The Last Evergreen (Realms of the Villains #1)

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"Thou shall not fall in love with the villains of the book." The Golden Rule of Evergreen *** Centuries-old prophecy. Pens of immense power. A brewing Armageddon. As reality and fiction amalgamated, the reign of chaos would begin. The curse of literature would tear the world apart. Only the chosen bloodline with the aid of the Golden Pen stood a chance. Lorienne Evergreen came from the bloodline who was believed to be the embodiment of every heroine. When her entire relatives were slaughtered, she was forced to carry the burden of her lineage. Bound to the prophecy, she needed to enter the realms that were created by the most-feared sorceress, and killed the Major Villains. Setting foot in the world of fiction seemed easy. But as Lorienne navigated the kingdom where mercy was forbidden, her life was not the only one at stake. After all, she already defied the Golden Rule when she was still thirteen.

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"Beneath the shadow of sinister mask,

Endless void of desolation was cast,

The blades they forged with blood and bones,

Sung the most battered confession in my veins.

They're not the one who held the darkness,

For us, who deprived them of the light caused the emptiness!"

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