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When the White Claw pack leaves the pact, things take a turn for the worst for the other four packs. They are constantly being attacked by rogues and hunters. The alpha and luna of the Bloodmoon pack are killed. Then there are rumours going around that the White Claw pack found a new ally. An ally that is also hungry for power and blood like them. It's a threat that the other packs can't ignore, but they also can't take on by themselves. As a last resort the new alpha of the Bloodmoon pack, alpha Hayden, reaches out to a rogue pack. Wolves for hire, wolves that were lead by a mysterious alpha. According to the stories, alpha Jake and his siblings once belonged to a very powerful pack. Somehow they ended up as rogues, but they were able to create a new pack. A pack of rogues, a pack of warriors. Alpha Jake and his siblings are indeed powerful and mysterious. They don't talk about their past and they just focus on the job. Especially Evelyn, the lone wolf. The wolf who doesn't care about pack hierarchy, mates or wolves in general. Alpha Hayden feels a strange connection to the lone wolf. He is convinced that she is his mate, but then his memories and feelings are wiped away clean. Replaced by a brutal headache, but that strange connection remains and that's how alpha Hayden finds out the packs are not the only one who need his protection.

Fantasy / Adventure
A.R. Wanderer
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Chapter 1

-Evelyn’s POV

″How was your run?″ Emmet asks while he throws me some clothes.

I don’t answer my brother and I quickly put the clothes on.

″Come on, Evy! You know you can’t stay mad at me, I’m your favourite brother for a reason!″

Again I don’t say anything and I start walking in the direction of my workplace. Not talking to my brother would irritate the heck out of him and that was exactly what he deserved! He forgot to pick up those parts for me and I only agreed to cover his shift at the bar if he would come on a run with me but he didn’t show up!

I open the doors of my workplace and I let out a satisfied sigh. I loved the smell of oil and gasoline! My eyes immediately fall on the parts that are placed on the table and I try to hide my smile. Emmet already knew that I would be pissed, so he got me those parts after all. Great, now I could finish the order early!

My client would be so pleased if he got the motorcycle back so soon. He was already paying me more then my usual rate, but I knew he would feel very generous if I delivered a week ahead of the deadline. Dumb rich boy who thought his dad motorcycle was a 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster.

I would have been thrilled to work on a classic like that, I would have considered it to be an honour. One look on the bike and I knew I got my hopes up for nothing. 1957 Sportsters were iconic motorcycles, but this one was nothing more then a knock off and not a real good one either!

''Evy, please forgive me! I got you those parts, didn't I? I drove four hours to get them and then fours back! That should count for something!''

''I believe that's why I worked your shift at the bar.''

Emmet sighs and an evil smile appears on his face.

''Don't you fucking...'' I begin, but it's too late.

Emmet pulls me in a bone cracking hug and he chuckles.

''I will keep hugging you like this until you forgive me, little sister. Doesn't matter if it takes me all day and night. I don't like fighting with my baby sister and I hate fighting with my best friend!''

I growl and I try to get out Emmet's grip, but I can't. Not without really hurting him and I don't want to do that. Emmet not showing up for our run really pissed me off, but it was like he said. He was my brother and my best friend.

''Are you really letting him of that easy, Evelyn?'' an amused voice says.

''Of course not!'' I snap at my brother Jake. ''Emmet will make it up to me by cleaning the toilets at the bar for the rest of the month.''

''WHAT! I'm not agreeing to those terms!'' Emmet snarls and he lets go of me.

I just stare at him and Emmet shakes his head furiously.

''It won't work on me, little sister. You can't make me submit like everyone else.''

''Are you sure about that?''

''Get out of my head, Evelyn!'' Emmet commands in his booming alpha voice.

I yawn and I turn my attention back to the parts on the table. Emmet was an idiot! He could have just apologised, but he tried to go all alpha on me? On me!

''You are impossible!'' Emmet snarls.

''Good luck scrubbing those toilets, brother!''

''I said...''

