mating the king of lycans

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Deep trouble


"Honey bee.!"
My father yells from down the steps.
I stick my head out the door.

"Yes, father!

We're leaving now, are you sure you can make it on your own?"

"If not i could tell Decker-"
I cut him off.

No, no, no, that won't be necessary, im not a baby i can make it on my own.

He gave me a smile.
Heading towards the door.

"If anything, just give me a call."

"Will do,"

all of the time I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

I watched as all the cars leave in a line,
I decided to take a nape.

They won't miss me, and before they all even notice I'm not there the party will be over.

I make my way to my room, stopping dead in my tracks when I see a white dress laying neatly on the bed.


The sound of my phone beep telling me that I have a message.
I opened it to see that it was from Veda.


Girl..I picked out your dress. I know your come. 😋

See you soon babes.

I throw the phone on the bed. looking at the dress laying there taunting me.

The dress sure did look pretty, Maybe ill try it on just this one

I have to say the dress did look good on me.

put on the necklace me grandmother gave to me..

I do look beautiful,
well I better start taking this thing off.

my phone ringed,
I look to see l my brother flash across the screen.
picking up the phone I was so excited..I couldn't wait till he came home.

"Hello" I heard a voice say..

"Aron.. "I yelled I was beyond happy to hear from him.

I heard him chuckle.
"I missed you to baby girl..

"Where are you? when are you coming back?"

"Did you know that all the packs are invited to the Black River land."

I just went on and on not given my brother a chance to talk.

Then he cut in. "Wait, Mira" where are you?

"Ummm im home." I was confused on why he wanted to know my where abouts.

"Who's their with you?"

Why is he asking me all these questions. I thought once again.

"I'm home by myself.
Why are you asking me."

He cut in again, Listen I need you to go...get out of the house.

"Why what's go-"

I didnt have time to finish what I was saying before I head pounding on the door, the loud bang that came next telling me that the door is gone from the henges.

i could hear my brother yelling.
as a big brown wolf appeared.

With the phone to my ear.

"Mira..answer me."

"Aron.....I love you..." my final words

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