Wolf Born

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Chapter Six

Ben woke to the smell of anti-septic. He felt kind of fuzzy, not fully awake, and nothing seemed to hurt. He let his gaze take in his surroundings. He was in some sort of hospital. Why then was he in a cage, not a bed? Looking over himself, he realised he was still a wolf rather than human. Damn, he was at a veterinary clinic. He would have laughed.

Looking down, he could see a cast on his leg. He had a patch of fur shaved off and a neat scar. Well, that explained why he felt fuzzy.

The door opening pulled his attention from his injuries as a man walked in. Ben followed him with his gaze as he pulled up a chair and sat down in front of the cage.

‘Hello Ben,’ he smiled as Ben pulled back as shock washed over him. ‘Now I know you can hear me and yes, I know who and what you are.’ he smiled at Ben again and his eyes changed as his wolf pushed forward. Ben whimpered as he recognised the Alpha.

‘You are quite safe here. Even the Synod are unaware of this little enclave of wolves. We split from them long ago. The thing is, you being here jeopardises that ideal. So, the question is what is to be done,’ Ben growled, not liking where this conversation was heading.

‘Calm down, I am not going to just hand you over. That would cause far too many questions. You have been missing too long for the Synod to believe any scenario we come up with,’ Mark leaned back as he thought. ‘Elizer might be the break we are looking for,’ Ben growled again.

‘Oh, give up, we have been protecting her and her line for centuries, so we will not put her in danger now,’

Ben thought about that sentence. Why had they been protecting her? For centuries? Who were these people? What was so special about Elizer? Why did he have no power over this Alpha? Hell, he couldn’t even mind link him.

‘Trying to work me out, little prince. Hmm, good luck with that. You should have paid more attention to your history class,’ Mark chuckled, getting an annoyed huff from Ben.

‘I also know that she doesn’t have twins and that male child, if I had to guess, is yours,’ Ben growled again.

‘Oh, stop, he is safe as well and now under our protection. Even if we must give you up, we wouldn’t betray him. He will be safe to grow and take his place,’ Mark pushed to his feet and walked to a cabinet. Opening the door, he removed a small vial and then opened a draw retrieving a syringe. Walking back to where Ben lay caged and helpless. He inserted the syringe into the line that was feeding fluids into Ben. Ben growled again, knowing it would do him little good.

‘You need sleep to heal properly, and I can’t have you changing in front of my nurses. Elizer will be here to collect you tomorrow. You are to stay with her, understood, no running. Not that you would get very far as I have patrols out now, she is home.’ Mark pressed the plunger and Ben felt the warm rush as the drug entered his bloodstream.

‘Remember, if you do anything to threaten us or her you will be removed–permanently,’ Mark strolled from the room as Ben gave in to the drug. ‘Remember we have the heir, so you are surplus,’ Mark looked back. ‘I will contact your people,’ Mark closed the door with a smile.


Banging on the door, he waited for the sound of footsteps as the lights finally came on.

‘Gavin a bit late, isn’t it?’ Mark frowned, his hair tousled and his chest bare.

‘I have come from Eliza’s. She told me about her temporary guest,’ Gavin answered as he made his way into the house.

‘I also had an interesting chat with James, Steve, and Oliver. Who told me a fanciful story about a boy turning into a dog?’ Gavin turned to Mark; his brow raised. ‘Care to explain as they described a Lycos?’ Gavin paced in agitation.

‘Calm down Gavin,’

‘How can I calm down? You have seen the papers. We haven’t hidden away from the Synod to be revealed now and by him, I might add,’ Gavin paced the room, his hands in his hair as he pulled it in frustration.

‘Fate has brought them together as it should,’

‘What utter bull,’ Gavin snarled. ‘We bring them together. We engineer it so he meets her. That’s how it has always been,’ Gavin turned to look at Mark. ‘They have children already, what of the heir now?’

’Gavin, calm down. It will be fine. They will fall in love the bond will take care of that. ‘As for the heir, well, there they are together.’

‘I don’t understand,’ Gavin frowned, confusion twisting his features.

‘Elizer didn’t have twins. She had a daughter. The boy I suspect is the new Lycos heir,’

‘What are you saying? The other child is the royal heir?’

‘No, we have the Lycos’ heir. His Mother was not of royal blood. You and I both know that. So, he cannot be king. But we protect him. Now we have a bargaining chip.’ Mark reasoned.

‘Charles won’t like that.’

‘That won’t matter. Charles should have had more control over the boy. Instead of letting him mate with a common wolf,’

‘How can you say that?’ Gavin growled as he started his agitated pacing again.

Mark placed his hands on the younger man’s shoulders, bringing him to a halt. ‘It will be as it should be. We just have some spares this time, that’s all,’ Mark replied. His voice placating as he outlined his solution.

‘I still don’t like this,’ Gavin moaned.

‘Look, the Lycos boy deserves our protection, he is still of the ancient royal blood line,’

‘He will bring trouble and how do we know he is hers?’ Gavin paced some more. ‘What was Charles thinking, letting him mate with a commoner? He knew that was wrong. Where is Charles anyway? Why is the boy here?’

‘Well, when he wakes up and we persuade him to shift, he will tell us,’ Mark smiled as he ushered Gavin to the door.

‘I still don’t like this,’

‘I know. Now get home and tomorrow we will figure this all out.’

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