Slider Fairy "Taming the Dragon"

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My name is Miles. I’m a slider fairy. I live between good and evil, deep in the city of the Coal. My quest is to bring the prince and princess of Omynora safely home. They are twins and have lived as humans 3000 miles apart for almost 16 years and do not know that each other exists. It is for their safety and the safety of Omynora. Dryad elves and slider fairies, like me, are sworn to protect them. Some of us live with them on earth to protect them and have secret identities. Muck demons, and worst of all fury’s, will do anything to take their blood. It has powers that demons could use to take over the world. The prophecy says that when the twins meet, they will morph into a golden dragon and only one twin will come back, the other will become part of the coal. I am in love with the princess, Opal, and I will do anything to protect her, even from her twin brother, TC.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1 The Wave Rider

I lay my black helmet on the leather seat of my bike and hang my leather jacket on the handlebars. A couple of girls are watching me as they are lying on the hood of a 67 Pontiac convertible in bikinis. I ignore them, scanning for furies. When I get to the beach, I run in the sand it feels heavy and almost too hot to touch. I can’t let my wings out in public on the beach. I can see him he is riding a yellow surf board getting ready to jump a wave. TC is a popular surfer in California he has been champion since he was 13. They call him "The Wave Rider". He has long blond hair, and he is very tan. Opposite of his Twin. Except their eyes are the same. Exactly the same I’ve seen nothing like them, blue as the ocean. Everyone on the beach holds their breath and stops what they are doing to watch TC jump the first wave of the season. The other boarders are waiting for him. You can see a rainbow of boards wading in the water. TC is loving the attention and definitely knows how to work a crowd. “Took you long enough,” says a women’s voice standing next to me. She has a sun hat on and large sunglasses. She is wearing sun pants and a tank top. Its Dr. Walsh, TC’s mother, well, sort of. “I’ve been busy.” I reply.

“He is getting out of control; I need his father to help me.” She says,

“His father is lost we are still looking for one more stone we think it might be here near TC. Did he come to visit recently?”

“Gabriel hasn’t been here in years since he was a baby. I meant your father needs to come help me. Why won’t he come here?” She is getting mad. I look at her with comforting eyes for a moment, knowing how much she loves my father, but I can’t bear to tell her how he has changed into a man I’ll never understand and I’ll never trust again. I ignore her question.

“Then the rumors are true he is gone. We need the stone to find him. You must help me find it; it has to be around here. I’ll get TC and meet you at the hospital. We have a unicorn that is dying I need you to come to Omynora to help.”

“Fine. If you can get him out of water?” She laughs an annoyed laugh. And walks away, gliding her feet through the sand, kicking it in her annoyance. Just as everyone on the beach claps and whistles and scream for TC. He’s up on his board. The waves are moving with him perfectly.

He is using his powers, I can tell. His hand shifts first, then the waves move. TC can move elements. There is a family of dolphins under his wave I can see them diving with it. They are about to collide with TC’s board. TC moves the water like a tornado underneath him and the dolphins flip over and over. One of the little ones gets caught in the wave and hits his head on TC’s board. TC jumps up and does a flip in the air and his board magically appears beneath his feet and he skids along the water to the shore. Not even caring about the poor dolphin. I run to the water and dive in after it. My metal wings escape from my shoulder blades, shredding my skin and skimming through the water so I can reach the dolphin faster. The family is swimming around it as it falls to the bottom of the ocean. It's bleeding and looks like it was knocked out. I can see sharks darting toward the little dolphin. They must have the scent of the blood. The family of dolphins are squeaking and making a circle around the small, injured one. I can see the sharks in the distance getting faster there are two, they are big ones. I am almost there the dolphins can’t hold themselves any longer they will get caught in the shark’s frenzy. The baby lands at the bottom of the ocean I can see the sand dust come up around it, covering it for a moment. Just in time, I grab the dolphin in my arms and take off with it. The sharks sniff around the sand and then realize it’s gone. They swim away quickly. The family of dolphins follows me as I take the baby dolphin to the hospital where Dr. Walsh is. It’s right on the water so I swim up to it, looking around quickly to make sure no one is watching I fly from the ocean into the pool with the baby dolphin in my arms. There are other hurt dolphins there and they come to greet me and the baby. Dr Walsh is walking from the beach when she sees me. She takes off her sandals and runs to us.

