The Kingdom of Grace

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Seven young warriors escaped their home from the dark invasion and ran toward safety near the river. Along the way, they meet a royal family who were curse for centuries due to the wise king's corruption. Together, they set an adventure through England to fix the portal that open to the hidden Kingdom and save their homes before humanity face it's dark fate.

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April 1, 1322

The city of Cambridge, England was once a land of holiness choirs and towering Gothic chapel, the people of Cambridge describe their home as beautiful as its nature, and the angels of God watch over the children of God praying for the good, a new beginning, and healing in their soul. The city was once land of holiness and is now turned into a territory for dark creatures and spirits who are against God’s will and follow their path of destruction. All the houses have turned into ashes in the flames of pain, the garden has wilted as its last breath on Earth, and the people became a feeding system for the dark forces and its leader. Near the River Cam, a portal was open as the royal Peterson family: Katherine, Lillian, Jacob, Sarah, and Samuel, escaped from the dark soldiers, and their feet were ripe of cuts as a bush of thorns lay on the ground to poison their victims. Katherine sat along the river and butcher at her roasted hands after a dark soldier touched her hands, and when she butchers at the river as she thought of her home, her people, and her husband were gone, her mind became lost. Her husband wouldn’t become quite discouraged of his children’s activities or her music until she remembered her youngest son’s warnings about his actions for the past three weeks: kept hearing voices inside his head, never had time to enjoy with his family, and preferred the kingdom to walk in the dark. The children saw their mother butchering at the river for too long, they joined her at the river, and enjoyed the pure holiness of cold water through their feet; Lillian sat beside her mother to cheer her spirit up instead of worrying about their father or the future of their fate.

“Mother, don’t be too stressful, we made it outside the gates of the kingdom, and escaped from the hands of the dark forces.“, Lillian said.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, Lillian, and this battle is only the beginning. Soon, the entire world will be under the dark sun and moon, and no light shines through the Earth ever again.“, Katherine said as she holds Lillian’s hand.

“Mother, if father were himself for a few moments, then he would say we must not let dark spirits whisper in our ears, or we’ll become the followers of the evil.“, Sarah said as she held her mother’s hand.

Katherine felt her children have their father’s courage and her beauty of knowledge, kissing her daughters on their forehead, and turning her attention to the eldest son, Jacob.

“Mother, he wants us to think heavenly things like memories of our childhood days, the day you and father got married, and the day you two were going to retire and let either me or Lillian run the kingdom.“, Jacob said.

“My sweet child, I appreciate your words make me feel a proud mother and your father would say he’s a proud father to you all. I remembered the day your father and I became parents when Lillian was born, she was the cutest baby we ever saw with our eyes, and we couldn’t stay apart for five minutes each. 14 months later, I gave birth to Jacob, and you two were at each other’s throat to see who gets the parents’ most attention throughout your childhood. Three years later, Sarah was born, you two stopped fighting with each other, and protected her until she was eight years old; Samuel was born 14 months after Sarah, and I decided to birth no more children.“, Katherine said before she kissed Jacob’s forehead.

Samuel budges up between his mother and Lillian to have a proper conversation as a mother to son, holds her hand to give comfort in her needs, and remember what his father taught him about feeling lost of the loved ones.

“Mother, if we found out about his possession sooner, we wouldn’t know the results would take place, and we all become dead of the living souls. Someday his soul will be free from the dark spirit who possesses his mind, memories, and body, Samuel said before he pulls out his bible inside the bag. He turns the Bible to Psalm Chapter 34 verse 17 and reads, “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and rescues them from all their troubles.”

Katherine smiles, kisses her son’s forehead, holds the Christ symbol necklace her husband gave as a gift, butchering her children, and realizes how much they grow from the bond of their father. She remembered her childhood was a nightmare as her father ruled the kingdom for more than a decade with an iron fist, forbidden anyone from reading the Bible, and his soul was darker than the black stone.

“Mother, we can’t stay near the river too long, or the dark soldiers will find us, and take us back to the kingdom. We need to find shelter to live in and jobs to survive; butcher, there’s a town known as Manchester, Northwest of England, approximately 150.9 miles away, and it’s a two-day journey on foot.“, Sarah said as she shows the map of England to her family.

“We must continue, mother, as if we delay our time near the river, who knows how long until they catch our trail.“, Lillian said.

Jacob and Samuel pull their mother up from the rough grass, Katherine holds the Christ symbol necklace as she was thinking of her husband, and Sarah guides the way to Manchester as her family follows behind her.

“Dear Heavenly Father God, be with us as we travel down the roads of the unknown, and protect me and my children from danger, in Jesus name, Amen.“, Katherine said to herself in silence.

“I’m concerned about mother, she’s not herself after what we witness in father’s possession, and now she’s considering a heartbroken widow.“, Jacob whispers to Lillian and Samuel.

" How could you call our mother “heartbroken widow”, brother? I pray against her marriage with father is over in the name of Jesus, and we’ll find a solution to free him from his prison of sleep; luckily, I hid the weapon father gave to me, so no dark forces won’t find the weapon and use against humanity.“, Samuel whispers to Jacob and Lillian after he hit his brother’s arm.

“Samuel’s right, Jacob, we need to support our mother, keep our father in prayers, keep our people in prayers, and hide our identity from every citizen. Be grateful for we survive, and never let negative thoughts come in our connections.“, Lillian whispers to Jacob and Samuel.

The royal Peterson family have a goal to reach halfway of Manchester tomorrow night, and then continue the path to their destination with their heads up as they view the beautiful sunset upon them. The loss of a husband or father may be gone, but it’s not in vain, or in fear, it’s hope that keeps the family together no matter what situation they are in; pray every day and night their flat will return to its former glory like the husband who saved Katherine’s life.

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