The Thread Of Destiny

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What would you do if on a random uneventful morning, two gentlemen dressed in black appeared out of thin air and arrested your parents for kidnapping you? Oh, and also casually mentioned that your “abducters” are demons? Well, that was exactly what happened to Zella. Suddenly Zella finds herself connected to a parallel world with a glowing thread. A world with demons, elves, dragons and every other supernatural being you can possibly think of. She sets out to find out the truth about her biological parents and abducters, and on the way changes the world. And if you think that’s crazy, you’re in for hell of a surprise.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1 : Eleven Minutes, Part 1

11 minutes. Just eleven freaking minutes. That was the time it took for my entire world to come crashing down. Let's rewind a little and start from the beginning.

It was a beautiful morning. The sun had just started to shine from the horizon. I felt happy as I basked in the orange light of the morning sun. It was a great start to my sixteenth birthday.

"Early mornings are the best." I thought to myself.
I looked at my watch and was surprised at the time, I needed to go back home before mom woke up or she would chew me up alive. I shuddered at the thought, and started to run back home.

Panting, I reached the house and waited for a while to catch my breath. Then, I tiptoed into the house making sure not to make any noise.
"I didn't get caught-"
"Sneaking in, are we?"
I jumped in shock and lifted my head up in despair. I'm so dead, hehe.

"Oh dear don't worry, I'm sure she wouldn't do it again", said my father.
"Stop defending her it is dangerous."
"It's her birthday how come on dear." dad said hugging mom.
I was so thankful to him for saving me from mom's wrath everytime.
"Happy Birthday, our beautiful daughter-" started my parents when something shifted.

I could feel it. Something was amiss. It felt as if something had hooked itself on me.
"Mom, I don't feel good"
I looked up at my parents and was shocked to see the expressions on their face. They were scared. What was going on? What made them so scared?

"H-how can this be honey?",my mom asked my dad. She was trembling.
"I'm sure that I put the illusion spell on her. So why, does she still have the thread of destiny?"

The thread of what? My mind was a mess, I felt scared and confused. What were my parents afraid of?

"This means that they are coming" dad said.
Who was "they"? I wondered.
"I'll put up a barrier_" mom started.

"Too late."
I gasped. Mom screamed. Dad took a fighting stance.
I couldn't believe my eyes. Two men dressed in formal black suits and guns literally appeared out of thin air behind my parents."
"What in the Harry Potter-?"was my first thought.

"You. You know fighting will be useless against us, right?" one of the men said to dad.
"I won't go down without a fight." said dad.

"D-dad", I stammered "what is going on?"
Dad's expression softened. "Don't worry dear, everything will be fine."
"Dad?" said the mysterious man "what are you talking about Miss Zella?"
"How do you know my name?" I asked glaring at him.
"How do I- Miss Zella, what are you talking about we have been looking from you since the last twelve years."
"Hey! It's not your right to tell her." the other man snapped at his colleague.

What the hell was he talking about? Tell me what? Twelve years? Was he joking? Was this a prank for my birthday? No, I'm pretty sure it was not. It didn't seem like it.

"Tell me what?", i whispered.
"Sorry miss what was that?" said the mysterious man leaning in.
"TELL ME WHAT?" I screamed and a green glow surrounded me.
The man was surprised for a moment and then smiled.
He whispered to himself,"she is indeed the child of destiny."

I didn't hear the words he whispered but little did i know what difference those words would make in the future.

"We can't tell you yet miss. We apologize, we must take our leave." Said the mysterious man.
"Bind them." He ordered his colleague.
"Yes sir."

"Wait a minute, what are you doing? What do you mean by bind them?" I started "First you broke into my house and now you're kidnapping my parents? These are serious criminal offenses, I'm calling the police."
I removed my phone and started dialling the number.
"No you're not." said the mysterious man and with a click of his fingers my phone swooped into his hands. "I'll hold onto this" he muttered.

"I don't know what is going on, but you're not taking my parents away." I said glaring at them.
I looked at my parents and saw them looking at me with a strange expression.
What was it? Fear? No. Helplessness? No. Anger? Definitely not. And then it struck me.
It was guilt.
But why? I needed answers.

"I noticed this before but why do you keep calling your kidnappers your parents?" said the mysterious man.
...My what? Kidnappers? Huh?
I looked at him with a confused expression and then turned to look at my parents. I felt a pang in my heart. Why? Why weren't they meeting my eyes?

"Oh you didn't know?" the man asked me with a genuine look of concern.
"Of course she didn't, demons are smart that way." his colleague said out loud.
"You idiot." the mysterious man said under his breath.
His colleague realised what he had done and covered his mouth. But the damage had been done.

Many things had happened as soon as the man said the word "demons". My parents winced as if they had touched a hot stove.

I on the other hand didn't move a muscle. I couldn't. Did he just call my parents, demons? I felt as if I had fallen from a cliff and all i could do now was was smash into the ground. This was some sick joke right? After this they were going to say "April's fool!" right? Right?

The only problem was that it wasn't April.
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