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ORALEE's pov

It was the day of the barter and the blood moon pack was here, the screams of the newely mated couples could be heard from the designated area where I was, weather they were willing or unwilling.

Their other halves did not care, and quite frankly I shouldn't care about the ones that got forced they tormented me every day of my life and I honestly thought this was either karma or divine punishment ,but some where deep in the back of my mind I felt sorry for them to end up with such cruel men or women as their other halves.

I diverted my thoughts from that and towards the kids I was tasked to watch the eldest was the alpha's nephew Is a surprisingly caring child I could tell he disliked me but he never took anything out on my flesh and I was greatful for it the other children where constantly asking what the screams where but I did not care enough to give any explanation they where not born of me so I had simply told them to ask there pearents, the ceremony was now coming to an end any way.

I had heard the rumors the Alpha had found his mate a pretty blonde bomb shell I had heard the maid describe but the Alpha's blonde nuclear bomb caseing was supposedly cheating with her pack alpha.

To say I had a big laugh wouldn't be the truth if I could I would've have rolled in the ground, today was certainly a good day at least for me and about 6 people from our pack got rejected 2 males,

One of then had mates that were female twins but the twins ditched him because he was quiet, broke and an omega the older women claimed to have wanted a MAN as their mate bit to their disappointment the MAN they had wanted didn't show.


I jumped startled at the shouting the child coming towards me was about 12 and had blonde hair and plain brown eyes she was very pretty and I think the clothes she wore looked ridiculously expensive I bet they where brand clothing

"hey are you listening to me" she said

"huh" I looked up at her but didn't look her in the eyes from habit

"I'm sorry, I wasn't listen ma'am" she looked around and then pointed at her chest

"Me, ma'am" I nodded "no I'm only 11 don't address me like that" she said while rubbing the back of her neck

"My name's Clair and My mother said it would be a few years till my own barter so she brought me along, I think she didn't expect to find her mate to accept her because well she has me but he has
And they decided to copulate immediately."

She made a face of disgust shaking her head I laughed internally at the sight

"A lady named Shirley directed me here and told me this is where the pack children would be with an omega um but you're the oldest one here and your not an omega although you do look like one in stature" I stared at her not even realizing I looked her in the eyes

"What is it." She asked

"Well um how do you know I'm not an omega?"

"I'm an alpha" she said proudly with a wide grin

"Are you sure" I asked

"Yup I'm pretty sure"

I Patheticlly fell to my knew on the wet proof baby sand

Relief flooded through me

From the stinging sensation in my nose I knew tears where in my eyes I didn't let them fall tho not in front of this stranger although she was nicer to me than any one ever was to me in my 11 years of living I wasn't about to cry before her, I was happy.

I was told I was lowest of the low even more so than an omega so to hear that I wasn't from the young alpha female was a relief maybe my life wouldn't be so miserable I wanted to tell the adults I wasn't lower than an omega that I wasn't trash or a waste for oxygen,space, supplies and all the things they'd called me and cruel name's they said.

I Wanted to tell the world that I had the potential of growing into someone great that I wasn't an Omega who didn't have the genes to grow but that was a dumb idea, they would beat me or lock me up again the best course of action would be my number one rule as usual shut up and observe.

Clair, as she told me to call her was the fourth child for the Alpha of the pack who came to barter with us she was the new Luna's daughter she was really nice to me for now un till the adults taught her that I wasn't supposed to be treated nicely that or she made friends and beat me up with them.

But non the less I was greatful for company in that moment cause in truth it made me feel less alone on this world

Little did I know I had made the best decision in my life when I answered the young Alpha's call to me.


Goal:1000 words

Accomplished: 885 words

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