Wolf Born

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Chapter Nine

They said not to run. He wanted to run, to find his dad, to feel safe. He hated being a wolf. He hated how his life was so controlled. Now Mary was dead because of his feeble attempt at rebellion.

He switched his attention to Elizer. He could hear her upstairs singing to the radio as she redecorated the bedroom. All the chintz and flowers were gone, along with the wallpaper. Delivery men had arrived and unloaded new furniture and soft furnishings. The little third bedroom was already a nursery. She cared for his son as if her own. Was that the mate bond he wondered? His ears perked up at the sound of a vehicle and he let out a growl when he saw the vet come Alpha. It had been a week and he knew why he was here. Ben couldn't feel his human just the fear and hurt that sometimes leaked forward.

Mark opened the gate to be greeted by Connie. ‘Hello girl,’ he squatted down and fussed behind her ears. His gaze found Bens, and he smirked at Ben’s threatening growl. Pushing up he strolled toward the house. He could hear Elizer singing, and it brought a smile to his face. The two dogs followed.

‘Uncle Mark,’ Elizer skipped down the stairs, throwing her arms around Mark.

‘Someone is on the mend,’ Mark chuckled.

‘Yes, I feel better. I will always miss him and regret what we could have had. I can’t bring him back undo the past, but I need to be strong for our daughter,’

‘I am pleased to hear that, and we are all here for you. Robert was a good man. Betty was worrying about you. You know how she is,’

‘Uncle Mark, you don’t need to worry about me.’ Elizer put the kettle on and pulled two mugs from the cupboard.

‘Elizer, I need to talk about the baby?’

‘What baby?’ Elizer turned, her features twisted with alarm. Her complexion paled.

‘The one you found,’ Mark answered. Ben growled from his place by the Arga. ‘It’s his isn’t it? It is a wolf pup?’

‘I don’t know.’ Elizer bit her lip. ‘I found it the night of the shooting. The night the boys brought him here. What are you going to do?’

‘Right now, nothing.’ Elizer relaxed the tension leaving her body as she made the coffee’s and sat at the table.

‘I think it is Bens,’ her tone hushed.

‘Yes, I suspected as much. It’s time he shifted. It isn’t good to stay in wolf form for long periods,’

‘Will it hurt him?’ Elizer glanced at Ben. He moved to her side, giving a soft growl. Her fingers buried into his fur.

‘No, it won’t hurt him. We need to know how damaged the human is.’ Mark locked his gaze on the wolf. ‘Shift,’ the command saturated the room, making the baby cry. Elizer rushed to the cot and picked him up. Soothing him against her chest.

The wolf let out a startled yelp and where he had been sat, a boy now lay curled in a ball.

Mark knelt and pulled the boy into him. Talking softly as the boy quivered. Elizer dashed upstairs and grabbed a blanket. Bringing it back to Mark, who wrapped the boy in it.

‘Hello Benjamin,’ Mark cooed softly.

‘Is he alright?’

‘No, we can go mad when our mate dies. That is the main reason a werewolf will stay in their wolf form. The bond breaking either kills them as well or sends them mad and we have to put them down. He has witnessed his chosen mate murdered and been under a lot of stress. We will have to go carefully,’

‘He is a child. You can’t do that,’ Elizer gasped as she gazed at the boy still curled around Mark. Her instinct to protect him.

‘No, we won’t do that as I suspect the girl killed wasn’t his true mate, so the bond won’t be so strong.’

‘She was wolf, my best friend,’ his voice quivered as a tear glistened on his cheek. His soft accent betraying his origin.

‘Is that why they killed her?’ Benjamin nodded.

‘She was my chosen. I can’t have a chosen must have destined. It is my fault she is dead and now they want to kill me and my son. We broke the law,’ Benjamin hiccupped and Elizer passed him a glass of water.

‘Is that true?’ Elizer looked at Mark, aghast at such brutal punishment.

‘No, that doesn’t add up,’ Mark frowned.

‘Benjamin, what made you run?’

‘They came to the pack, took everyone away. They were wiping out all the packs dad was moving them to Canada. We were the last,’

‘Can you tell me what happened before you came here?’ Benjamin nodded.

‘Mark, let’s get him comfortable first,’ Elizer suggested. Scooping Benjamin up Mark carried the boy upstairs. Stepping over the paraphernalia from decorating.

‘In here, okay?’ Mark pushed the door to the only room still not decorated. Placing the boy on the bed. Benjamin wriggled under the covers. Elizer entered, carrying a tray with fresh drinks. Putting it on the dressing table, she passed Mark and Benjamin a mug each.

‘I don’t know how you like it, but I made it milky and sweet okay,’ Benjamin smiled as he accepted the mug. Elizer settled on the bed. Benjamin reached for her hand as Mark sat in the armchair by the window.

‘You are safe here,’ Elizer encouraged as her gaze absorbed the beautiful boy in front of her. His hair like the wolfs coat. Pale brown, almost cream with golden highlights. The same golden-brown eyes the wolf had gazed back at her. His delicate bone structure made him more feminine than handsome. He was, she decided, beautiful though.

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