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Oralee's POV

It was give or take a month after the barter with the Luna's old pack, the new Luna had demanded she get a different Inauguration from the other new members.

You know what that means right more work for me I was Sooooo happy with the Alpha's new mate she was the bomb so much so I wish I had one to chuck it at her, although I'm not sure how Claire would take it, she often says she could care less and that she doesn't like her mother under the insults to she dished out about the new Luna I saw that she loved the two timer and didn't want harm to come to her.

Clair my new bestie for restie as she stated it wasn't hesitant as I thought she would have been when the pack members started to feed her with rumors about me I remember clearly when a pack warrior saw us by the training grounds as I cleaned and as Claire slacked off from her duties as first female to the alpha.

The warrior had openly and loudly stated that a lady of Claire's stature shouldn't be playing with a mutt as my self when she had ignored him in True Claire fashion he had started with the rumors of how I had killed my family because they disowned me because I was weak and my all time favorite I sold my twin to the rouges ,

Any time that one was said tears came to my eyes because I remembered the first time they said it I didn't even know I had a sibling so I wasn't sure at 8 years old if I should've been happy that I had someone or sad that, that someone was probably dead
I had come to the conclusion that he or she had passed and was in a better place where when I too passed would go

Claire had shut down that warrior that afternoon and I went back to work while she went back to slacking off in the following weeks that approached Tho.............


That slack off attitude I couldn't see the light of day in the weeks that followed, Because the pack was training harder than ever the pack leader's included I traced it back to the talk I had heard in the office that day I of Couse was excluded I guess that means they want me to die but Claire had taken it up on her self to teach me and I was no fool to decline the offer of learning to protect myself.

I had successfully learnt to punch last week, Claire was a strict teacher which I didn't expect from her I carefully watched her over the periods of time we were together she was agile and fast for her frame and silent when she moved she went with tactics and her pure instincts to watch her go at one of the bigger warriors you'd find your self feeling as if you where watching a dancer
She was graceful and smart too everything I wanted for myself in the future so I came to respect the twelve year old Blonde today I was going to learn three different defense moves heal palm strike, elbow strike and how to escape from a bear hug
Goal:1000 words

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