongue in the same way it launched her career.

‘There was an incident a couple of nights ago and we believe a fugitive may be at large in the area ma’am.’ Elizer busied herself making the drinks. Her back to him so he couldn’t see her worry. In that moment she made a life changing decision not to mention the baby or the Wolf.

‘Please call me Eliza, ah yes I heard a commotion,’ turning she smiled at him again satisfied to see his blush again. A distraction technique she had used before. Placing the mug before the young policeman she sat down and sipped her herbal tea. The babies cry ripped through the house startling the young Policeman. ‘Excuse me a minute,’ pushing out her chair.

Once alone in the room he felt his shoulders slump as he let the tension he was holding go. He had not been aware that she had a baby of course he was aware of the tragic circumstances that had brought her to this remote village. It had been plastered over every magazine and newspaper how the famous actress had lost her new husband in a motorway accident. He could not hide his shock as she re-entered the room with not one but two tiny infants.

‘Do you mind?’ She enquired glancing at him, a blush staining his cheeks as he realised what it was, she was asking.

‘Gosh no, of course not,’ he averted his eyes as she settled the babies to her breasts. ‘My sister has a baby, and she is always getting them out,’ he chuckled and blushed even harder as he realised that sentence had come out a bit wrong, relaxing at her soft giggle.

‘I can send her round if you want some company,’ he sipped his coffee trying to look anywhere but at her.

‘I managed to keep them out the papers. I would be grateful if you didn’t mention them. I don’t want the newspaper people here,’ she smiled as he nodded, and something told her he didn’t want newspaper people in his village either. Climbing to his feet he fished in his pocket and handed her a card.

Blushing again, ‘Um if you need anything please call that number,’ taking out a pen he scribbled another number on the back ‘Karen she would love to see you. She um understands if you aren’t ready,’ he turned away moving to the door. His hand wrapped around the handle before turning to her. ‘Oh um, I have your aunts’ dog shall I drop her round later?’

‘Yes, please and thank you for taking care of her.’

‘Pleasure,’ he let himself out.

Elizer looked at the card. She remembered him now as the sulky teen brother to her best friend. Being older she had paid him no attention when children and hadn’t thought of him when her career took off. Karen though they had stayed in touch. Emotionally Elizer knew she wasn’t ready yet.

‘PC Summer,’ he turned at her voice. ‘Do you know of any gardeners?’

‘Yes…of course I will get Will to give you a call,’

‘Thank you,’


Elizer opened the garden gate a large smile on her face as the battered Landrover came to a stop its green battered exterior a sort of comfort. The man that climbed out had an equally large smile on his face.

‘Elizer, look at you all grown up,’ he beamed at her.

‘Uncle Mark always a pleasure,’ Elizer grinned giving the man a hug.

‘You are way too thin,’ he admonished looking her over.

‘Yeah, I know,’

‘Well, I am sure your aunty Betty will fix that. She will want to see that baby and soon,’ he laughed. ‘Right where is that dog you found?’

‘Oh, it wasn’t me it was three of the village lads. They found him in the wood by the stream. In a right state so I put him in the spare room,’ Elizer explained as she led Mark through the house.

‘Mark it um, isn’t a dog…it’s a wolf and I think it is a Lycan wolf,’ Mark stopped in the hallway turning to Eliza. ‘That’s why I put it into the spare room not the shed,’ Elizer explained quickly.

‘What do you know about Lycans?’ He pierced her his expression grave.

‘Robert he…he was one…he told me before we married. I know you are this areas Alpha. I know that has to be kept secret,’ Eliza stumbled out her explanation.

‘Good girl if we are to stay safe that information must be kept quiet,’ Uncle Mark smiled and pulled her into a hug. Eliza pulled away and walked to the door to the spare room with the wolf in.

‘Elizer that wasn’t wise it could have turned on you,’

‘Pft it couldn’t get up never mind attack,’ Elizer held the door to the spare room open for Mark.

‘How did you get it up here?’

‘Oh, um one of the boys carried it. It isn’t full grown. Might be an Omega you know because of his size. Very pretty though, has this mark on his head, beautiful,’ Eliza explained.

‘Oh, and which boys were they?’

‘Well, I only recognised one and it has been a while since I have seen him. I am pretty sure one was William Sullivan’s boy, James,’

‘Ah, yes, might have guessed those three were involved,’ Mark chuckled. ‘All ways up to mischief,’

As Mark stepped in the Wolf on the bed growled a warning its golden eyes fixed on the man. Bowing his head as the need to submit was almost over whelming. ‘My lord,’ Mark muttered causing Eliza to frown. Moving carefully forward he examined the wolf. A low growl reverberated around the room.

‘Not an Omega, but a Lycos wolf,’

‘Oh, my goodness what is he doing here?’

‘Now that is a very good question,’ Mark examined the injuries ignoring the growls. Elizer moved to the bed sitting down she placed her hand on its head.

‘Careful Elizer he is unpredictable,’

‘He won’t hurt me,’ her fingers massaging behind its ears. ‘Will you,’ Mark watched the interaction before looking away to complete his task.

‘Hmm this is a gunshot wound and his leg is broken. I can’t set the leg here. So, I will put a temporary splint on it. I can give him something for the pain and a sedative while I clean the injury to his side. Who would do this?’ Mark sighed as he administered the shot and cleaned the wound? I can detect some wolfbane so whoever was after him knew exactly what they were hunting,’

‘What do you mean … hunting?’ Elizer looked at her uncle in concern.

‘These are dangerous times for us Elizer now the humans know we exist,’ Mark answered keeping his voice gentle as he finished bandaging the wolfs leg.

‘Am … are we safe here,’ Elizer bit her lip.

‘Yes, sweetheart of course you are,’ Mark squeezed her knee.

Rising to his feet as he packed away his bag. ‘I have the specialist equipment to help him,’ turning to Elizer. ‘Right, he is asleep let’s get him into my truck,’

Elizer carried Mark’s bag as he carried the wolf downstairs. He made it look effortless. Elizer and the boys had struggled getting the wolf up here.

‘I will see you Sunday?’ Mark climbed into the land rover.

‘Yes, of course,’ Elizer leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

‘Uncle Mark if he was being hunted are we going to protect him,’

‘I will see if any reports have been made regarding him. I can’t believe a Lycos wolf would go missing without someone looking. Yes we will protect him,’

‘Thank you, Uncle Mark,’

‘You are welcome. Elizer no walking alone at night and make sure you lock all the doors,’ he cautioned. ‘Let’s not take any chances now we have a celebrity in the village,’

‘Get out,’ Elizer chuckled the tension eased. Elizer watched the taillights of the land rover disappear along the lane before going back into the house.

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