“Not again!” she yells.

“He’s hurt pretty bad he hit his head on TC’s board.”

“You mean TC hit him!” She glimpses at my reaction. She doesn’t flinch and just gets in the water with her cloths on to check on the baby dolphin. “He has a concussion, for sure. Get the net.” She points. I pull my wings in flinching for a second as blue blood drips from my back and stains the cement floor, I run up to the side deck and pull down the net it will hold the baby up so it can breathe while staying in the water.

“My bag.” She points. I go up and get the surgery bag. The cut is deep.

“What do you mean again?” I ask, furious at TC.

“All these dolphins have been hurt by TC he has no remorse for any sea creature or any living thing for that matter.” She glances up at me while stitching the baby’s head. “Hold this.” I put my hand on the stitch as she ties it. “That should hold for now. Stop the bleeding at least. Poor baby.” There is a pounding on the wall of the dome. “It must be the mom. I’ll let her in.” Dr Walsh opens a door with a lever to the ocean and a big dolphin swims straight for the baby, squeaking and poking. “Shh it will be ok calm down.” Dr Walsh calmly strokes the momma dolphin's back, and it calms down. It’s almost like it knows what Dr Walsh is saying. “You can stay until he is better, ok.” she speaks.

“Camile!” She yells. A tall young girl comes from inside the hospital.

She has a suit on and a book in her hand. She put the book down and notices the blue blood on the floor. She bends down to inspect it and looks at me for a slight second. She walks down the pool stairs and holds onto the dolphin net. Examining the baby.

“Just hold him for a bit, we will see if he wakes up soon, ok. If there isn’t any damage, he should wake up within the hour.” She nods. Camile looks up at me. “This is Miles he will stay with us for a few days.” Camile smiles and looks back down at the baby in her arms.

We walk up to the stairs and sit on a bench and dry off. Talking quietly so Camile cannot hear us. Dr. Walsh tells me of all the other dolphins TC has hurt in the past few years.

“I can’t control him anymore he is too strong, and he has learned to use his powers. He thinks I don’t know.” She dries her hair with a towel.

“How long has he been using them?” I say angrily.

“It’s not my fault.” She says defensively.

“You’re supposed to be watching and reporting back.” I stand angrily.

“I have a practice to run here and a child that isn’t mine although I birthed him. How am I supposed to feel? I’m just waiting for you to take him when he is 16 and never see him again?” She is agitated. I calm my voice and put my hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I know this is hard for you.” She backs my hand away. “Wow, a slider with feelings?”

I frown and look down; my father used to come and check on TC and Dr Walsh. She fell in love with him. He left suddenly when his father passed and he took over the Coal. He hasn’t been back since. “I understand your frustration, but I’m not my father, and I can’t apologize for him. They have sent me to have you come to help the unicorn. The healing powers in Omynora aren’t enough without Gabriel. TC’s twin, is there, and the worms are back, they are getting stronger every day. But without the other stone, there is nothing we can do to harness Gabriel’s powers. Please?” I plead with her. I can feel her anger for my father and tears well up in her eyes as she wipes a tear from her cheek and speaks.

“Wow, you’ve been busy.”

“It wasn’t me, it was Opal.” I find my face getting flushed and a smile peering across it.

“Hmm.” She smirks.

I get up and hand her my towel. “Will you come?”

“When do you need TC?” she asks.

“As soon as we find the 3rd stone, I can get him there, but I’d like to talk to him first ease him into it. There are muck demons everywhere in Ny, but I haven’t seen any here. Have you come across any?” She shakes her head no and puts her head down.

“Look, you will always be a part of Omynora you know how much they appreciate you and ask for your help.” I put my hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t know how much more I can take.” Her tears turn into a cry. “I miss your father so much, I, I.”

“Yo Slider!” a loud voice screams, with a loud cackle behind it, interrupting us. He has his board under his arm and his suntanned skin is glossy from sunscreen and his hair in blowing in the ocean wind half dry. Camile looks up from the baby dolphin staring at TC. He glances at her and winks, making a clicking sound with his mouth and pointing at her like she is a fan. She holds her stare even after his eye has left hers. Camile looks at me again. I shake my head in disappointment and Dr Walsh looks at the ground so TC can’t see her crying.

