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The wind in my dark red locks, the smell of the forest ,the full moon above me and animals of the night moving against the Earth's surface,

I stop and sit at by the lake to drink it's cool droplets hopefully it would soothe my burning skin and throat, Immediately the memories from earlier today hit me like bricks to the head.


"The blood moon pack will be passing through for this decade's barter stated in our acting Luna and you will clean the whole pack house ,the nursery and some of the elders wish for you to clean there houses as well the alpha does not want you any where near his house in case he finds his mate, Then you are to cook the food, set the table ,decorate the pack center prepare the guest rooms in case some decide to mate immediately ,bring out baskets of clean clothes for when the blood moon pack shifts back and you will be watching the pups of three months to 15 years including alpha's nephew"

Shirley said to me while picking her nails "what about time for me to dress up " I asked

"I'm sure you already know the answer, But just incase you didn't get the memo stupid child, alpha's orders are that he will not have the omega at the barter oh and he wants all of this completed if not he promises that he will not beat you a inch away from death this time, you will die so try to do your job properly omega it would be terrible if the alpha finds his mate and has to kill you after, no"

I knew so much better than to talk back to the head warrior and acting Luna , I nodded my head looked down and walked away to start the tasks handed to me


I sat in the comfort of the moonlight resting on the cool grass covered in dew. I was praying that tomorrow would be better than today.

Hope fully


Goal:1000 words


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