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2 I'll aways be here

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I let out a sigh finally finishing the pack house , I walked over to the bucket and dirty dust rag, reaching my hand down to pick it up when a scorching pain hit me in my lower back. My boney fingers reach for the handle and drop the bucket, luckily it didn't splash all over the freshly cleaned floors.

I used my hands wiping the sweat from my forehead looking at my hands now they were covered in bruise's purples,greens and yellows littering my hands probably from the people walking on them all day you see in this pack well I didn't really have a title but if I did it would be lower than the one of omega.

It's not like omegas got bad treatment they were fed,protected and treated like babies with everyone looking out for them and some a bit spoiled rotten they never had to hunt and their mates some may be disappointed when their mates turn out to be omega's but eventually accepted them.

I moved here to this pack at the age of two with my parents
The pack told me, they where pack trackers they died on a mission when I was 3 I was left with my twin who was older by 4 minutes he or she was kidnapped by rouges on our 4th birthday after that the Alpha's family took me in I lived with them till I was 7 when the youngest of there son's claimed I was his mate and when I told them this was not so, A couple of days later he hung him self leaving a note behind saying I rejected him.

The rejection of a mate is punished by banishment but Instead of letting me leave they turned me into a slave so here I am walking to the lower floors of the mansion of a pack house I got the kitchens hearing the boisterous laughter of cooks and maids who say they work here when in reality they wore the uniforms and looked pretty when guests were visiting.

They where doing each others hair, make-up and nails I see sparkly powder, black sticky stuff hair to make their hair look fuller and prettier for their mates, my own red locks have always been kept covered Alpha told me he doesn't want to see the disgusting colour as soon as the ladies in the kitchen spot me they tell me to clean the mess I'm going to be late to get to elder Clove's house he will gut me if I get there late.

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After doing every chore I had been given and setting up the spot for the children who I'll watch tomorrow I walk through the forest to my little cottage Throwing myself on to my twin bed then comes the tell tail sign of tears, my nose begins to sting the tears well up in my eyes and fall I scream and thrash knowing I don't have anyone to console me and I never will

I'll be alone and the sooner I faced that fact the better but I couldn't so I did the only thing I could do, the only thing I couldn't mess up, I sobbed harder at that I admitted it to myself then I heard someone her voice was soothing and soft "your not alone" She said "I'll be there soon Oralee"
"Who are you" I asked aloud but I did not here her soft voice answer me back.

Goal:1000 words
Accomplished:587 words

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