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I was a learner. He was a teacher. I should've known

Fantasy / Romance
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Meeting him

"Have you seen Amanda's socks? They sure do count as a pair of boots" says Amah and we burst out in laughter and start commenting on that immediately. The best part about all of this is that our class's top learner is here, laughing his lungs out and telling us to stop as if he is not enjoying himself... I mean who wouldn't, we're the best gossipers in our class. Nothing beats the gossip of The Blazers.

We're sitting in a classroom and it's break time. Athenkosi ( the top learner) is trying to do some work but can't seem to succeed as he can't ignore such entertainment. We're not allowed to sit in class during break time but I guess it depends on the owner of the class whom I by the way do not know very well. He is the new physics teacher and I don't do physics so why should I know him? Anyway, the very same physics teacher is sitting at his desk in the front of the class, browsing on his phone as if it's the only thing that matters in his universe.

Athenkosi calls him over for help with some physics equation. He comes and well explains. He is wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of blue-whitish jeans. Here's the thing... I am not a physics learner, I was one last year but then it didn't work out so I guess that makes me a physics and maths dropout... actually, physics wasn't the problem, maths was. Two of my friends remained in maths and I dropped out with one... but because Eastwood understands that I can't do without my friends... we didn't change classes, just subjects only.

So now as it stands... We're in the eleventh grade and we're a split class... combination of maths dropouts and maths learners. "If this rumour spreads, do not dare say I am the one who started it " states Amah trying to be serious but because my friends and I do not have a single bone of seriousness in our bodies, we just laugh at her. The bell rings and we move to the next lesson.
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