Two Worlds: Kingdom of Clover

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"Who are you? ... Death?" "Most of the times. Not today."

Fantasy / Romance
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Wanting Death

I have always felt so useless. A good for nothing daughter. I couldn't even do things right with my life. I once wanted to make my parents proud and yet, I ended up becoming a disappointment. I wanted to end my life so badly.

A cold breeze blew against me as I stared down at the busy streets. City lights filled the dark night. Anyone would have found the scenery in front of me beautiful, even I did.

I was at the rooftop, standing at the edge of the building. One more step and I would definitely fall and die. If only the wind didn't blow against me but instead behind me... It will be easier to fall, right? It would feel as if someone pushed me.

Will it hurt if I hit the ground?

my body kept on trembling. I never liked being this high but... it would be all over at once, right?

Someone... Please push me...

I tried raising my foot to take a step forward but instead of doing so, I ended up taking a step back. my body lost its strength and I ended up leaning against the pole beside me for support.

'Ah... I still can't do it.'

I was a coward. Yes, a coward until the end. I was afraid of pain. I was afraid of leaving the people I loved.

I'm pathetic. I can't even end my own life. I wanted to disappear. I really do want to disappear so badly.

Someone, please, help me... Please kill me. I can't do it by myself... I want a quick, painless, death. I just want to end everything.

Haaah... I heaved out a heavy sigh. Maybe I should just hire a hitman to kill me? Yes... I should do that. I had enough money to hire someone to kill me. At least that way, I would be taken by surprise. I should probably give my hitman a note too. I didn't want a painful death so he should just snipe me from afar. A headshot would be great. Quick and painless.
Another sigh escaped my lips at having such a crazy thought. I straightened my back and left the place. I couldn't kill myself despite having the thought of wanting to die.

"Scarlet, you're still here? I thought you already left early?" One of my coworkers asked in surprise when I saw her enter our department.

That was my name, Scarlet Radell. It was a name that didn't suit an ugly woman like me. A woman who didn't fit such a family. With today's beauty standards, I didn't fit any of it.

"I left something…" I mumbled as I headed straight to my desk. I took my bag and before turning away. As usual, I ignored everyone around me and they did the same.

Before heading out of the hospital building, I took my airpods and placed them in my ears before connecting them to my phone.

The calm, classical music from the earphones entered my ears as I walked out of the building.

I have always loved Liszt and Paganini's La Campanella. No matter how much I repeated this piece, it never failed to give my goosebumps. It was the piece that got me into playing piano, a piece that was almost impossible to play. It was as if the composers were trying to break people's fingers by composing this piece. It took almost a year before I was able to master this piece on the piano. No wonder they were accused of selling their souls to the devil.

For me, this music portrayed betrayal.
Whenever I listened to this piece, there was only one story that played in my mind. The beginning described innocence, that of a child until it was slowly building up to a jollier tune as the child grew and enjoyed the comfort of what life gave. Gleaming with excitement, he ventured out into the real world wmye he discovered various people with different kinds of character and belief. But as harsh as reality offers, his so-called 'friends' turned into monsters. Monsters that backstabbed him, putting his life in a miserable state. After realizing the true face of reality, he ought to seek revenge. As his anger rose, his sanity lost. Plotting and executing his revenge on the monsters, he did not find the satisfaction after killing them. He knew people were nothing but monsters behind their masks. No, this was not enough. He wanted more. He needed to eradicate all these monsters. Bringing chaos and carnage along his path, he found beauty in it. Like a maestro, he mastered the art of killing. But that was not the case, for in reality, he, himself, was turning into the worst monster of all. A psychopath. A monster made by the betrayal of reality.

Amazing, right? Such a piece was formed by people who were accused of selling their souls to the devil.

I have always preferred listening to classical music for the stories it told but there were times otmy kinds of music attracted me; depending on the story it tells.

Upon arriving at my place, the first thing I did was go straight to my room and change my clothes. It was a tiring and depressing day for me.

I fell flat on my bed and stared at the ceiling before closing my eyes.

Ah… won't it be nice to never wake up once I go to sleep?

The scent of roses entered my nostrils, waking me from my slumber.

As I opened my eyes, I found myself inside a rather strange room.

"What the…"

I slowly sat up and looked around the place. The room was filled with luxurious, high-quality Victorian-era decoration.

I was about to take off the blanket but stopped upon realizing something.

Huh? Why were my hands small?

In panic, I threw the blanket just to look at my feet.

"No way… no… no…"

I quickly got off the bed and ranlp towards the mirror in the room. I stood in front of it and looked at the unfamiliar kid in front of me with disbelief.


Was I dreaming right now?
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