Knox of the Bloom

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In a land of mystery and mist, magic and mayhem, a young man must overcome the unknown to save an enchanting woman. All that matters more than the safety of his clan and the blessings of the Gods is the beat of her heart...

Fantasy / Romance
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So you come from this world, my friend? We are travelers through time, peeking through the mists of yesterday, discovering a world well removed from our own. I am but an old God who has a foot in this world, and another in the Otherworld. I am set aside and forgotten, but I watch these lands, like a father’s spirit who cannot leave his still living child. I watch the lives that roam here, and the fates that are being put into play. This was a land of mystery before it was named. Gods came down from the sky and built their temples from stone and earth, and the ignorance of man was at an end when they crossed the land bridges from their ancestral homes.

Man built temples for the Gods, worshipped them, and sacrificed to them. But the Dark Ones came, some said that they were dark gods, others thought them monsters. The land was plagued by darkness, and any inhabitants unfortunate enough to survive here told tales of the Dark Ones for generations after their disappearance. After the fall of the Gods the Druids fought to rid the land of this plague, an order of men and women devoted to the sacred ways of the Gods, but it was the White Lady who brought safety to her people. Some say that the White Lady is the last god. But who knows?

A young man and a young woman, both bound by the Gods to walk a path that is shrouded in mystery, flanked both by bright and dark magic.

This land is changed, now the folk speak of dangers looming on the horizon, the flames have reappeared on the water, and the White Lady roams these grounds no more. All that is left of the ancient strength of man is but mere ruins.

Until now...

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