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Oralee's P.O.V

It was wash day the alpha had singled this day out for me and I was greatful for them, Twice every three months I got to wash my hair of course this time for the first time in my life I had company.

Claire, had some how found out and had me deliver lunch to her room I was a bit startled when someone told me she requested lunch she never asked anything of me even when it was mandatory I do it for her.

Oh yeah three months ago I became her official hand maiden I didn't know that they still had those I mean come on that era was long gone but some how the alpha bought it and I was thoroughly tested

But I surprisingly got through with all with all the ridiculous test at random times and brutal attacks I was now at 12 years old able to go toe to toe with one of our lower warriors it wasn't much compared to Claire but it was something to celebrate for me, I wasn't who I was four months ago and that made me happy

I was about to knock on Claire's door when it was suddenly opened and I was pulled in I would've landed on my face if not for pretty tan hands "Hey Lee Lee" I looked up to see the pretty brown eyes that belonged to my lady I wanted laugh at the words the alpha thinking she's down here being a lady

"Sooooo ?"

"So what" I asked

"Oh you mean the food here you are my lady" I stretched my hands that had tray with her so called lunch and dipped into a little curtsey

"Ugggg when are we going ?"

"Going where Lady Claire ?" I answered her question with a question with a clueless look on my face I hoped I pulled off

"To wash your hair and don't call me that makes me feel like I'm one of those side chicks from the 1600"

"The correct term is concubine Lady Claire your tutor said that just this morning" I was now at Claire's side during her lessons
And learned to write and read as well as do arithmetic

Claire scowled at me for correcting her to tell the truth I'd caught up with her lessons with her help when she had realized I took interest and was now ahead of her in her classes offen peeked over and did quick calculation for her.

I busted out laughing at that ,that resulted in me get a look that told me to shut up and that made me laugh harder I didn't know who she think was, I was swiping a non-existent tear from my eye when she started for the door

I ran after her and cleared my throat "um Lady Claire what about the food" I asked in a teasing manner she shot me another look we where now outside walking towards the east

"And Claire if you expect me to shut up because you glare at me you have a million things coming your way you may be Latina but I'm Black so don't feel like if you say jump! I'm gonna say how high"

She huffed a little "that's not because of your skin your just really stubborn" when we got to my little cottage I realize this would be the first time Claire's been inside for the 2 months she's been here

And for some reason I was fine letting her into my home it was a scary feeling I didn't know what to call I didn't trust her but accepted her as my friend so what was this feeling I was experiencing.

I went in and got what little laundry detergent they speared me to wash my hair and some clothing from when I was younger to dry my hair a towel wasn't a luxury I could afford.

I've never held money and that made me feel a bit under privileged but I had no time to be sorry for my self I could only take care of my hair I took tea tree oil form the kitchens and an old brush and oiled and brushed my hair three times a weeks

"Is that all you have!" Claire asks

"Yes I make it work" it was a bit embarrassing but it was what I had I by no means would steal

Claire had a look on her face I couldn't quite place

But we made out way to the little river in silence

I set down my stuff a stripped down to my under wear


"What is it ?" I asked Claire

"How do you just strip down in front of people" she asks

I blushed at that "what do you mean?"

"Girls don't just trip in front of people are whenever someone tells them to Lee!"

"Really!" I was surprised at this

"Yes really why do you sound so surprised " she asked arms foaled across her chest and one of her dainty brose lifted in question

"Well because every end of the month I have to be in the Alpha's office with the Beta they make me strip to look at me they say it's to check if I'm developing properly" I shrugged my shoulders

Claire looked mad when I revealed that information the alpha told me I shouldn't mention this to anyone lower than beta status

And Claire was first born so I didn't break the alpha command

"Do......... do...... do they touch you?"

I nod my head at her words not coming to my lips because of the scary look on her face

Her pretty tan fingers folded into a fist and smashed into the tree behind her I flinched when her hand made impact but ran over to check on her hands they would put me in the basement if again if she came back with a scratch again

"They do what!" Claire shouted

My hands slap over my mouth I didn't realize I said that aloud

God I'm Such and idiot

We stand there for 7 minutes in silence

"I'm sorry I'm so sorry Lee I'm sorry I couldn't protect you and I still can't" she said with her head to the ground I know she's cry by her shaking shoulders and sniffles

"It's okay" I try to comfort her

I've never had someone cry over me before or protect me a warm feeling spreads through my chest at her words

I turn my back to her to close my eyes and thank the moon goddess for sending me a friend and someone to cry for me and protect me I wasn't entirely sure about trusting her but I now had a word to place the feeling I was feeling toward this situation

I felt Faith

I wanted to put my faith in her to trust in her and faith to trust that she would keep me as her friend and protect me just as I would for her, to cry for me like I wanted to cry for her

And for her to hug me and hug her back.

Accomplished:1000 words



Hello hi urg I've been practicing how to greet you guys for a while now

I'm your author Wal

Sooooo I'm sorry I haven't updated much I had final exams and I'm graduating high school.

So it's Been a rough last couple of months plus writers block was on my ass. Plus I wanted to reach my thousand word goal before writing a AUTHOR'S NOTE

There won't be a lot of them I assure you

But I'm trying to compromise by setting days in the week to update I can't choose one though so if you guys could comment what days you think I should update that would be great

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