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ORALEE's pov

It was a cold morning I lived at the edge of the pack lands close to the rouge territory to the east in a small cottage it was a thirty minutes walk from here to the pack house I didn't have running water so I had to compromise and bathe at the stream four minutes from my little home I normally would be taking a bath by now but it was a cold morning I also had a bath last night I would've gotten sick if I had made the decision to even wash my face with the freezing water.

I decided to get a early start in chores today and lunch I open the back kitchen doors and entered I got out the eggs, bacon , sausages, butter, jam and other ingredients from the fridge I was feeling like a master chef this morning as I whipped the eggs, when I heard the news, the alpha's office was behind the kitchen so I heard clear as day what they where talking about.

"There's only 8 packs left for them to come for" you could hear the quivering in the Delta's tone

"We should have taken the Waning moons offer and made a pact" the Gamma spoke this time

"NO!" the beta spoke "they think where weak and we can't fend off a few stray puppies!" he spat

"There's a descendant of the moon and another of the first Lyncan amoung those puppies beta" the gamma spat the title with disrespect

"Don't tell me you actually believe in the moon goddess and that old tale gamma" the beta chuckled

The Moon goddess was our creator and mother of creatures of the night it is said she fell to our realm and made friends with the wolves and gave them intelligence and later a human form it is also said she loved a human and later had a children with said human there where lots of stories and rumors.

But only one family could tell you which was true I heard the older werewolves once say the family name of the first pack but it wasn't to be said aloud else they'd show up and kill you at least that's what the teen wolves say around the fire I did believe in the goddess but not in the rumor's I knew she had a plan for me I wouldn't have survived this long if she didn't, who was I kidding I'm an eleven year old parentless, family less ugly kid who no one wants I had to believe cause I had nothing elses to believe in, I couldn't sit around expecting bed time stories and a prince from a fairy tail with a white wolf, from parents and family I didn't have.

It was unfortunate but I couldn't change this reality I was handed by myself I needed help to change my situation and there isn't a soul who would out stretch there hands to me so I had to believe in our goddess's love for with out it I would have been dead, nothing to fight for I had to accept this everyday or I would be gobbled up by this cruel realm.

But as the conversation among the pack heads carried on I knew war was approaching if not war, attacks, everywhere on every pack, and this pack looked as if their Alpha was and idiot, beta was a arrogant bastard, literallya bastard, delta was a coward and gamma would probably be the new alpha after this thing, whatever was coming after them had either died or kill half the pack

But whatever was going on

It was something no one in this pack could handle it left me wondering what type of supernatural beings had the people who, scared and scar me every moment of my short life so rattled with fear,

With that piece of information I felt a bit of hope, I only hope whatever is coming will either have mercy or at least allow me to watch the death of my tormenters as the last of their breath left them.




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