“Miles, What’s up, man? What brings you to the beach? Hey did you know I’m still #1, dude it’s awesome.”

“Yeah, I hear ya TC.” We exchange high 5ve’s.

“I’ll be staying the night then I’m taking your mother to check on a zebra across town.”

“Cool Man, Is Dad going to be there?” I look at Dr Walsh, then back at TC.

“Not this time.”

“I haven’t seen him in a long time. Has he been getting my letters?” He looks disappointed.

Dr Walsh stands up and walks over to her son. “He’s busy, sweetie don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll see him soon ok,”

“How’s school going?” I ask TC to change the subject.

“Good, straight A’s dude. I’m killing it this year,” he smiles, proud of himself.

“You always get straight A’s,” Dr. Walsh says.

My watch buzzes.

“I have to check on something, guys. I’ll be back for dinner. Should I pick up a pizza?”

“Yeah man! Supreeeeme!” TC yells at me. Dr Walsh smiles and nods back at me. I wink.

I take off on my motorcycle scanning the beach for muck demons. When I get to a safe place where no one can see me, I look at my watch.

Opal has left me a message. It’s a hologram. She pulls her hair behind her ear and glances up, blinking her eyes at me and giving me her half grin that I miss so much.

“Miles, I wish you were here. I mean, I know you have to check on other things but, where are you? Violet is freaking out and horizon isn’t doing well at all, Jon is still unconscious. I still can’t find a lock on the 3rd stone have you had any luck? Maybe I should come with you next time. I need to help look for it. I miss you.” She smiles sadly. The hologram fades.

I miss Opal; I miss seeing her every day. I miss kissing her cheek and talking to her. Sliders aren’t supposed to show their feelings, they are supposed to protect Omynora and the living things in it. We take an oath as young sliders when we are able to hold a bow properly. Trained from an early age earlier than most because my grandfather and now my father are leaders and I will one day be. I can barely concentrate on what I’m doing. I toss small rocks into the ocean trying to think and figure out how to tell TC who he is and the doom he is in for. I couldn’t tell opal. I can’t lose her. When the twins see each other, the prophecy says that they will morph into each other. They will become a golden dragon. I’m not sure what that means, I don’t think anyone understands it. All I know is I’m supposed to keep the twins separated until it's time. When they are 16, they will have their true potential, their true powers.

Before we got to Omynora, I was certain about who I was and what I wanted, but my father had other plans for me. My father was TC’s step father. He lived off and on here and Omynora protecting him from muck demons and furies like I did for Opal. Since Gabriel died. My father is the only father TC has ever known. 3 years ago, my grandfather, my father’s father, the leader of the slider fairies died he fell into the Coal and was lost. The coal tested him. It draws you near it and test you. He failed and fell into the Coal. My father passed the test but has been different ever since. I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough to pass on the evil. The coal is where all evil resides the furies come from there the muck demons are made there it's like hell on earth.

He changed that day he became different evil, almost. More prevalent in his duty’s and he forgot about his life here on earth with Dr Walsh and TC. He hasn’t been back since. TC thinks his father is a Dr and has been traveling taking care of marine animals. Because that is what they did their whole lives. They had a boat they were searching for sick animals I remember when I was a boy my father brought me to the beach for a few weeks to spend time with them. I’m 1 year older than TC so I remember a little more. We saved a huge sea turtle from a wire that got stuck in its head. It took a long time to heal and my father would bring me back to check on it for almost a year. The Turtle became blind from his injuries. Then we brought it to Omynora since we couldn’t let it back into the wild. It’s now living happily on Omynora and he can see shadows there and speak. He tells the story of how we found him and saved him to the little sliders. He has been my father’s companion in Omynora since. His name is Lucky. I named him. I thought it was lucky that we found him. Lucky says he is lucky that we saved him. He is an old turtle but a wise one. When animals get into Omynora from earth, they change a bit human more so it seems. And humans morph into Fairies. No wonder Violet is so upset. I giggle at myself. It’s kind of funny, actually I laugh out loud.

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