mating the king of lycans

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my mother always told me that the day I found my mate, he would make me happy, love me beyound my scars. so tell me... why, why am I not happy. I was pressed against the tree, I felt the Sparks that ran through my veins like electricity, wondering if he felt it to. " what is your name?" he asked me, I tried to get out of his grip but it was useless. his hand shot to my fave turning my head to meet his his dead cold eyes. "I don't like to repeat myself little girl" he says but this time getting annoyed. "Samira" I whisper. he was just about to say something when I a woman walk out of the woods, her skin was a tan color with her long back hair pulled in a ponytail. she came over to us placeing her hand on his shoulders, it's like whatever happened he let me go and I fell with a loud thump. I look over to him and what I saw next broke my heart.. "he loves her." I whisper mostly myself as my eyes stayed on him. the one that's Meant for me. the Love of my life. My Mate.

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I was beyond tired, we have been going over this for about 2 hours now.

Feeling my body go into the air once more I'm meet with the hard ground underneath me.

Feeling nothing but pain, I lay looking at the sky wishing this was ending, all of a sudden light green eyes come int view looking down on me.

"Mire" he uses my nickname he gave me.

" I told you once and I'ma tell you again you have to focus on the things around you,"

"I hate this" I whine," why can't I just live a normal life."

Decker held out his hand helping me up,once on my feet.

I dusted my myself off.

Decker is my brothers best friend and second in command,

"You know as well as I do you need more work in training, that's your brothers orders,"

I roll my eyes as we begun walking back to the pack house.

" So, you and my brother think I can't defend myself if danger comes?"

He didn't say anything, and I already knew the answer.

I wasn't like the other she wolf's, I was different and what made me that way is because I never shifed,

she wolf's around the ages of 13-17 are the ages she wolfs would normally Shifted, And at the age of 16 when we find our mates, but I haven't done eaither.

I'm 19, still being gaured by the pack.

I was so into my thoughts that I didn't realize that I ran into someone, looking to see an older women.

"Oh I'm so sorry."

I say, helping her pick up her things that wasted onto the ground.

"It's alright my child, it was an accident."

I helped her to her feet and she just stared at me.

I smile, I was just about to say something when I saw a white letter on the ground.
Picking it up I go to hand it to her but she shacks her head steping away from me.

Standing there confused at her actions. I looked around to see if Decker was around me, but to my luck he was gone.
looking to the letter in my hand debating if I should open it or not. Looking up to find the woman gone.

Just then I felt a hand touch my shoulders, leting out a cry turning around to face Decker, standing with a hug smile on his face.
From my side view I see Veda running towards me with a big smile on her face.

"mire!!!" She yells.

" You want believe what I just heard?" She says squealing like a pig

"What did you just hear?,"I asked her.

I really didn't care what she heard but I didn't want to ruin her happiness.

Her smile grew even wider

"we are all invited to the Black River's Pack..."

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