Aetheria Myth - The Seven Valorous Avengers

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The Seven find themselves reborn with no memory of the people they once have been. Now wielding the power of the Aether, they're tasked to protect the many worlds of Aurum Noctis from interdimensional horrors. With their past a mystery and their future uncertain, they only know one truth: they will fight on and uncover the veil of their past.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1 - Clearest Blue

Falling into a deep abyss was the last thing Amadea remembered.

Then the voice.


Amadea woke with a jolt on a bed too fancy for her taste. Loose clothes hung from her pale body as she looked around this strange room. It was a room none too special, with only a bedside drawer and a wardrobe. A window overtaking most of the wall to her left took on a beautiful view of a mountain range.

Thoughts raced through her mind. Who’s Eriana?

Amadea stared up at the ceiling. More importantly, where am I? She started to step off from the bed only to crash onto the cold marbled floor. She was terribly weak as if she had been bedridden for years. With a great struggle, she managed to get to the door. With a click, it opened before her eyes.

Blinding light poured into the small room and she was taken by surprise when she found herself in a circular courtyard. The courtyard spanned wide and many flowers of many colors scattered across the grass of blue. A stone fountain sat in the middle of the circle of what looks to be rooms like the one Amadea emerged from. She walks around the beautiful courtyard, sometimes stopping to admire the flowers.

As she circled, she saw a girl sitting on the fountain, staring blankly in a random direction. The maiden had beautiful white hair and dressed in tunics similar to Amadea’s. She approached the sitting girl and with a quiet greeting, the girl looked in her direction. Amadea found herself staring at the girl’s face. It was beautiful and serene like a princess’s, but a V-shaped mark scarred her right eye. It looked like it was branded there. Painfully.

“Hey.” The marked girl greeted back. The silver eye of the marked girl studied Amadea closely.

“D- do-” Amadea could hardly speak, she finds her voice missing.

“Do you know w-where we are?” Amadea finally forced out.

The girl looked away and shrugged.

“I know about as much as you probably do.” The girl said, “Woke up in a strange bedroom and came out to this place.”

Amadea sat with her, keeping the silence.

One of the bedroom doors flew open and a man made of metal stomped into the courtyard. He looks around and sees Amadea and the girl on the fountain. He walks towards them, his eyes glowing red.

“Who are you? Where am I?” The metal man demanded.

Amadea’s mind raced scared as the metal man towered over her.

“W-we don’t know either.” Amadea admitted. “My name’s Amadea. Now, who are you?”

The metal man’s eyes narrow as he looks around.

“I’m Llachrima of the 547th Silver Legion. Or was it the 505th? I... I can’t seem to...” Llachrima desperately tries. “Remember...”

“My memory has been hazy, too.” Amadea adds, “All I remember is my name. Not even my past is clear...”

A look of envy met Amadea.

“What is it?” Amadea inquires.

“Nothing.” The marked girl added, “I can’t seem to remember anything, either.”

Amadea felt something off with what she said. There was clearly more than what she let on.

The others have now joined them, totaling seven. They were all dressed somewhat similarly. A white tunic and white pants. Amadea looks around. There was a blonde boy, a small, frail girl that was clearly younger than the rest, a giant of a man towering over the other six and a girl with black horns and deep crimson skin. Amadea tried not to stare and she failed. With eyes like flowing magma, the horned girl glared before looking away.

“Where are we?” Says the blonde boy as he looks around. “Who are you people?”

“I feel we should get started with knowing each other’s names. My name is Amadea.” Amadea advised, “I feel like we’ll be together for a long time.”

That final line hung in the air for an uncomfortable amount of time.

“My name’s Endymion.” The blonde boy announces. Amadea couldn’t help but stare at him. His pale complexion, his bleach blonde hair, his blazing blue eyes. They’re all so similar to Amadea’s that she couldn’t ignore it.

“I-I’m... uh... O-Omagi” The young one said, “Of the... Seraph Clan. Nice to meet you all.”

Seraph Clan...? Amadea raised an eyebrow.

“I’m Llachrima.” The metal man said bluntly.

“Illyanna.” Said the horned girl.

“Call me V.” The marked one said absently.

The group looked expectantly to the man that was easily 3 meters tall. Silver lines ran up and down his robust ebony body. He opens his mouth as if he was about to say something but then realizes something. He then looks to the group and gestures to mouth and shakes his head. It was clear that this giant was mute.

Amadea wanted to talk with Endymion about how similar they look, but she thought it’d be no use as he doesn’t seem to have his memories either. Although Amadea lost her personal memories, she seemed to have kept basic concepts like language.

Everything in their little pocket dimension felt indifferent. It was lethargic. Not even the sun moved. They sat bored for what felt like hours. V sat at the same place, only sometimes laying down. The giant paced around the yard. Endymion had the idea of walking away from the courtyard but an invisible barrier around the yard prevented him from straying too far. Illyanna thought about how this must be an afterlife and that they’re all just punished to stay here forever.

Amadea was staring up at the unchanging skies until the voice that jolted her into the waking world came back.


Amadea frowned. Who’s Eriana? Why do I have to find her? She thought about these questions endlessly but her amnesia made it especially difficult. No matter how much she racked her brain, there was nothing hinting her past. Amadea gave up and started circling the courtyard.

In the great silence, Amadea felt the winds change. In an instant, golden gates appeared in the courtyard, towering over all. It swung open, giving way to a lady of heavenly proportions. A flowing white dress, accented by golds and blues. Her hair flowed beautifully and her eyes shone gold like suns.

“My name is Elizabeth Mira. I am the Crown Princess of Aurum Noctis. Apologies for being late, I’ll explain everything if you’d kindly follow me.”

Amadea was still where she stood.

Illyanna was the one to break the silence. “Excuse me, what?”

“I promise, all will be explained.” The Princess said, “Follow me.”

And with that, she turned and passed through the gates from whence she came. The seven reluctantly followed the Princess through the gates.

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