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Vita Kuragari

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People always say that bad guys and villains are just cold hearted blood people who enjoys killing people but not a single person said that a person like that could one day change and become good....People always say harsh and cold words but never say "What or who made you like this?" A girl who did so many horrible and extreme bad things that not just any criminals would do, her heart was bright until it turns into dust and shattered. Nobody told her that people like her could find hope and that she can change. Is it possible after all she had done can finally be forgiven? Will she find someone who can understand her? Is it possible for a girl like her who is trapped and surrounded by darkness can be saved or will she fully forever become an S-class blooded criminal? If it's possible, who will be the person to rescue her and will they rescue her in time or will she forever be devoured from the pain and all the negative things? This is a story about a girl who is in a messed up world, who comitted many sins and killed thousands of people and being a cold-blooded assasin who tries everything in her power to change herself and find some people who can accept her and understand her mistakes.

Fantasy / Action
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In this vast world of ours..

Mysterious creatures and supernatural powers are normal in our world. I live in a place called Eliatrope. Eliatrope has the majority people with superpowers, so you can guess that everyone who lives there have powers.

So people with magic can have 2 different future depending which path they take, they wether become a hero, someone who saves other people and a villain who harms others.

Of course, people love heroes and the majority of people would want to become a hero.

My name is Vita and I am a girl who doesn't believe in heroes nor I don't believe in peace or freedom. Usually, the protagonist is always the good guy or the Hero, right? Well
this time....in this chapter...I am the bad guy.
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