Blood moon

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Lyanna was an orphan found in the forest of The notorious blue moon pack! Her future unknown. As soon as she was old enough she became the packs slave even though it went against all wolf law! Turning 18 would be the most monumental and most dangerous day of her life!

Fantasy / Romance
Kirsty McGivern
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I knew I had been found in the woods with a letter telling whoever found me of my name and my age but no name of my parents or where I came from. I was found in the woods of the blue moon pack and of course they were known for being the most deadliest pack in all of America but that’s only what they told me. Of course finding a pup barely a month old meant it would be wrong to kill it as it’s couldn’t walk, talk or even wipe its own arse yet. So I was lucky in a way, the alpha of the pack put me into the temporary care of his beta and the betas mate, it was great at first they treated me like I was there own pup and I honestly thought they were my parents as I knew only them from the day I was found. They loved me well at least I thought they did, Beta Roman called me his little princess and his mate Lona called me her little flower. But as soon as I turned eight that’s when things changed, they started to be more distant with me, I didn’t get called my nicknames anymore, instead I started to be named rodent, scum, filth and to top it off they told me I weren’t really their daughter and that they were finally having they’re first pup. I didn’t understand how I weren’t theirs after all they were always there from the moment I woke to the time I went to sleep. When Lona was due to have her pup she had packed a suitcase and told me that it was time for me to leave as my room was for her pup and I was to go and live in the pack house. Of course it broke my heart and I begged her to not throw me away that I loved her because she was my mommy and I was sorry if I done something to make her angry at me but her only response was “I will never be your mommy! Your mommy left you in our pack land because not even she loves you! Be grateful your still alive and that Alpha Drake is kind enough to let you stay in his pack!” That being said completely opened the flood gates. My real mommy left me because she didn’t love me? Who is my real mommy then if Lona isn’t?
Beta Roman did not utter a word to me the whole time Lona had told me everything, he couldn’t even look at me which made this whole situation even harder for me because I was his little princess right?
He packed my suitcase in to his car, I just stared at him in complete despair. The drive to the pack house weren’t a long drive but it was the most uncomfortable moment I had ever felt due to the awkward silence between Roman and myself. When he finally pulled up I was about to open the car door when he grabbed my arm, not tightly or in anyway to harm me but it hurt all the same knowing that he had lied to me in all the eight years I had been with him and Lona and for an eight year old to feel so unwanted it made his touch feel like fire.
“I’m sorry Lyanna, I wish this didn’t have to happen, I would have you stay but because your “ he paused as if trying to hold back a sob, “not our daughter it is the only thing we can do and was what the alpha ordered when we took you in. I know Lona has only said those things because deep down she does truly love you but we can’t go against our Alpha, it’s his law not ours. Keep your head down and just do what your told, stay out of trouble please, I will never forgive myself if something happens to you! None of this is your fault little princess.”
At those last words I wrenched my arm out of his hold and jumped down out of his 4x4 and stormed towards the pack house. I couldn’t speak to him, I wanted to tell him it’s ok but it weren’t and they always taught me never to lie. I never looked back at him as I entered the pack house not knowing that my life was going to change the moment I stepped over that threshold.
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