''Emmet, leave! You will work doubles shifts for the rest of the week and you will clean those toilets. Because if you would bothered to think before you speak, you would know that there are only three days left of October.''

Emmet lets out a angry growl, but I know he will not go against Jake. He slams the door on his way out and I shake my head.

''Will he ever learn?'' I sigh.

''He will never be like he once was, Ev. You can't expect him to be, not after what he has been through,'' Jake says softly.

I start working on the engine, while Jake inspects the motorcycle.

''How disappointed were you when you found out it was a fake?''

''You don't even want to know!'' I grumble. ''It's that the idiot is paying me 10k to make sure his dad never finds out that he crashed his beloved motorcycle. Otherwise I would never accepted this job in the first place.''

''He is paying you ten thousand dollars for a motorcycle that is not even worth halve of that?'' Jake asks in utter disbelieve.

''I told you he was an idiot, but it gives me something to do and the money doesn't hurt. Can you check the filter?''

Jake nods and we work in silence for a while. The engine is almost done and assembling everything wound't take me too long, so I grab a pack of cigarettes and walk towards the door. I light one up and inhale deeply, before I offer one to my brother.

''It has been a long time since I had on of these,'' Jake chuckles and he lights one up too.

''Because Abby doesn't allow you to smoke inside the house?'' I ask amused.

Abigail was my brother's chosen mate, although I hate the word chosen. Like their relationship was any less real then a destined mates bond. Jake and Abigail loved each other. They fought like an old married couple. They fought side by side and they would die for each other.

Fuck having a destined mate, go for that! Not that I was looking for either one. I was never meant to belong to anyone. Not to a mate or to a pack. You could say that I was a rogue, but that wouldn't be accurate. I was never banned from any pack and I didn't look or smelled like a rogue.

''Well, I can't blame her. We already spend so much time in cigarette smoke and fumes at the bar. I can understand she doesn't want that smell in our home.''

I smile and I look at the bar on the other side of the road. I grew up in that bar. I lived there until I left at the age of sixteen, thinking that I wouldn't be back here for a very long time. Nine years was a long time, but somehow it didn't feel like that.

''Do you regret coming home?'' Jake asks as he follows my gaze.

''No,'' I answer and I lit up another cigarette.

''Do you regret leaving?'' Jake asks and I can hear the pain in his voice.

I don't answer that question and I let my head rest against my brother's shoulder. Jake clearly didn't expect me to do that, because he stiffens for a moment. He then plants a kiss on my head and I can feel him relax again.

Jake was my older brother, but he was also the person who raised me and Emmet. I loved him and I didn't mean to hurt him when I left. Leaving was something that I had to do, because I would never forgive myself if I harmed the only three persons in the world that I cared about.

We werewolves were born with our wolves and we could communicate with them, but we couldn't shift until we turned fifteen. I shifted at the age of three and it took me many years to fully control my wolf. Sybil was fiercely protective of me and she would take over if she thought that I was in any kind of danger.

''It's my job to protect you!'' Sybil growls at me. ''You always get into trouble and then I have to safe both of our asses!''

I chuckle and Jake looks at me.

''What's so funny?''

''Sybil,'' I answer with grin. ''She sometimes acts more like my mom then as my wolf.''

''I get that!'' Jake smirks and he ruffles my hair. ''I know that you are all grown up and that you can take care of yourself, but If I see that someone tries to hurt you in any way, then that person is dead!''

''Exactly!'' Sybil agrees with Jake.

''I'm twenty five for goddess sake!''

''So?'' both Jake and Sybil say at the same time.

''Lets just finish that damn motorcycle!'' I grumble. ''Then you can tell me the real reason why you came here.''

Jake grabs my cigarette and he takes the last puff, while he dodges my punch afford less.

''Now I'm starting to regret coming home!''

''No you don't!'' Jake laughs and he walks back into my workplace.

''He is right, you really don't regret coming home,'' Sybil says in an amused tone.

''Like we really had a choice.'' I grumble. It stays quiet and I feel Sybil retreat to the back of my mind.

''That's what I thought,'' I say softly and I go back to work.

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