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"For those who sin, will be rewarded." **** Those who sought to outrun the most fatal of sins, whose main priority was to maintain the aristocracy without losing their life, stepped aside to allow the viciousness of the game to continue. With the price of thousands, they never returned for battle. Five turned to four, four to three and three to two. Now two Noble Houses still participated, none of them backing out. Because with greed came power, and animosity followed right behind, walking hand in hand with war. **** An original book, written by neawriting

Fantasy / Action
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for permission to translate, please send a request either on Wattpad messages or Instagram DM's.

All characters, plot and other elements belong to me.


This book is strictly directed towards a mature audience, rated 18+

Viewers discretion is advised at all times.

This book is not for sensitive readers. Topics and mentions such as explicit sexual material, alcohol, abuse, gore, violence, death, manipulation, suicide/ suicidal thoughts and other mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, PTSD etc) are/ may be included.

If one or more of said topics may be triggering for you, please reconsider reading this book. There will NOT be any sorts of warnings within this book.

I ask you to have respect for me as an author and fellow readers in the comment section. All hateful comments will be deleted and repeatedly misbehaviour in my comment section will lead to being muted. I ask you to refrain from spoiling this book in the comment section if you for example reread it.

Although this book is directed towards an 18+ audience only, I have no control over who's reading it. If you are under the age of 18, please refrain from commenting your age, seeing as I, the author, are not comfortable knowing that children are reading this book.

This book is dark, therefore do not expect light material. If this book is triggering for you, I want you to take care of your health and exit this book immediately.

Thank you for reading through my disclaimers! I would appreciate it if you would vote and comment on my chapters<3

Crave is a five-book series.

This book has previously been published, but I took it down months ago. Since then, the entire book is being rewritten. Therefore, if you were one of few that read this book the last time it was published, I recommend reading it from the start again.

New scenes, backstory and characters will be added, and the plot has been further developed.


Alexia Covington - Participant in the game of regions. Daughter of the king and queen of Empira.

Lysander Quentin - Participant in the game of regions. Son of Atticus and Lorainè Quentin.

Eloise Adler - Loyalty: The Noble House of Covington

Colette Delaney - Loyalty: The Noble House of Covington

Cassius Delaney - Loyalty: The Noble House of Covington

Isaac Griffin - Loyalty: The Noble House of Quentin

Evelyn Brock - Loyalty: The Noble House of Quentin

Moira Lowell - Loyalty: The Noble House of Quentin

Alexandria Covington - mother of Alexia Covington, married to Frances Covington and queen of Empira.

Frances Covington - father of Alexia Covington, married to Alexandria Covington and king of Empira.

Lorainè Quentin - Mother of Lysander Quentin, married to Atticus Quentin and Lady of The Noble House of Quentin.

Atticus Quentin - Father of Lysander Quentin, married to Lorainè Quentin and Lord of The Noble House of Quentin.

Joseph Caster Conwyn - Former assassin and coach.

All characters' aesthetic can be found on my Pinterest account @/neawriting under the board called lit | crave

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