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New friends, old enemies, death, plots, and mystical beings collide in this third adventure of the beloved people of Taragondia. Calla struggles to deal with her ever changing emotions and growing powers as she ventures across the Taragondian wilderness. In her hast, she could pass up the opportunities that would give her the answers she so desperately desires. Kalest tries to make all the pieces of his new life fit neatly into the places he desires them to be. However, he learns that life is very messy. Shardan, Grund, Vans, Zeffarh and many others begin to realize that they are dealing with events that are beyond their control. Their dedication to those they believe in keep them searching for truth. With prophecy being fulfilled, everyone anticipates the fruition of promises given long ago. Thankfully these Legends of Taragondia have loving family, eager enemies, and dedicated friends to help guide them along their journey. Join them as they test their footing on intertwining paths. Their Destiny beckons.


The earth has groaned for so long under the weight of the punishment it has had to endure since the Nilor Learecee were cast from their home five millennia ago. The place that had been so meticulously prepared for them by the hands of a skilled and loving father was now myth surrounded by legend.

This groaning called to the marue – the seven guardians of all that is and caretakers of His chosen people. He Who Has No Name created the marue to tend to that which He called forth from the nothingness.

Now was the time to gather.

However, the one no longer spoken of no longer walked with the others. Marue Ru’kai had thrown off the fetters of servitude when time began. Ru’kai, keeper of the cosmos, allowed lust and desire to burn within his heart until he turned brother against brother and against the one who created them all. The darkness he was created to rule over now ruled over him. His fall from grace was great for he took many with him to their destruction.

The remnant of the Nilor Learecee who survived were outcasts and wanderers. Their capacity to love was matched by their craving to hate. Only a handful of these ancients had the will to hold on to hope and seek their birthright as they turned from the hate that Ru’kai offered. They were forced to endure in the waste lands of what was left of Taragondia as judgment for their folly.

The remaining marue longed to restore the harmony that was lost between the creator and his creation. They took pity on the scattered people and came to their aid; shepherding the people that wandered through the cursed lands as the creation awaited its rebirth. This noble and proud people who once ruled the earth as kings and queens now scratched for a living from an unyielding earth.

As they scattered across the vastness of the earth, their unity scattered as well. It is so, still to this day. However, there is still strength in the blood of Taragondia which has been birthed from the hope that gleams in the eye of every newborn child.

Ka’rus the silver is the keeper of the wind. He vowed to look after the people who fled to the mountains. The high places became their home where the wind danced freely across the open peeks and caressed the face of the great rocks. There, Ka’rus taught these people to be strong and joyful for in life all is a celebration if one chooses to accept it. Within the turn of three generations the identity of Nilor Learecee was left behind. The olive skinned people with their silver-blue eyes, known as the Karusians, inhabited the high places of Taragondia.

Du’at the gold is the keeper of knowledge. He found a kindred spirit in the cave dwellers who sought understanding in the chaos that had been left behind. He fed these people with truth and wisdom. These Keepers with golden-blue eyes and soft pale skin lived quietly in small numbers throughout all of Taragondia. Content to keep to their inner sanctuaries and the writing of their great scrolls allowed them longevity in life but few in number. They were forevermore known as the Keepers; the self appointed scribes of that which was, which is, and which will be.

Ma’aer the blue is always present among the kindhearted sea dwellers. They became a people whose temperament is as accepting as the sea but just as unforgiving when stirred. Their stormy sea-blue eyes and dark tanned skin marks them as Maerians as they make their home on the islands and sea coast villages.

Those that gathered in the fields and lived near the flowing streams were meek and peace loving people. Ka’hee gave them the gift of healing and growing herbs as they sought healing for that which was wounded so long ago. These Kaheenites with their beige skin and dark green eyes joined in the celebration of life’s joys and mourned with those who sorrow.

Ga’aer the brown can be found in the essence of the earth. Patience and goodness is the virtues he passed on to his people. The Gaerians learned to plant and harvest in the fertile valleys where they dwelt. There they developed a kinship to the earth and all it offered. The Gaerians, with tender mercy, are a dark skinned people whose eyes are as rich brown as the earth they tilled. They cared for plant and animal alike with love and respect for life. Goodness was their rule and strength their bond.

En’ah the red and keeper of fire lives among the passionate people of the desert regions. It is in this place that the fire of the sky kisses the hot sands of the earth causing passion to spring forth with eagerness. Here, En’ah groomed his people to have hearts as warm as the desert sand. Their deep tanned skin and reddish-brown eyes, which dance with the joy of life, mark the passion of life that was birthed before time began. It is easy to get caught up in the unpredictable blissful nature of the Enahians.

Even under the guidance of the marue, the land was cursed by cruel plagues and harsh pestilence. The new races of Taragondia were forced to endure at the hand of the ragged few who followed Ru’kai. These once great men exchanged prominence for slavery and wisdom for folly. The dark land they inhabited turned its obstinate face against mankind’s hope. Thus bore Ru’kai his race – The Dark Star.

It was at this time that the three great Kings arose. These men were brothers, the sons of The’owe; Ra’gon who ruled the west, A’Reze who ruled the east, and Pennor who ruled the north. Life was hard but good under the wise rule of these men.

The people of Ra’gon were the first to fall as whispered curses with perverse form crawled from The Dark Lands. They slithered into the hearts of those who had not headed the warnings to guard their souls against the master of cruelty. These people of the west became loathsome and warmongering. They now embraced a new purpose; to destroy and devastate all through division and strife.

As time passed, the Enahian people became too great for their land to hold. The sons of A’Reze were charged with the task of splitting the clan. Each son took half the blood stone from their father’s hand as they separated into two kindred factions. They erected a great tower of stone at the valley’s end within the En’ave desert as a witness of their kindred bloodline. The sons of A’Reze vowed never to pass the remembering stones with death in their heart for they were brothers.

