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I could feel My heart pounding, My chest moving up and down harshly and my feet moving rapidly to dodge the trees in my path.

Something in my head telling me not to look back as I ran but I looked back anyways only to see nothing I felt heavy and light headed.

I couldn't remember what I was running from I stopped and started to walk and take my surroundings in, I heard rustling from the trees and looked up only to see open jaws rushing at me I wasn't sure what landed on me because of the fast speed the creature was coming at me

It bit my shoulder and I let out a loud cry alerting any close my animals, danger was near by my body weight Eventually gave out and me and the creature went toppling to the forest floor to join the yellow, orange and dead leaves I felt like death it self I could feel the creature tearing into my arm and like a knife through butter then in a split second the weight of the creature was gone I couldn't even move my neck to see what got it off and if it was going to get me next I could hear the fighting, growling and ripping of flesh a whimper rung out and the fighting ceased
I heard the paws walk over to me why would it kill a comrade though? I opened my heavy eyes no doubt heavy from the loss of blood nursing warrior's who didn't want to go home all bloodied up.
The wolf stood over me I didn't recognize it as one from our pack so I panicked a little on cue it must have heard my heart beat pick my consciousness was fading already and the wolf must have sensed I was dying it ran off to where ever. It came from and me I was bleeding out amongst nature I'd make a tree here where I was about to d

𝙏𝙃𝙍𝙀𝙀 π˜Ώπ˜Όπ™”π™Ž π™€π˜Όπ™π™‡π™„π™€π™

"Am I clear" the beta said to me I nodded my head thanking the
Moon goddess he or the alpha didn't hit me or touch me this time around when they checked if I was growing properly I recently started having this bad feeling in the pit of my tummy when they touched me and told me strip so they could see if I was growing properly until last week when it was wash day when Claire told me what they where doing was wrong and I should fight back
I wasn't sure about fighting back the alpha and beta and I had expressed this thought to her so she said she'd fight back for me
And she got in a fight with the beta and lost then she threw her breakfast at the alpha's face I laughed when she did that And got 60 whips

And it didn't help they locked me away for four days after that I didn't get food or water and if it where possible I wouldn't have had any air either.

During that four days I was been punished as well, they wouldn't heal me with potions and rain down more than the ten whips I should've beengetting as punishment everyday until my four days would be up.

Normally every pack wolf when locked in the cellars would get this punishment I'd be the one to clean the blood off their backs and then they'd get a potion to heal the scars then I'd deliver the nights dinner then they'd rest when the day when a pack Wolfs punishment would be up they'd give half of the ten whips then heal them to let them go

However I did not get the pleasure I'm sure I got more than ten whips I was pasted out but I knew, They did not waste potions on me
And no one came to clean my wounds in the four days I'd catch hear Claire voice but I coughed it up as a hallucination on my final day I was doused in ice cold water every time it looked like I was about to pass out and whipped 80 times they made me count
They had me stringed to the ground and sealing In the middle of the room in a X position

After the whipping and they told me to leave I desperately tried to get to my feet but one of the female guards tripped me and the males around her shouted at me told me I was ungrateful they had shown me mercy and I'd repay them by not carrying their orders out I was kicked and punched and spat on I felt filthy by the time Claire had saw that I was late to come out of the cellars.

Never the less she came and picked me up my limp useless body and cleaned me patched me up and carried me back to my cottage the next morning I was slapped in the face by a woman with hair that looked yellow and yes I said yellow because it was not blonde hair, whom I never even seen before is she apart of the pack ?

"You whore get your ass up no breakfast for my mate to eat you dare let the Alpha's family hungry and all because you've been whoring around"

I wanted to scream in her face I was barely 13 how would I be whoring around and if I was shouldn't she be watching her own children her own daughter who I'm sure was fawning over the beta's sons like the other brain dead female wolves of this goddess forsaken pack why couldn't they et me have a moment of peace I've been taking their bad comments their abuse and slaving away day in and day out I was tired I wanted them to drop dead and if they didn't I wanted to

Little did I know it would go both ways in just two more days and I so much truth would come forward in just two days

Accomplished 1050

After carefull consideration cause by myself *because y'all won't comment so I'm pretty lonely* I've decided on Thursdays to be update days and If I miss update days then I'll give a double updates
See you guys next Thursdays πŸ™‚

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