The Tribrid's Revenge

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Rose was once a happy girl until her parents were murdered and no one believes her who had really done it, instead the blame was put on her. After that day her life became a living hell, praying everyday for the moon goddess to finally take her. Like normal werewolves, you get a mate but only one. Rose got not only one mate but two mates. She is no ordinary girl. What will she do? How will she avenge her parents death?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Rose

When I was a little girl I always imagined my life would be full of happiness and love. I pictured finding the perfect mate to share a beautiful life and children with. I believed I was invincible from darkness and the monsters that hide under your bed or in your closet. Looking back now, I feel foolish for ever believing in that, but it is also what kept me clinging on to hope. I wish I could go back in time to visit my 7 year old self and tell her to never lose that hope because she was going to need to stay strong.
I belong to the Blackforest pack. My father, Dean Winslow, was the alpha until he was murdered for his title by his beta, Maximus Redford. He killed my mother Carol so there wouldn’t be any witnesses. He went to the lengths of offering some rogues a home and a pack again to run the borders to leave their scent so it would look like a rogue attack and they managed to sneak in and out of our territory and kill the alpha.
His plan was almost perfect and flawless except he didn’t know a panic room was built in my closet, with a keypad that only worked with my hand print that would be hidden the second a secret alarm went off. After the 12 hour wait time ran out the door unlocked and I came out of my room and immediately went searching for my parents only to come out and find the whole house covered in blood like a massacre had happened and I knew deep down what had happened. I lost my voice from the horrific scene in front of me.
We lived in the pack house inside the little community that was built hundreds of years ago. It was just on the edge of the center of the small town so the alpha and luna could always keep an eye on things that were going on amongst the people. It didn’t take me long to pick up the voice that were outside and the emotions that filled the air. I knew they had heard of my parents death.
I ran out of the house to where everyone was gathered in what we considered the town square. Everyone was in tears and I could smell the emotions of sorrow and sadness. When I went running into the middle of the circle everyone starting gasping.
“I thought you said she was dead?! How did she survive the rogue attack?” The gamma, James, had asked.
“There’s no possible way she did! The only way she did is if she helped them!!” Beta Maximus bellowed.
That was the day my fate of abuse, slavery, and starvation began. Two days since before I turned 8 years old. I went from a respected, happy little girl, to one that wished with each beating and skipped meal death would come, but it never came. If I wasn’t a werewolf, I never would have survived all the abuse I was given. That day my room was moved to a shoe closet with only a blanket and a dress made from a sack. The only place I was able to bath was a small creek that ran outside the territory and still there I was not free from abuse and torment.
The only thing that kept me going was that one day I would find my destined mate and he would help me get my revenge and take my pack back. WIth werewolves we are able to sense and find our mates at the age of 17. Unlike humans, it’s normal once you find your mate to immediately start the mating process. Marriage is not common amongst us, but some prefer it so they can be connected in every way possible.
The last time I went to school was while my parents were still alive, so I thought myself how to read. I’d sneak the schoolwork other pack members threw away and teach myself so I would not be behind on anything and once I was of age I could go find my mate and he wouldn’t reject me for being dumb. When a wolf is rejected by their mate the pain of the rejection is so much, every few wolves have survived it. I new if my mate was from this pack then I would be rejected, I knew death would eventually claim me.
I am so far from being a healthy she-wolf. I am complete skin and bone from being starved for days and weeks at a time. The only reason I have not died of starvation is became I had no choice but the sneak scraps that were going to be thrown away when I had the chance. The kitchen staff never believed I had any part in killing my parents so they would sneak me food when they could, but their fear of Maximus was great.
The beatings I received everyday have my body so covered in bruises that you can barely find any part of my body that has a normal skin color to it. Normally when I am beaten it is just she-wolves and he-wolves having fun. It consisted of punching, hitting, kicking, and spitting on me. When the alpha would come to release his anger, he used his favorite spiked whip coated in wolfsbane so I wouldn’t heal. Every after his hours of whipping me and the beating, I was still expected to make meals, clean the house, and do everyone’s laundry.
My name is Rose June Winslow. I will never forget my name, it’s the only thing I have left of my parents since everything else was destroyed after they died. When I get to finally return to my room, my dreams are my only escape and they make me happy until I wake up. Maximus has always made it clear that no one is to see me other then a murder and below everyone and if anyone showed me any type of kindness the they would either be killed or they would be banished.
My 17th birthday is tomorrow and I’m dreading finding my mate. Who would want someone that is as broken and damaged as I am? It will take effort for me to get comfortable around someone again. It just so happens on the night of my birthday, the annual Mating Gala happens, and this year it is Blackforest’s turn to host. The only way I am aloud to attend is if I’m working it., which means not even wearing a gown. Not that I really had a say in the matter, but I think these things are stupid anyways. I’m not entirely sure I could ever attend one unless I worked it.
Due to the gala being hosted here, alphas and their inner circle from surrounding areas always show up the night before so they can get settled in. They started arriving around 8am so cooking and cleaning up dinner took longer than normal tonight. I didn’t catch a chance to see the guests as I was too busy making sure everything was in tip top shape for the Gala tomorrow.
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