Against his father’s wishs, In’Numik the younger’s clan allied with the wandering clan of the Gaerian people who had suffered greatly of pestilence and drought. In’Numik foolishly believed the goodness of his people would survive where others had failed. They settled the deep, rich woods of Ir’bon. These peoples came together and birthed the Erbonian race whose desire was to seek a greater purpose.

They lived as fierce lovers of the land who were passionate for life. A’Reze’s prophecy of bloodlust came to fruition as these great people fell victim to plots made in the secret places of men’s hearts. Their passion and fierce love warped into loathing, mistrust, and hardheartedness. Mercy was exchanged for cruelty. They became a people of war and put aside their love of mankind.

The second Tribal War had defeated the uprising of Ra’gon who lead his people under Ru’kai’s influence. But all of Taragondia had suffered greatly. The clan leaders of the Karusian, the Maerian, and the Kaheenite banded together to build the new Keepers’ towers. These were to become the center of learning for all people. These monuments were to stand against the Dark Star that crawled across the land like a cancer.

The cities created around these great beacons of hope became places where men learned to work and live together for a greater purpose than themselves. They welcomed any who would join in their cause of peace. They became known to all of Taragondia as the Opallians under the meek and wise Utrah, son of Pennor.

It was these two great races, the Erbonian and the Opallian, that were the key players upon the stage of life to which the Keepers so eagerly awaited and meticulously recorded.

In the fullness of the time set forth by He Who Has No Name, the final journey began with the birth of the first Du’etten. This event was a reflection of things that have passed and a promise of things yet to come as all of Taragondia took one more step towards its true purpose.

Each man, woman, and child, have been created with a purpose, a reason, a destiny. Hope always lingered in the depths of their souls as they went about their daily grind. Even if they never realized the importance they contributed to the plan written upon the foundations of the earth; their importance was not lessened by their unaware role in these events. Sometimes, on those rare occasions, that daily grind changes into an adventure that takes them to places never imagined but in the silence of the heart, they had prayed for.

So many work out their part as they seek what seemed best in this world of uncertain times. Some do so with hope as they seek the will that is greater than their own. Others do so with trepidation as they seek to fill the empty spaces within their soul. Each seeking the destiny that is just ahead, just out of reach, but still they struggle; fueled by that spark within them that they cannot deny in the secret places of their soul. And above it all, the marue watch in wonder and wait to do the bidding of He Who Has No Name.

So the marue gathered in that place between, where time and space collide in the brilliance of controlled chaos. The nothingness that surrounded them was but a window into two realms that existed side by side. The gathering was completed with all but the one who could not enter this place.

Ka’hee spoke aloud the collective thought of the marue without expecting an answer. “It is no small wonder that with so many to do so much why something better has not yet been reaped. After all, very few deliberately set about to do evil with the intent of harm seared across their heart. With so much good being worked – why then do we continue to have chaos and frustration as companions when our lost brother has so little power?”

“They will enter the Great Hall of the Keepers soon”, Ka’rus spoke to no one in particular as the sun began another gradual descent across Opallace.

A disconnected agreement of sort came from the shimmer that seemed more cloud than being which was typical form for marue Ma’aer. “So you say. However, I believe greed will overcome that desire and Opallace will stand and lap at the gate for piddlings while the true treasure stays beyond their grasp.”

“I disagree. The Nilor Learecee of old have left strong blood in their children. They have already come so far.” Du’at turned slowly to observe the marue with flickering flames dancing from finger to finger.

Ga’aer pondered the small pebbles that now rested at his feet. “I would like to say the same for the others but they have lost focus. The blood stone has chose to remain silent and the desire for war is never far from their hearts. With their beloved daughter and future queen missing from amongst them, Erbonia has at least paused in her constant warmongering. There is one among them that is showing promise. However, I fear it is not enough.”

“Maybe Ru’kai does not hold the Erbonian King’s heart so tightly. He does hold his soul but still, the man has his free will and in that he is showing remarkable tenacity.” Ka’hee threw out his thoughts as though he were at a dinner party and not discussing the events that were destined to shape eternity.

“Do you think, brothers, that the time is ripe? I was seeking to understand and He Who Has No Name has remained silent. The prophecies point to this time but still, time is not revealing much.” Du’at spoke reflectively with a tinge of frustration for his desire for knowledge was ever unquenched. “The Du’etten King, the Ru’kinian Queen, the guardian, the unearthing of the Keepers Hall, so many things have come to pass and more about to be revealed this very moment.” He seemed lost in his thoughts. “The daughters of A’Reze still have a part to play.”

“Ah yes brother, however, no man knows the time He has chosen to bring forth his children. We can do no more than what He has instructed us to do. The rest is up to that which He created, which of course are the very children He desires to bring forth.” En’ah’s words echoed through the gathering. “The shear wisdom of free will choice is still amazing to me. It can bring the greatest destruction or the greatest reward for all of mankind. Yet, it is given to those for whom the decision is most urgent though they are so fragile and fallible.”

“There are many peoples, my brothers, many nations that still must play a part in this which He has chosen to allow. The desert people, including the daughters of A’Reze,” Ka’rus nodded his head towards Du’at in acknowledgement, “and those who live in the great mountains have kept silent too long. I can feel their restlessness within my very breath.” Ka’rus offered his thoughts.

“Before time has had its last breath, we shall see each man do his part whether for ill or for good for this is the reason we exist. It was for this purpose we were created and called.” Ma’aer spoke with confidence from the shimmer that continued to pool near the ground.

“I look forward to the re-birth my brothers.” Du’at spoke offhandedly before gracefully shimmering back to his domain.

The others follow suit.

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